Chef Jonathan Thauberger from Crave Kitchen + Wine Bar Regina Gold Medal Plates Chef

Chefs from across Canada will meet in Kelowna on February 5 and 6 to compete in the Gold Medal Plates in the Canadian Culinary Championships.  We’re heading over to check out the event and as a prequil have interviewed the chefs. Here’s our answers from Chef Jonathan Thauberger from Crave Kitchen + Wine Bar in Regina.

Jonathan Thauberger

Tell us a little bit about your restaurant and/or style of cooking.

60 seat restaurant with 4 private rooms able to host 4-100 people. Plenty of off premise catering, as well as a catering/food truck. Grounded in traditional techniques, while having fun with food.

Where do you eat in your city?

Wherever the mood may take me

What would be your ideal food day? 

Hot dogs at the ball park, Barbecue with friends

What trend do you wish would die?

Sliders, cupcakes, “Global” poutine

What trend/s do you wish would be next?

Eastern European, Portuguese

What ingredient do you always have on hand?

Custom spice blend

What’s your go-to recipe when you’re eating at home? 

My wife does most of the cooking when at home.

buffalo chopper

What equipment do you wish you had in your kitchen?

Buffalo chopper

What cookbook would you suggest for a gift for your foodie friends this year?

Arzak secrets, bread bakers apprentice

Jonathan Thauberger

Any hints on what dish you will be preparing for Gold Medal Plates?

Virtually same as regional with tweaks (fruit de mer in dashi)

What wine/beer/libation are you pairing with this year?

Le Vieux Pin “Ava“ 2014

Who is coming with you?

James Hanna, Gregory Reid

Who is your favourite supplier, and why?

Ponderosa mushrooms, Joe is a fun guy

What is the one dish you never tire of making?

Duck confit

What country/city would you travel to just for the purpose of eating?

San Sebastian

What do you think of yelp?

I don’t

What is the craziest thing a customer has done in your establishment?

Unable to share this answer in public print, except the guy who growled and barked at employees

What’s your favourite dish, at home or out?

Tartare, any kindgoose pic

What are some of your more memorable mistakes and lessons as you were learning your craft?

Don’t try to catch a falling knife, just get out of the way

grilled peaches w sour cherry camelina vin

 Secret to perfect scrambled eggs?

Slow and low, generous on butter