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Delish Stocking Stuffers

This year there are some pretty tasty items for those on your shopping list.  Here’s some suggestions for food lovers.

I love the big Le Creuset Casserole dishes, but they are far too large to stuff into a stocking.  Enter the new mini Le Creuset casserole dishes, perfect for mini mac and cheese, individual souffles and side veggie dishes served up in style.  Available in Vancouver at Cookworks.


If you are a baker and want to give the gift of homemade loaves or trays of brownies, why not give them wrapped up in the new President’s Choice loaf and square pans?  They come with big red bows to wrap up the treats and you can even cheat and bake using the President’s Choice brand home baking kits.

Need that something special for the real gourmet in your life, go with the Blis Tahitian Vanilla Infused Maple Syrup, available at The Dirty Apron Cooking School and Delicatessen

Chocolate Lovers will appreciate your efforts in sourcing Vancouver’s best chocolate bars created by master chocolatier Cocao Nymph and parfume specialist Ayala Moriel.  There’s Guilt with orange blosson, wild orange and blood orange, Espionage with smoked salt, jasimine and juniper and Roses and Chocolat with rose saffron and chilli.  Vancouver made and oh so delicious.

Rick’s Rubs are tasty savory dry rubs created by Superstar Chef Rick and Raging Fork.  Try on these aromatic herbs and spices  on assorted Meats, Fish and Poultry. Rick’s Rub Fish/Seafood and Lamb are both Sugar Free all Rick’s Rubs are non-Irradiated spices and NO MSG.  Available at Edible BC, Gourmet Warehouse, gourmet groceries and high end butcher shops.

Loose tea drinkers can enjoy tea on the go with the attractive Libre Tea Mug.  Add some packages of calming teas and the tea lover in your life will be ever so grateful.  Available at Whole Foods.

Preserves.  Who doesn’t love some toast and jam in the morning?  Try Mix the Bakery’s Artisan Preserves in flavours such as Peach Chipotle and Cumin or Blueberry and Nectarine.  Great for addition to holiday appetizers.

Gifts for Food Lovers

If you’ve got some foodie friends in your life, you are lucky.  They know all the great restaurants, follow all the latest food trends and make killer food when you are invited by (even better if you live with one).  This year why not reward the foodie in your life with some new kitchen gadgets?  After all, it’s to your benefit,as they are likely to show their appreciation by sharing the results with you.

2010 was a year of comfort food, where sandwich’s took center stage, so why not a Panini Grill for sandwich nights at home.  The Breville Panini Grill Quattro is also versatile enough to open up to cook eggs and pancakes.  Some great Panini suggestions in the new DC Duby Panini cookbook.

Tea replaced coffee for many this year and a kettle that can boil water for coffee at home or heat to 176 F, the perfect temperature for green tea, is a must.  The DeLonghi kettle makes serving easy with a detachable base, and wide pouring spout.  The kettle shuts off when water is too low – safety first.


Slow food and convenience are brought together with this kitchen must, the updated and sleek looking slow cooker from Cuisinart.  Start the morning with oatmeal, make soup for lunch or start short ribs in the morning for an easy weeknight dinner.  Throw is a cookbook such as Eric Akis’ Everyone Can Cook Slow Cooker Meals.

Perrier is so passe once you’ve tried the Soda Stream home soda system.  Environmentally friendly and cost effective, this gadget creates flavour from your tapwater.  Add some of their flavours to create pop at home, or add a splash of your own and create a new sensation.


Ladies take note – It’s not the implants that’ll get ’em


Found this on Amazing Ribs – I’ve really been doing it all wrong all this time.  Screw perfume.

Amazing Ribs

If you want to attract men, skip the expensive implants and get a smoker for only a few hundred dollars. Wood smoke is a potent pheromone and you’ll have every man in the neighborhood hanging out on your porch! Click here for a buying guide to smokers (Note: I don’t sell them I just review them). Illustration by Gil Elvgren, 1958.