30/60 Day Dailey Community Challenge

From October 10 – December 8, 2017 Head to Dailey Method Fitness Studio For Your Health and Win Some Prizes

I’m committing to a 60-day challenge at my favourite cycle and barre studio, Dailey Method, and heading back hard to the classes that helped me so much this past year! I would love to see some of you there! If you followed my journey this past year I lost 20 lbs, gained about 5 lbs back, recommitted and lost another 22 lbs, and then since May have basically gained 10-12 lbs back (ARGH!).

cassandraandmichael christinemcavoy 0068It’s so damn hard to stay committed, keep going to the classes, do the runs, cut back or avoid alcohol and eat well, and I just can’t seem to keep it all together. I know I’m among many who struggle and the struggle is real. Earlier in the year I had our wedding, a half marathon to run and a weight loss competition to win, the perfect trifecta for getting in shape, and I did it and did it all well. I won the weight loss competition, I had an awesome wedding and felt great that day and I was happy with my half marathon time. But then there was a big gap in my life. No wedding to plan, honeymoon over, my weight loss group no longer met weekly and we lost touch with each other, my half marathon training program was completed, and I got somewhat depressed and lost much of my motivation. I’ve had ups and downs in the meantime, but I’m not giving up and I’ve committed to the next chapter of my life, getting even more fit, with the Dailey Method Dailey Cycle Classes and another half marathon clinic. Please help cheer me on, I’ll need it! AND come sweat with me.


If you want to join in, head to Dailey Method’s Dunbar or Kitsilano location! The Challenge is 30 or 60 days (you choose) of total dedication to yourself. It’s about making the time to focus on your health and well-being and putting yourself at the top of your priority list. They will be there to support you through every step of the Dailey Community Challenge journey – encourage you and help you feel your best!

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You commit to a goal and write it on the board at the studio! I’ve done it AND attended my first class this morning! Decide how many classes a week will leave you feeling happy and strong (for me 3 as I’ll be running as well). If it’s three or more classes, consider becoming a Core Member at Dailey and enjoy some awesome perks!

Then head to classes and win great prizes: For every class you attend you can enter your name into a weekly prize draw. The more you come the better your chances of winning! Prizes from:

The Secret Garden Tea Company
Chatters Hair Salon
Orchard Lane Floral Design
Parellel 49 Brewing
Look Inside
Sticky Be Socks
India Rose Cosmeticary
Red Tree Wellness

Hope to see more of you and less of me this fall!