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lululemon athletica’s SeaWheeze™ half marathon and Sunset Festival registration opens Thursday


This  Annual event expected to sell out within one week!  

I was just told about this event and was thought to myself I sure wish I was still running.  I have a million excuses  why I am not, among them being too heavy, not having the right sports bra (seriously) and running gear (who knows what Chip would have to say about me in his yoga pants!), having a lack of good iTunes, it being to cold outside, etc.  BUT I am going commit to running, walking/running or even just walking this event.  I’ve done heaps of halves before and have recently walked at least 21 km in a day. I’ve completed two sub-4 hour marathons as well so there has to be some muscle memory there (last was 9 years ago, yikes). Have I convinced myself ?  Yes I have!

I am working on a training schedule and perhaps I will see you on the trails and at this run/walk!  Sounds like a great weekend so register SOON or miss out!  Stay tuned on GLV for progress and whining.

Registration opens at 10:00am PST on February 3, 2014 at Entry fee is $128, inclusive of taxes and processing fees.Entering its third sweaty and colourful year, lululemon’s SeaWheeze half marathon and Sunset Festival is returning to Vancouver’s seawall August 23, 2014. Last year the 10,014 running spots sold out within the first month of registration. This year, organizers predict the 10,015 spots will be snapped up within one week.

In addition to 21.1 km of pavement-pounding fun, SeaWheeze weekend includes the official SeaWheeze Showcase Store, where runners can kit themselves out pre-race with limited edition clothing and accessories, as well as the post-race Sunset Festival at Brockton Oval, where both runners and the general public celebrate with a 10,000+ person yoga class, live concert and beer and wine garden in one of Vancouver’s premium outdoor concert venues.

Past headliners have included Fun! and Passenger. Sunset Festival tickets are $25 for the general public and are included in registration for runners.

Full event details are available at For a peek into the experience, check out the 2013 SeaWheeze experience here.

About SeaWheeze

The SeaWheeze half marathon and Sunset Festival is lululemon’s way of celebrating and sharing its hometown of Vancouver, BC with the global running community.  In just its third year, the sell-out event is redefining the half marathon experience, and becoming a destination run and the perfect weekend for Vancouver to celebrate summer in the city.

About lululemon athletica inc.

lululemon athletica (NASDAQ:LULU) is a yoga-inspired athletic apparel company that creates components for people to live long, healthy and fun lives. By producing products that help keep people active and stress free, lululemon believes that the world will be a better place. Setting the bar in technical fabrics and functional designs, lululemon works with yogis and athletes in local communities for continuous research and product feedback. For more information, visit


#GLVSprucesUP Checking in

Work LOL CatIt’s been a couple weeks since I made a commitment to make some lifestyle changes.  I was off to a great start.  I had some great body healing sessions with massage therapist Dr. Vita Narbutiene  and left feeling like a million bucks.  She is a true healer.  I did some sound therapy and reflexology with Coko Mayuko Nakashima another session were I left feeling stronger and more centred.  I was facing some resistance and needed some help setting reasonable goals and met with therapist Rebekkan Stainton who was a fantastic sounding board and gave me some great targets and suggestions.  I also met with nutritionist Patti Smyth who set some great goals for me without drastically changing the way I eat.

On the fitness end I went out for long walks and started training at Steve Nash Fitness World with Agnes Kim at the Kitsilano location along with my pal Heidi.  I even lost a few pounds. All was going well and I even when I went away to Ottawa I managed to keep up my fitness program and made the best food choices when possible while travelling.  Then BAM! I got totally sick.  Not just a cold but the kind of flu that knocks you out and keeps you home for days.  Went to the doctor and got antibiotics and I am still fighting this bug almost two weeks later.  I did rest as much as possible, but I have commitments and things I just can’t stay home from even when I am not even back to 100%.  I had committed to travelling to Penticton and went there for 3 days, but just wasn’t totally there physically and would have probably been better to have stayed home and rest, but my life does go on.

I am not sitting home stuffing my face with ice cream and oreos, nor am I guzzling vodka straight from the bottle, but I am tired and I just don’t seem to have the energy to make that smoothie, make the best decisions, or get all the writing done that I need.  I just had to go back to bed and nap again this morning as I am so very tired.  I am also coughing a lot so I am not able to go out for a very long walk.  So here I am writing this just to let you know I am not giving up, and I will be back!  I will be heading out for another short walk today and have set the goal to get back to the trainer on Saturday so let’s hope that I get better soon.

I suppose the fact that it is taking me so long to get better is indicative of the state my body is in and the fact it needs to heal and get stronger.  The other item I must take away from this is that I can’t do everything and must respect my body more.  I didn’t get enough sleep in Ottawa and set early morning appointments since I forgot the 3 hour time difference.  I didn’t take my vitamins and pushed my body hard physically on a very long bike ride and walk.  So I am looking at my schedule in the coming weeks and factoring more rest and less busyness in.

Talk to you shortly with a more positive tone.  I will be back.

#GLVSpruces Up – My Get Healthy Campaign

Keep-Calm-and-Get-HealthyI’m going to dish a little here about myself and deter from my usual posts on all the great food I eat.  I’ve embarked on a journey of self-improvement  and as an added motivator I am going to commit to checking in here to ensure I’m accountable.  I’ve judged myself enough so I hope you’ll go lightly on me.

Work What You Got

It had been a fantastic summer, one filled with fabulous food, stellar cocktails, and new experiences with Vancouver’s ever growing craft beers and BC wine.  Along the way attempts at balancing these indulgences were made with some long walks and bike rides.  As a writer focused heavily on food and one with a nasty habit of excessive boozing it was more than just one indulgent summer that had taken its toll on a body that was once fine-tuned and considered on the slim side.  Ah the time had come to take an inventory and start to make some lifestyle choices that would ensure that the remainder of my years weren’t spent dealing with health issues.  Another kicker was that I’d also been diagnosed with a fatty liver and advised to adjust my behaviour.

Growing up I suffered from eating disorders, depression and body image issues.  I’d never really been that fond of physical self even when I’d been fit enough to run a sub four hour marathon and a lot of this self-loathing still lingered.  I’m not one who likes to look in the mirror, and had begun to hate shopping since a size large was sometimes still not large enough.  I’d lost twenty pounds by upping my walking mileage last year, but ten had crept back at last count.


A number of timely events pushed me to set out on the journey I have no chosen which I like to call “Good Life Vancouver Spruces Up” and my new friend Heidi refers to as “Project Cassandra”.  First there was an email about a book by Mandy Ingber that landed and an offer to try a class she was teaching at Semperviva was offered, and second was Heidi Henderson, the owner of Vital Medical Health invited me down for some treatments, beginning with a set of eyelash extensions.

Eyelashes b4 and after @vital_kitsilano #glvsprucesup

The clinic is based on holistic health, which encompasses a medical drop in clinic, counselling, massage, acupuncture, nutritional consulting, reflexology and also a few key beauty services such as the eyelashes and nails.  A one stop shop for a body tune up!

As I was invited to the Deighton Cup, the fashion event of the year, I had to take what I had and work with it to put my best foot forward,  In Yogalosophy Mandy Ingber’s mantra is “the body you want starts with the body you have“.  Another quote that was inspiring was from a life coach I’d found randomly through google and, Tara Caffelle of Big Life Coaching, who likes to say “it’s not the size of your ass,it’s what you do with it that matters.”    So I accepted the invite and did my best to prepare.

As mentioned my eyelash extensions were one of the first sprucing up steps.  As I child I had pulled them all out, a sign of childhood depression, so I’d always needed an extra coat of mascara.  I still have to be careful not to fall back into strange but common habit.  Now I just comb and go, they aren’t cheap but they only need filling every 3 weeks and they’re so worth it as I felt prettier already.  I was also treated right at Poppy Salon to a blow-out, pedicure, manicure and make up application.  Trish McLean has an excellent  Aveda salon at 2686 West 4th  where the incredible team of Karianne, Liz and Holly did an excellent job on my hair, make-up pedicure and manicure.  Great space and lovely ladies who really made all the difference in making me feel much better.

Holly trying not to look shocked at the state of my feet @poppyhair she is an angle hence the halo #glvsprucesup

The horror before the pedi! Note the halo over Holly as she is an angel!

And they did what they could with my toes @poppyhair #miracles #beauty #glvsprucesup

Much better after!  Please excuse my wrinkly toes!

Pro make up @poppyhair lashes @vita_kitsilano @deightoncup ready #glvsprucesup @goodlifevan

Make up (didn’t get the best pic – I look somewhat medicated)


Day One Make-up and Hair.  Clothes by my closet as we can’t buy new outfits everyday!


Day 2 sparkling nails!

Day one hair and lashes #glvsprucesup @poppyhair @vital_kitsilano

Day two Hair by Poppy Salon  again!  Love it.

Cassandra Races 2Cassandra Races (2)Cassandra Races

Next up was an outfit and thanks to Cherry Velvet Plus my dress was one that I felt proud to wear.  Jewels came from the fantastically sparkly Elsa Corsi and a fascinator from Hive Mind Millinery.  We are blessed to have such great local talent in Vancouver.  With their help I was literally off to the races and while I didn’t, and certainly never intended to, win the most stylish (let’s take little steps here!) I certainly felt adequate and rather pleased with myself.  Perhaps not loving the body I had, but at least knowing I’d done my best that day.


The outfit above left won a well-deserved best dressed!

There is more of this journey ahead, as next week I weigh in, start with a trainer, counseller and check in with a nutritionist.  Step one GLV Spruces Up complete and onward we go to better health.