#BCWine Recommendations from my Twitter Peeps

Thanks to all who weighed in on their favourite BC Wines for Thanksgivings (and one #BCBeer ! ) Here are all your suggestions.  PS – For more on BC Wine and Holiday pairings, check out my article in Wineries Refined – pg 67. http://issuu.com/refinedpublications/docs/wineriesrefined1-1

TASTY BC WINES FOR THANKSIVING by my spectacular tweet peeps.

http://twitter.com/Wine2Three  I hear Gewurztraminer pairs well with turkey, so I’m taking some Red Rooster Gewurz to Thanksgiving! #bcwine

http://twitter.com/Beckycaissie I like the Gewurztraminer for white, and the Pinot Noir for red! Such a great wine! #BlastedChurch

http://twitter.com/Road13Vineyards I agree RT @atyourservicepc: Road 13 Red and Honest John’s White!RT @goodlifevan: Name 1 #BCWine that you’d want at your #thanksgiving table

http://twitter.com/atyourservicepc Road 13 Red and Honest John’s White!RT @goodlifevan: Name 1 #BCWine that you’d want at your #thanksgiving table

http://twitter.com/prairiegirlitc Road 13 Red or Pinot Noir, 2 of the best in BC @goodlifevan Name 1 #BCWine that you’d want at your #thanksgiving table

http://twitter.com/nucksgrl Yes! Sooo good! RT @Beckycaissie: #BlastedChurch! It’s the best! RT @goodlifevan: Name 1 #BCWine that you’d want at your #thanksgiving table

http://twitter.com/Beckycaissie #BlastedChurch! It’s the best! RT @goodlifevan: Name 1 #BCWine that you’d want at your #thanksgiving table

http://twitter.com/Terracotta_Van @goodlifevan Desert Hills =)

http://twitter.com/geomcc @goodlifevan Blue Mtn. Pinot Noir

http://twitter.com/OkanaganWriting @goodlifevan #bcwine for #Thanksgiving? I’m all about bubble right now, so I’d say Gray Monk Odyssey Brut (white).

http://twitter.com/gillianrefined @8thGenVineyard’s Prosecco-style Chardonnay! Delish!

http://twitter.com/grapesofkath RT @GerryJobe: @goodlifevan White: Tantalus Riesling, Red: Orofino Beleza #thanksgiving

http://twitter.com/GerryJobe @toastwine @goodlifevan all that I have learned about Turkey/Tantalus I have learned from the wise @Raudzbar …

http://twitter.com/toastwine @GerryJobe @goodlifevan good call on the Tantalus Riesling. The 09 has some residual sugar that would be great with turkey!

http://twitter.com/GerryJobe @goodlifevan White: Tantalus Riesling, Red: Orofino Beleza #BCWINE #thanksgiving

http://twitter.com/EdibleVancouver Burrowing Owl 2005 Meritage 🙂 RT @goodlifevan: Name 1 BC Wine that you’d want at your #BCWINE #thanksgiving table – pls RT

http://twitter.com/BruiseViolet Twisted Tree ‘2008 Six Vines’ or their 2008 Gamay Noir RT @goodlifevan Name 1 BC Wine you’d want @ ur #BCWINE #thanksgiving table – pls RT

http://twitter.com/NG_Vancouver @goodlifevan Sandhill Gamay Noir. Yummy.

http://twitter.com/YourSecretChef Joie Farm Nobel Blend! RT @goodlifevan Name 1 BC Wine that you’d want at your #BCWINE #thanksgiving table – pls RT

http://twitter.com/christinetam @goodlifevan Township 7 Viognier … mmmmm

http://twitter.com/stirls Why just BC wine? How about BC craft beer like @TreeBrewing


http://twitter.com/angelamjoy26 Domaine de chaberton Madeline Sylvaner It’s a tradition

http://twitter.com/Gateway_Theatre La Frenz Sauv. Blanc

http://twitter.com/BentonsCheese At our table – @joiefarm noble blend

http://twitter.com/AlexjwHill Painted Rock Cab Sauv ’07 too bad it’s sold out!

http://twitter.com/LiivLee @goodlifevan Definitely La Frenz Cab Sav!

http://twitter.com/meljoaquin Road13 Honest John!

http://twitter.com/jenniferevents I’m on a bit of a Quails Gate ‘spree’ right now…mmmm or Burrowing Owl!

http://twitter.com/jenniferevents @goodlifevan blue mountain gamay noir

http://twitter.com/BentonsCheese @goodlifevan on our #thanksgiving table there will be @joiefarm Noble Blend & Vista Doro walnut wine w/ dessert! Great #bcwine !

http://twitter.com/dineprestons Quails’ Gate Gewürztraminer, B.C always a great choice

http://twitter.com/ChefAlexTung On my Thanksgiving table, there will be @foxtrotvineyard Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. One of my favorite BC wineries.

http://twitter.com/seasidefishlady my vote would be Blind Trust Laughing Stock. Lovely

http://twitter.com/davemcneilly Twisted Tree Six Vines, and Prime Rib 🙂