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Granville Island Brockton IPA

bot-local-brocktonBrockton IPA celebrates the brewery’s 25th Anniversary.  This Pacific Northwest India Pale ale is refreshing, fruity with some mild bitterness and definite hoppiness.  Great for sipping poolside.  Get it in the mixed 12 pack and compare to Granville Island’s other bottles and celebrate Stanley Park.


BIO – Vern Lambourne

Granville Island Brewing’s Brewmaster Vern Lambourne has a knack for brewing quality beer with recognizable passion in every batch he brews.

Since joining the Granville Island team in 2001, Vern has staked his claim with innovations that have added to the already-vast selection of quality products. His flare and energy have been behind some of Granville Island Brewing’s award-winning brews, such as Kitsilano Maple Cream Ale and Robson Street Hefeweizen.

Born in Nanaimo, BC, Vern graduated with a BSc in biochemistry from the University of Victoria. After University, Vern jetted off to merry old England where a pint is the easiest drink to find. His British brewing education crafted a true appreciation for different styles of beer.

After brewing at the Orange Brewery in London, England, Vern moved back to BC to continue his passion working with various brewpubs in Metro Vancouver. Vern eventually found the gig he was born to do, Brewmaster, of Granville Island Brewing.

Vern Lambourne. It’s good to be here.