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Wedding Woes and Hopes of Winning a Wedding in The Bahamas

Winning a Wedding in the Bahamas

We got engaged in December and now we are focusing on wedding plans and were aiming for the fall or spring. A contest came up and now we were trying our hand at Winning A Wedding in the Bahamas; you may have noticed since we were shamelessly plugging this all over social media.

Unfortunately some of the other couples have  an amazing amount of votes and while some are legit and we tip our hat to them, it’s been discovered there has been some manipulation of the system. The whole thing is giving me a stomach ache, but it’s being looked into we have been told.


Due to the fact that there seems to be far too many issues with the voting and our most of our fans/friends had given up voting when it seemed like something was wrong, we are withdrawing from this contest. Even if it does get fixed, which I know that Travel Bahamas is working hard to do and have been communicating with us along the way, we don’t feel comfortable pushing anymore. Thank you all so much for your support and we look forward to sharing our wedding plans with you all. We wish all other contestants good luck and we thank the Travel Bahamas for considering us.


Today’s Bahamas update is…..
Bahamas Tourism called first thing this morning and said their techs had fixed our issue of votes going to another couple and they are aware that many people have manipulated the system and are looking into that and may have to roll back other couples votes. We haven’t even been voting ourselves or pushing it anymore as we weren’t even sure where the votes for us were going and we are just exhausted from the whole process, but they have promised they are looking into it so please do vote again. They’ve added a captcha.

Update again! AND now a lot of people are telling me their code doesn’t work and they’ve tried a few times. Lovely.

UPDATE May 28…..
It is clear there is some technical glitch in the voting as I have heard from many people that they could vote many many many….times in a row for me and for other people (no one was cheating here, just testing the system) AND yesterday votes for me were going to another couple. I hope they sort this out and I have let them know.
In the meantime I am very much in love with Michael Smith and I don’t really care when and where we wed as long as we are together. #truelove
Appreciate y’all so much! Will advise what’s up as soon as we know.

Click here if you haven’t voted today and please vote each and every day until June 10 and we’d be ever so grateful. You can vote once every 24 hours so it’s a lot to ask we know. BUT…..please?

How the contest works is the 16 people out of the 20 couples listed will get to travel to the Bahamas and on November 16, 2016 all get married on different Islands. We were picked to be in the top 20 out of about 400 that applied by picking an Island that we would like to get married on and then creating a story of why we picked the Island and including the theme of the Island in as well. We picked Eleuthera and wrote the following. (please  vote! //

“We’d love to celebrate our love on Eleuthera in true barefoot lovers style with our toes buried deep into the pink sand! The name Eleuthera is derived from the Greek word for free, which is the way we both feel when we are together; united as one, but free to be ourselves. We’re also huge fans of pineapples (you should see Cassandra’s toe nail polish right now) and as the Island is known as the pineapple capital of the world, we would welcome our guests to a pineapple-themed wedding; especially fitting as pineapple is the symbol for hospitality. We can think of some amazing pineapple cocktails, pineapple floral arrangements, and pineapple details tastefully woven into our wedding outfits. We’d truly be thrilled to celebrate our love in style in the Bahamas!”


The winner’s flights will be paid for as is accommodation for 6 days , the ceremony, videographer and a rehearsal dinner and wedding dinner for people Our families and friends that will join do have to get down there themselves and cover accommodation but they are keen to get away so I know that they are rooting for us and will pack there bags to be there! PLEASE help us by just clicking on the link and then voting for the couple 5 down on the right! That’s us above as you probably know if you read this blog.  //


So this is the big excitement this week and we can’t even think of anything else at the moment.  I am working on getting wedding-dress ready and have started running again and am using to check out some fitness classes! It’s so hard in this business where food and drink is all around me.

So the shoes and the dress and the invites can wait for now. We’ve just got to get the venue down and you know you can help by voting!

Also I’ve started a pinterest board of wedding ideas!


Our favourite looks are by The Couture Company out of the UK.


And Michael would look pretty darn handsome in this vest combo!

BUT for a tropical wedding??  (gotta manifest this) We may have to rethink? If you have any ideas, please comment below as I’d love to hear.

IN the meantime lease vote  daily and we thank you so mucho!

GLV Spring Look Book

I am not a fan of shopping, unless it’s for food or cooking utensils, but I have a few spots I have found that I can head to and not leave in tears, and that’s basically my current approach to fashion. So, in the hopes of reducing some tears of other non-shoppers out there, I’m sharing a few of my spring finds. I’ve bought a few of these and am coveting the others. These are all body flattering outfits as that is the number one concern around these parts!

Here’s my fav’s that work for me right now!



Hover over items for descriptions.



Clearly Glasses
Mizmooz Shoes
MZ Wallace Backpack
Jeweliette Bracelets
Bellissima Dress
Denver Hayes and Windriver
Icebreaker Top
Stephanie Johnson Toilet Bags
Plum Clothing Dress

Wedding Count Down – Skin Prep at Vital Wellness/Margo Dalinghaus

Wedding Count Down Is On

After attending the wedding of my very good friends this past weekend, I am suddenly acutely aware that I better get planning my own! We’re going to be covering a few things in our new wedding count down series.

Dhillon Giesbrecht

My amazing friend, Summer Dhillon, looked like royalty alongside her king, Patrick Giesbrecht, and I am sure she had a few facials and make-up sessions along the way, and I had better ask her for some pre-wedding advice soon, but I fear I need far more sprucing, and I’ve got to put a plan in place.

stress free wedding planning

There is lots to do, as every bride knows, in order to get to that day feeling you’ve put you are at your best. I haven’t even really picked a date or location, but we’re looking at February of 2017 or November or August 2016! and likely Mexico  Bahamas or Kelowna. This changes daily it seems. It’s a way out (or not!) but I have a big list, including fitness and weight loss goals, skin primping, finding a wedding dress (yikes), wedding rings, and then of course day of hair, make up, jewelry and nails. AND all the logistics of day of, of course, but that seems like the easy part!

Wedding Stress

Beauty starts from the inside out, as they say, so I’ve been to Vital Wellness Clinic before for some fantastic nutritional advice from the lovely Patti Smyth, had some check ins and therapy with Rebekkah Stainton, reflexology with Coko Mayuko, and Qi Gong with Caroline MacGillivray. The clinic is also a full medical clinic with family physician and nurses, and you can actually schedule your drop-in appointments; super handy.


The latest addition to the team is Margo Dalinghaus, a Hormone and Aesthetic Registered Nurse, who has been trained by, and has trained some of the best Injectors from around the globe. Her style is “less is more” and her goal is to restore ones natural beauty, so I wasn’t afraid of leaving with lips that looked like they’d been hit by a frying pan, when I decided to have some touch ups done.

I went for a soft lift which combines the use of neuromodulators (similar to botox)  and dermal fillers.  Fillers were injected in and around my lips and in my cheeks.

Margo describes the treatment as such:

Neuromodulators typically work in the upper fact to relax muscles by preventing the release of acetylcholine which is responsible for muscle contraction. As the muscles around the frown lines, crow’s feet and forehead relax, moderate to deeper lines soften for a refreshed appearance. Dermal fillers are used in combination with the neuromodulators (Botox) to replace volume. With volume loss we lose hyaluronic acid and hydration – so, shadows and deflations can make us look more tired than we actually feel. Replacement of lost volume with dermal fillers improves hydration and also plumps up the skin from the inside out so that the skin is moisturized and smoother to reflect light and radiance. As shadows are reduced with replaced volume, skin appears more harmonious and fresh.

Both neuromodulators and dermal fillers are corrective treatments and do need to be repeated – Botox, every three months, and fillers every 9-12 months depending on product and how you metabolize it.

The neuromodulator used are Xeomin and a botulinum toxin type A, just like Botox, but it is known to be cleaner and produce less side effects. If used regularly every 3-4 months, you can soften the muscles on the upper face to prevent the formation of deeper lines in the face.

Cassandra Anderton

Since I have been in December I have received huge compliments on my improved looks and been described by my friends by the word glowing, over and over.

Caroline MacGillivray

Caroline MacGillivray on vital silks (she teaches this too).

20160126 184924

Vital Wellness even had a party to announce their new services and invited some local VIP’s to help spread the news. There’s another one coming up soon, and I can’t wait to hear what they are unveiling next.

Wedding Planning

Do note that there was some bruising, which sometimes happens, so be sure to leave lots of time before the big day for this treatment. Wedding count down is on! Now to work on that fitness and weight loss. At least there’s hiking and biking on my next trip; I’m off tomorrow to California wine country!

CND Flirtation and Spa Collection Premiers at Onyx Aesthetics

Testing Out The New CND Beauty Collections

Last fall I discovered Onyx Aesthetics Studio at 425 Abbott Street in Gastown and was thrilled (yes nails thrill me!) to return for the unvailing of a new collection of my favourite nail polish brand, CND.

cnd 4

CND has the Shellac Brand, which tend to last about 2 weeks and the home Vinylux weekly polish. If you are in the salon there’s no reason not to get the Shellac, especially since you can take it off a home if you are patient with their nail polish removal system. This does takes patience, and I have failed at this several times and chewed off my nails and therefor damaged them. Don’t be a fool like me and your nails won’t get damaged. Pictured above is one of the fall colours, with some silver gift wrapping in celebration of the upcoming holiday season.

cnd spring 2016 art vandal 788x350

The Top 5 reasons why you should pick SHELLAC® Brand 
1 14+ days of high-performance wear
2 Stunning crystal shine
3 Zero dry time
4 Amazing 5-minute removal
5 No nail damage (if you do it properly!!!!)

Spring nails @cndcanada #lovecdn @onyxaesthetics ready for valentine's day. #nailart #gastown #nails #beauty #fashion #twitter

A photo posted by Cassandra Anderton (@goodlifevan) on

The ladies at Onyx are amaze and it’s a pleasure to sit still for the brief time it takesto paint and decorate my nails. I actually relax and am reluctant to leave even when I’m done.  They use all CND products and are now stocked up with the new Flirtation Collection as well as the Spa 4-step Collection of soaks, scrubs, masques and lotions.

cnd spa collection gardenia woods bright citron 821x570

I loved the Bright Citron fragrence best, but the Gardenia, and Cucumber smell divine as well. I’m using the scrub in the shower and my skin is feeling ultra-smooth (please don’t picture that).

I was good this time and went back to the salon and had my polish removed and changed with special Wine Festival theme nail art. Some say the Italian Wines were the star of the show at this year’s festival, others were pretty impressed with these nails.

cnd nails2

Bagel Chase

The Bagels are ready .. are you?

Bagel Chase combines two of my favourite things; running (well sort of) and bagels (TOTALLY). I did a few laps last year and will head out on the course once again this year for at least one on Sunday! Bagel Chase is on Saturday, February 27th and Sunday the 28th and raises funds for the Backpack Buddies program! REGISTER.


    • Siegel’s Bagels. We wouldn’t be the Bagel Chase, if you didn’t get a bagel.  So when you first check in, have a bagel on the house.
    • Vancouver Running Company. As runners, we can never have too much gear and gadgets, right? Show your wristband to the fine folks at Vancouver Running Company, and you’ll get $15 off a purchase of $50 or more.  Valid until March 31, 2016.
    • Tiux Socks. We’ve tested these socks and we can’t love them enough. So let’s share the love and take 10% off.  Valid until December 31, 2016.
    • SHOES.COM.  Um, yes. How about a $25 gift card?  We thought so. Valid until December 31, 2016.
    • Evo Car Share.  Car sharing is a must in Vancouver so let’s get you set up with a free membership and 30 free minutes.  New members only.


NEW!! This year, the Bagel Chase will have ‪#CrewPowerHours, hosted by Vancouver Running Company! Different run crews in the city will be available to run with YOU. Let’s connect this city with ‪#running! Schedule will be available Friday morning. Got a crew that wants to join in? Email!

Did someone say prizes??  Every lap you run puts you in the draw for some sweet prizes, thanks to partners like Famoso, Seawheeze, SPUD, New Balance, Siegel’s Bagels, The Right Shoe, Coast Mountain Trail Series, Vancouver Running Company, Cadence, 5 Peaks, Yaletown Brewery, and MORE! There’s too many to list.

What else can you win?  Well, we’re glad you asked.

Want more?  Here’s the full list.

CONTEST! Don’t forget to enter the contest to win additional minutes, available both to new and existing members:

Evo is teaming up with the Bagel Chase and we want to see how you prepare for this weekend of running! On Instagram or Twitter between Feb 20 – 26, take a photo and tell Evo how you prepare for Bagel Chase using the hashtag #EvoxBagelChase and you could win 100 Evo driving minutes!

For the past 2 years, we’ve supported the Backpack Buddies and we’re thrilled to announce that they are our charity of choice for the 3rd year in a row.

What does that mean?
More runners = more kids don’t go hungry.  Simple as that.


Revlon Nutri Color Creme

Revlon Nutri Color Creme Brightens Up Dullying Color

I like my hair black and it’s been that way for a while, but in the summer I lived a little on the wild side added some red streaks and loved it. Below is my Selfology Hair colour and style, read more about that here as it was a great afternoon at the salon. So now it’s my new thing to throw in some colour and it’s easy to keep up with Revlon Nutri Color Creme.


My latest trip was to Salon Haze, which is in my hood on Broadway (Shop West Broadway) and fabulous. Loretta is a colour expert and she fixed my hair issues with a root touch up for my annoying grey hair, and some Revlon Professional’s Nutri Color Crème: a 3 minute at home or in-salon treatment that boosts hair colour, adds shine and softness to my hair and revived my red. I’ve got some at home too and had used it in November and it really brightens up my colour. Just be sure to wear gloves!

nutricolorcremeprincipalepiccola zps1bcee7ff

There’s a range of 15 colors that can match existing hair colour and four new fondant colours. I originally wanted the fondant (maybe blue?) but we didn’t want to bleach out my hair again to add, so we went with refreshing the red.

Revlon Uniq One

Loretta sent me home with the UniqOne All in One Hair Treatment masque spray that keeps my hair extra shiny and smooth, and has UVA and UVB filters should I ever see the sun again. I am in need of a sunny getaway soon!

Revlon Nutri Color Cream

Here’s my hair a couple weeks later where you can still see the red after another Nutri Colour Cream treatment.

Revlon Nutri Color Cream

Next time I’ll do the fondant or maybe just go bright red again.

*Revlon arranged for my hair colours, but the hair is my own without added photo-shopped filters! The results speak for themselves.


Dailey Method Barre and Spin in One

I’ve had a couple months at The Dailey Method fitness classes, mostly the cycle class as I crave the cardio; I am renewing my membership this weekend as I miss it so much.  I thought I’d delve a little deeper into the method behind the “method”. I posed a few questions to Jey Wyder, Co-owner and Master Instructor at The Dailey Method.

jey and karen wyder 2015 683x1024

Where did you first learn about The Dailey Method and what inspired you to bring it to Vancouver?
My sister Karen was opening Lululemon stores in the US and discovered The Dailey Method. She knew I would love it and flew me down to San Fran for a “girls weekend” to experience it. I fell in love and it was our dream to bring it to Vancouver and share it with everyone here.

dailey method spin studio
Dailey Method Spin Studio

How does The Dailey Method differ from other barre and cycle classes?
I hear it over and over again from our students, we are the best with alignment and that individualized attention to make sure you are in the correct position. We are passionate about alignment! We ignite awareness through hands on training and education. The result is better posture, better movement and a more complete workout. Also the friendly community – people say they feel better when they are in the space. There is no other cycle class that combines stretching and core conditioning at the barre. Dailey Cycle fuses the body sculpting and flexibility aspects of The Dailey Method with the cardiovascular benefits of indoor cycling. This format includes 40 minutes of heart pounding, beat driven cycling and 20 minutes of upper body toning, core strengthening and stretching off the bike. With The Dailey Method’s signature focus on alignment and form, the class delivers a balanced, full body workout resulting in a high-calorie burn.

What advice do you have for someone new to The Dailey Method?
Have fun! Come 3x a week for six weeks – go slow, listen to your body, take breaks when you need. You will feel the results after the first visit, you will see them after six weeks!

Any plans for another studio or new classes at your current studios? We’re really excited about Dailey Gentle which has been added and Dailey Plus which is coming soon. Dailey Gentle is ideal for those looking for a slower paced, nurturing, barre experience. It’s great for those recovering from surgery, illness or injury. Dailey Plus is a class for the experienced client who wants to go further into their practice and have an incredibly self-focused and challenged workout.

Stops and Starts – Fitness Battles

Having just returned from a rather difficult, but rewarding class at The Dailey Method, I’m reflecting on my last few months of stops and starts in the endless battle for fitness and health so I can plan for success in 2016.

There’s also only ONE DAY LEFT to win the 3 month PLUS 1 month membership for a friend, to this excellent barre and cylce studio based in both Kitsilano and Dunbar, so if you haven’t entered, do so!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

dailey 2

I was off to a good start, going every second day for the first month. My cardio was improving, I lost weight and I was far more flexible, I had some muscles I hadn’t felt for a while and I noticed daily tasks were easier. I was even drinking less so I could get to class in the morning feeling fresh and eating better. Then I got a cold and was sick for a few weeks. This is where I’ve often hit the wall before as I struggled to get back once I was better, but all that momentum I had was gone. Plus, it was now holiday season, with cocktails and wine flowing nightly and work getting even busier than usual. For 2016 I’m going to be reaching out for some help during these times as I can’t seem to battle alone. What’s your strategy? Who do you lean on when you need motivation? Suggestions welcome.

Today I went back and I feel 100% better for doing so. This program was truly making a difference when I was going frequently, but consistence is key as always; I noticed a drop in all the areas that I had improved since I last went. My 3 month membership runs out in less than a month, but I am going to renew and push forward as I know the program works. In 2016 I will be focusing on creating schedules and taking more time for myself, plus reaching out for added support.

20151223 173312 (1024x768)

In case you may have missed it, I also have some extra motivation to look and feel better as I’ve got some planning to do for my upcoming wedding! Michael and I are tying the knot and rumour has it I may even wear a fancy dress.

Here’s to a fit and healthy New Year and thanks for tuning in and supporting this continued journey.

CONTEST CLOSED Dailey Method #Fitness $900 worth! 3 mos + 1 mos PASS #Giveaway


Well I’ve wrapped up another challenge as of Monday (Subway #committofit) and so I’ve been looking for something else to keep me moving in the right direction! We’ve teamed up with Dailey Method Studios where I’ll be working out at for the next few months and I’ll will be chatting about the studio and my progress here once a month so I am held to account! The great news for you is that Dailey Method Studios are providing one of Good Life Vancouver’s readers with a very cool prize to start the new year off right!image1

This giveaway will be a three-month unlimited pass to both studios in Kitsilano and Dunbar (value: $675), and as a sweetener, they’ve have added an extra one-month pass ($225) for a friend of the winner. We all know the buddy system encourages people to stick to their exercise programs so you’ll get to bring a friend for at least the first one! We will draw Dec. 15 so you can get planning for the new year. 

The studio is also doing a 30-day and 60-day Challenge with a prize of a $1000 gift certificate to Vancouver’s new Nordstrom’s. Participants qualify if they come 3 x a week for 30 days, so they have until Nov 11 to sign up and participate for the grand prize.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

More about Dailey Cycle – Dailey Cycle raises the barre among health-conscious Vancouverites 

The Dailey Method’s Kitsilano studio has proven to be a hit with Vancouverites who love both the barre-based stretching and core-conditioning workout and the new Dailey Cycle, a hybrid class of cycling plus the studio’s signature workout.

Demand hasjey and karen wyder 2015 been so strong since the second studio opened in April that Dailey Method Vancouver owners Jey and Karen Wyder (pictured above)  have added more of its high-end Schwinn bicycles. There are seven more, bringing the total to 18. There are more classes and teachers, too.

The class has you spend 40 minutes on the bicycle, then 20 minutes doing upper-body toning, core conditioning and stretching that the Dailey Method is known for. With its focus on alignment and form, this class delivers a balanced, full-body workout.

For information or to try out a class, visit:

Selfology Head Spa

Sometimes your whole body needs the spa, and sometimes it’s just your head. We are always worrying about how our hair looks, but often overlook the actual scalp. At SELFOLOGY, on South Granville, the team is addressing the scalp itself, in addition to your hair and the rest of you, with a specific scalp treatment.

The Selfology Hairstyling & Scalp Detox Head Spa is a 90 minute treatment with a head massage and treatment with a specific oil that addresses the source of healthy hair, the scalp.


This salon is one of my favourite places to be, just walking in relaxes me, and this particular treatment completely recharged my scalp and in the days after my hair was in far less dry, with more shine and curl. Love the Selfology Head Spa treatment!

The thirty minute scalp massage is done with Rene Furterer Complex 5 oil, a botanical formula formulated with pure essential oils of orange and lavender, and a regenerating plant extract. This “head spa” massage and detox improves the circulation in the scalp and relaxes those tired muscles in the face and neck, lifting the skin.

The hair massage is followed by a shampoo and very deep conditioner and then a cut and style of your choice.

Selfology Spa Salon

Selfology also offers everything from full body massage, to amazing hair colour and cuts. This is an exceptional spa and one I’ll be returning to, hopefully soon.

Additional treatments I’ve experienced can be viewed on this site too.


Selfology Hair Colour

Selfology Wrap and Facial

Sea Flora Facial