Avocado Tools

Avocado tools that up your avocado game!

So you say you love avocados? As you well know so do I, but when it comes to presenting them perfectly, they can sometimes turn out a bit less appealing if you don’t wield your knife right. After all these fruits are delicate creatures. So, I thought I’d do a round up this week of some tools to help you with your Avocados From Mexico!

oxo 3 in 1 avocado tool

First up is this 3 in one Oxo Avocado Tool. Perfect slices of peeled avocado are just seconds away with this task-specific, three-part tool. Serrated plastic blade easily slices the skin, circular pitter scoops out the pit, and plastic blades create clean, uniform slices. $9.95 at Crate and Barrel.

avocado tool

Next up this lever avocado shaped saver from Evriholder really does keep a cut avocado fresher longer. It reduces surface exposure and slows the oxidation process and my avocado was usable without cutting off the top flesh 3 days later. $10.95 Amazon.


Thirdly you need a proper Molcajete to mash and serve your guacamole. $49.95 Crate and Barrel

frontera margaritas guacamoles and snacks

AND….the cookbook for guacamole lovers is Rick and Groen Bayless,Mexican cocktail and snack primer with recipes and tips for 35 variations on the margarita, along with modern mezcal versions and margaritas for every season, taste and budget — plus refreshing cocktails with fruit agua frescas. For cocktail bites, there’s a gourmet guacamole for every month of the year and recipes for nut and vegetable snacks! Now you’re set up for entertaining. $26.50 Crate & Barrel.

Enjoy you avocados responsibly and be sure to share.

Please note I am the Avocados from Mexico official Western Canadian Ambassador and I am compensated for my avocados and avocado news! But…you know I’d eat them regardless!