Aveda Spruce Up

Once in a while Aveda offers a promo and I jumped quickly on the complimentary Aveda Facial ($40 value) and stress fix ritual of renewal, makeup touch up, and a customized skincare consultation they offered last month. They’re always available for a consultation and if you haven’t met Spencer, at the South Granville location, I highly suggest you pop in and let him guide you through some make up tips or have him do your face for a night out.


Spencer used the beechwood tinted moisturizer, aster dual powder foundation, raspberry tea lip gloss, golden asper trio eye makeup and a swosh of black forest mascara.


Now the picture above isn’t going to win me any modeling gigs, but I did come out feeling pretty! If I would have just to got a picture after I got out of my workout gear, spruced up the hair and popped on a pair of my Jewliette earrings (shameless plug for my favourite jewelers), but alas, I failed at perfection once again.