Avocado Topped Family Summer Salad

Recently I drove up to  Kelowna to deliver my aunt and uncle after they flew in from New Zealand. Food has always been a way of bringing our family together, my Mother loves to cook and entertain, and she does a pretty fantastic job in that department; it was no surprise that an amazing meal was awaiting us when we arrived. Along with some flavourful ribs and polenta, we had this fantastic salad that my mother whipped up. Here’s the recipe for an Avocado Topped Family Summer Salad, with Avocados from Mexico!

4 cups finely chopped raw kale (curly kind)
4 cups baby spinach
2 cups sunflower sprouts or other sprouts.
10 black cherry tomatoes , or can use red or yellow
1/2 finely sliced small red onion.
1 avocado sliced on top of the salad
10 radishes finely sliced

Toss all together, adding the avocado last so it sits on top.
Drizzle with balsamic dressing or red pepper dressing Serve on a long flat plate so the salad is nicely presented.

My niece and nephew got their own table for our El Fresco Summer Dining!