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Mixing Caesars Walter’s Way – Walter Caesar Mix

National Caesar Day is May 19th Pick Up Some Stoli and Get a Bonus of Walter Caesar Mix Until June 3!

When the urge strikes you to whip up Canada’s official cocktail, leave the MSG, corn syrup and artificial colour on the shelf and reach instead for the all-natural craft Caeser mix by Walter.

Walter’s made in Canada with top notch vine-ripened tomatoes, spices, grated horseradish, hot sauce, Worcestershire and real clam juice. Select from the Well Spiced version, for those who like a kick in their glass or Mildly Spice for those with more delicate palates.

A Walter Craft Caesar ‘expert’ will be on site at the BCLDB on
Saturday, May 14 from 2 to 6 pm at BC Liquor Store, 39th & Cambie demonstrating how to make the perfect Caesar, using Stolichnaya Premium Original Vodka.

stoli a vs the 02


May 19 The special day pays homage to the cocktail that was first made by Walter Chell in the late 60s at the Calgary Inn. Join in the celebration, Stolichnaya Premium Original Vodka and Walter Craft Caesar Mix have teamed up on a gift-with-purchase available at 50 BC Liquor stores throughout the month of May, until June 3rd. With every purchase of a 750 mL bottle of Stolichnaya Premium Original – THE vodka of summer – consumers will receive a complimentary 945 mL bottle of Walter Craft Caesar Mix.

Available at Choices, Meinhardt’s, Whole Foods, Edible Canada and beyond and also served in BC’s finest restaurants. Find here.


At Good Life Vancouver’s headquarters, aka home, we like to throw in some smoked salmon or bacon vodka and serve it up with a corresponding smoked salmon or candied bacon garnish and some pickled asparagus.

What will or won’t be in your glass this summer? Go natural with Walter!


We’ve been waiting for this for Avocado Egg Nog Recipe from Drinks Undressed for a while. Bartender Justin Darnes mixed up our avocado cocktails at the Avocado Showdown and he’s been at it again with the Vegan Avocado Egg Nog with Avocados from Mexico! Very appropriate for this time of year.


Chill all ingredients before you begin.

In a Blender ADD.
6oz Brandy (or Rum if you prefer)
1000ml Soy Milk
8 Dried Figs
1 Avocado from Mexico
2oz Maple Syrup
1 pinch ground Nutmeg

Blend together thoroughly then chill in fridge for 2hrs. (if serving immediately blend with 10 cubes of ice, instead of chilling) Pour into cups and garnish with more grated nut meg and a star anise.

Hallow Night Spritz Cocktail

hallow night spritz cocktail

Gin, who doesn’t love it? Why not mix up something with a Canadian Gin in this Hallow Night Spritz cocktail from Ungava Gin!

Taking its name from the expansive unspoiled region bordering Ungava Bay in northern Quebec, Ungava Gin is made from a combination of rare arctic plants and herbs that are harvested by hand during the short summer season and then infused in the spirit.

Hallow Night Spritz         


Ungava Gin – 30 ml
Aperol – 30 ml
Simple syrup – 15 ml
Soda water – 90 ml
Cherry – 3

Yields one portion.


-Load chilled glass with ice, alcohol, syrup then soda.
-Garnish with cherry.
-Finish with long straw.

Guy Stowell Mixes Up Cocktails MadeWithLove

Guy Stowell at Cocktail Tasting at O5 Tea

To prep for tonight’s MadeWithLove cocktail competition, Bartender and Moon Shine Tastings owner Guy Stowell entertained some of our readers at O5 Tea on West 4th.

O5 Tea

His cocktails were superb and focused on Tequila, Rum and Campari! Here’s a couple of the recipes.

Moon Shine Tastings

Smashed Jimador

1.5 oz 1800 Tequila
1oz lime
3/4 oz ginger syrup
Sprig rosemary
3 dash fee brother old fashioned bitters
Method – Muddle rosmary shake and fine strain into martini glass. Garnish with a sprig if rosemary.



5 dried cranberries
2 blackberries
1.5 oz Appletons rum
1/2 oz amaretto
1 oz lime
20 ml sugar syrup
Top with 05 Kombucha

Shake and strain all ingredients except kombucha in a tall glass over ice, top with kombucha and garnish with cranberries and blackberries.

Quiche and black sesame dumplings and chocolate kept us from sliding off the chairs.

Hope to see you all at MadeWithLove tonight!

BOMBAY SAPPHIRE EAST and Cocktails with David Wolowidnyk

Top Five Reasons Why Bombay Sapphire Gin is the Spirit of Summer

Yesterday I wrote about how my new Escents Outdoor Survival Kit helped keep the mosquitoes away (although I neglected to use the spray the the day before….and one bit me on the neck….right in my apartment while sleeping…so very rude!) and today I bring you GIN as a remedy! Apparently I’d only had wine that night.

Gin has always been the classic cocktail spirit that was meant to be mixed. As a key ingredient to many of the season’s most refreshing cocktails, it balances botanicals with light and fresh seasonal flavours like citrus and fruits.

Bombay Saphire

“From a subtle hint of citrus, to its complex, yet balanced flavour, gin features the ultimate crisp and refreshing qualities that make it the perfect summer drink,” says David Wolowidnyk, Vancouver Brand Ambassador, BOMBAY SAPPHIRE. “BOMBAY SAPPHIRE’S unique vapour infusion process and exotic handpicked botanicals make it exceptionally well balanced and extraordinarily mixable, making it the perfect choice for your favourite gin cocktail.”

If you haven’t cocktailed at CinCin lately you must. It’s where the talented Wolowidnyk mans the bar and an excellent place for dinner as well. We asked Wolowidnyk for some recipes for the best summer gin drinks and here’s his top two.


Loosen the Knot

  • 1 oz Bombay Sapphire EAST Gin
  • .5 oz Lemon Juice
  • .5 oz Simple Syrup (2:1)
  • 2 oz Prosecco
  • 1 scoop Lemon/Ginger Sorbet

Method: Stir/Build/Neat

Glass: Flute

Preparation: Add the gin, simple syrup and lemon juice to a mixing glass with ice and stir to chill. Strain into a flute. Add Prosecco and top with a scopp of sorbet.

Garnish: 1 scoop of lemon/ginger sorbet

To compliment the Thai Lemon Grass and Vietnamese Black Peppercorn of the Bombay Sapphire EAST, the refreshing acidity of the lemon and the spice of the ginger help to relax and rejuvenate.

Bombay Sapphire

Eastern Crush

  • 1.5 oz Bombay Sapphire EAST Gin
  • .75 oz Lime Juice
  • .5 oz Simple Syrup (2:1)
  • 3 pieces of Watermelon (2″ cubes)
  • 3 sprigs Cilantro
  • 1 pinch Black Pepper (fresh ground)

Method: Shake/On the Rocks

Glass: Old Fashioned Glass

Preparation: In a shaker, muddle watermelon, cilantro and freshly ground pepper. Add Bombay Sapphire EAST, lime juice and simple syrup. Shake with ice until cole and fine strain through a tea strainer to remove solids. Add new ice to the glass and garnish.

Garnish: 1 sprig of cilantro

BOMBAY SAPPHIRE EAST’s Top 5 Reasons why Gin is the Spirit of Summer

  1. Tonic originated in India as the quinine in tonic was a remedy to combat mosquito-borne malaria. Adding ice, citrus and gin made the tonic more refreshing and palatable and the citrus also helped prevent scurvy. While malaria and scurvy aren’t concerns here in Canada, mosquitoes definitely are…so go ahead and enjoy a Gin and Tonic, just to be safe!
  2. Since the 1800s, gin has been the go-to spirit for bartenders, as its botanical flavours add complexity to any cocktail, while balancing perfectly with light summer ingredients.
  3. Many experts would agree that gin is vodka’s worldlier, more interesting older brother. Replacing vodka with BOMBAY SAPPHIRE in summer cocktail favourites such as a Caesar will add a new layer of complexity to your drink.
  4. Gin is globally renowned for being refreshing on a hot day and consumption rates are highest in warm climates like Spain, the world’s number one gin market.
  5. Gin is an aperitif, preparing the palate and stimulating the appetite, and thus every great summer BBQ or dining experience should start with a gin cocktail, like a Negroni.

Mosquitoes aside, it’s no surprise that the classic Gin and Tonic is the number #1 reason on BOMBAY SAPPHIRE EAST’s list, with 65% of the world’s gin enjoyed in a Gin and Tonic*.

*Almost forgot disclaimer. I drank some gin.

Bourbon Cinnamon Toast Milk Punch By Shaun Layton L’Abattoir Restaurant

 cinnamon toast milk punch

How much fun is this? Thanks to Mr. Layton for this great boozy brunch cocktail.

Bourbon Cinnamon Toast Milk Punch

By Shaun Layton, Head Barman of L’Abattoir Restaurant 


30ml Makers Mark
10ml Becherovka
10ml Cinnamon syrup
60ml Cinnamon Toast Brunch infused cream
2 dashes Apothecary cacao bitters


Shake ingredients with ice in a cocktail shaker, dump into mini milk bottle glass, garnish with cereal on top.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cream


1 part Half and half cream
1 part Cereal0.5 parts Heavy cream
90ml Cinnamon syrup


Crush cereal to small pieces, add cream and milk, refrigerate for 20 minutes. Strain and keep refrigerated.

Criollo’s Chocolate Liquers

Criollo 2pk

Looking for a last minute stocking stuffer? Criollo’s dual pack of premium chocolate liquers are the perfect addition of pure liquid luxury.

Criollo is a premium chocolate liqueur made with the rare Criollo cocoa bean. Criollo comes in Chocolate Raspberry Truffle as well as our favourtie of the two the Chocolate Sea Salted Caramel. Enjoy this amazing liquer can be neat, on the rocks or in cocktails, such as the one below.

criollo liquer

Criollo™ Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Sweet Elixir

A raspberry chocolate twist transforms this classic cocktail into an unforgettable flavour experience.

    • 1 oz. Criollo™ Chocolate Raspberry Truffle
    • 1 oz. Plymouth gin
    • 1 oz. Campari

Serving Instructions

  • Add all ingredients to a rocks glass filled with ice and stir.
  • Garnish with an orange zest.

BC Blueberries At Krause Berry Farms

Blueberry-Margarita-1_0British Columbia has more than 800 blueberry farms and the blueberries are already coming in for the season. You’ve still got some time to grab a box and try out all sorts of recipes from smoothies to pies as the crop will come in until near the end of September. This year the growing conditions were close to perfect according to Debbie Etsell, the Executive Director of the BC Blueberry Council and they are expecting 68 million kilograms. Unfortunately at Good Life Vancouver headquarters our consulting chef will have nothing to do with the berries due to an unfortunate incident involving a grandmother, mouldy blueberries and pancakes, but we will still be snacking our way through several pounds of them even without his help!

A few years back we checked out one of the best places for u-picks, Krause Berry Farms so this is very much a #laterpost in that regard, but as some say, better late than never. Fortunately blueberries never go out of style.

We piled into a van along with a few other writers and the l representatives the B.C. Blueberries and headed out to

the Fraser Valley to the source.

Blueberry Day

It’s cold in those blueberry warehouses!

Blueberry Day

First up was a stop in Maple Ridge at Silver Ridge Farms for a look at the process of sorting and packing on a major scale. It’s a multi-step process that involves machine sorting and then hand sorting the ripe from the unripe before they are packaged and labeled with a specific code indicating exactly where they are from.

Blueberry Day

Blueberry Day

Blueberry Day

Blueberry Day

Onward to Krause Berry Farms where we picked our own berries and sampled blueberry ice cream, smoothies, pie and shortcakes.  

Blueberry Day

Mijune Pak

We also assisted in the bakery with cakes and pies; it’s certainly quite a production feeding all the blueberry lovers.

Blueberry Day

The farm now has a winery as well so if you’re interested in trying unique fruit wines make time for sampling and don’t miss their corn pizza.

So what’s up for this years blueberry crop around here? I am going to be pulling that Vitamix down from the cupboards and blending up some margaritas thanks to this recipe from BC Blueberries.


Yield: Makes 4 x 235ml (8 oz) glasses

2 tsp (10 ml ) Fine sea salt
1 Lime wedge
2 cups (10 cubes) Ice
2 cups (300 g) B.C blueberries, fresh or partially thawed
½ cup (50 g) Cucumber, sliced
½ cup (125 ml) Tequila
⅓ cup (80 ml) Pineapple juice
¼ cup (60 ml) Fresh lime juice
¼ cup (10 g) Fresh basil, chopped
3 tbsp (45 ml) Triple Sec

2 tbsp (10 g) B.C. blueberries, fresh or frozen
4 Cucumber slices
4 Basil leaves


– Place salt in a shallow dish. Using lime wedge, moisten the rim of four glasses, then dip them in salt and set aside.

– Starting with the ice, put all the ingredients in a blender and blend on high speed until relatively smooth.

– Garnish with blueberries, cucumber slices and basil.


 Check out BC Blueberries Facebook page for more recipes and see featured chefs’ favourites.


Danille Tartarin’s Belle Jardin Fizz – Cointreau Cocktail

The Winner of the Cointreau Vancouver CompetitionDanielle Tartarin just won the Mademoiselle Cointreau – The Quest for the Best Female Bartender in Canada for Vancouver with this impressive concoction.

Mademoiselle Cointreau – The Quest for the Best Female Bartender in Canada began its cross-Canada tour in – See more at:
Mademoiselle Cointreau – The Quest for the Best Female Bartender in Canada began its cross-Canada tour in – See more at:

Belle Jardin Fizz
1 ½ oz Cointreau
½ oz Orange Bitters
4 Lime water & thyme ice cubes*
4 Orange water & thyme ice cubes**
Top with Aloe Soda Water***
Hydrosol of Thyme, Lavender, Mint & Orange.
Spray the Hydrosol around the area as you start to make the cocktail.
In a mixing glass stir together Cointreau and Orange Bitters with 2 of each of the flavoured ice cubes.
Place the remainder of the flavoured ice cubes in to a Collins glass and pour the chilled & diluted cocktail into the glass. Top with Aloe Soda Water.
Garnish with a fresh thyme sprig and finish by spraying the hydrosol in the air and over the drink before consuming.

*Lime Water Ice Cubes – in a tray of 1” square ice cubes add ¼ oz of Lime juice, 1 pinch fresh thyme sprig and one long orange zest. Top with water. Freeze until solid and use to mix the Belle Jardin Fizz.
**Orange Water Ice Cubes – in a tray of 1” square ice cubes add ¼ oz of Orange juice, 1 pinch fresh thyme sprig and one long lime zest. Top with waterFreeze until solid and use to mix the Belle Jardin Fizz.
***Aloe Soda Water – In a soda ciphon combine 2 oz of pure Aloe Juice with 10 oz of distilled water. Charge and keep refrigerated.

Evelyn Chick’s Ladies in L’voire – Cointreau

The second best winning cocktailEvelyn Chick just placed in Madmoiselle Cointreau, the search for the best Canadian female bartender with this Cointreau-based cocktail.

Ladies in L’voire
1.5 oz Cointreau
.25 oz green chartreuse
.5 oz lime juice
.5 oz lemon juice
2 dashes angostura
3 dashes housemade rosemary tincture
1 tbsp bergamot sorbet

Shake in perlini, charge with CO2 and serve in a punch cup garnish with sprig of rosemary

– See more at: