Chef Lorenzo Loseto From George Restaurant,Toronto Heads To The Gold Medal Plates

A Few Questions For Chef Lorenzo Loseto – Competitor In Gold Medal Plates, Kelowna

The Canadian Culinary Championships will take place this weekend in Kelowna, BC February 2-3, 2018. The eleven competing chefs will be aiming for gold as they compete in three events over two days testing their skills, creativity and endurance. We had a few question for the competitors, here’s the responses from Chef Lorenzo Loseto from George Restaurant in Toronto.

chef lorenzo loseto by matthew plexman photography

Tell us a little bit about your restaurant and/or style of cooking.

Where do you eat in your city?

I like to try as many restaurants as possible but at the same time have some go to places especially for dim sum. I just recently had a great meal at Canis here in Toronto.

george restaurant asparagus 2 by jennifer gauld

What would be your ideal food day? 

Cappuccino to go from Sovereign on the way to Sunday lunch at my sisters followed by cooking dinner for my family on Sunday night and a run to Bar Ape for gelato to cap it off.

What trend do you wish would die?

Food trucks and food delivery services like Uber Eats. Not sure if they classify as trends but I wish they would go away.

What trend/s do you wish would be next?

Don’t really like any trend

What ingredient do you always have on hand?

Lemons, Garlic, Leeks and Fresh Herbs

What’s your go-to recipe when you’re eating at home? 


What cookbook would you suggest for a gift for your foodie friends this year?

French Laundry

lobster lentil carrots smoked egg 1

Any hints on what dish you will be preparing for Gold Medal Plates?


I also surveyed my facebook followers as to what questions they would like answered by chefs when I interview them and they had a few questions

george restaurant chocolate tasting by jennifer gauld

Erin Vickars – What were their most formative struggles to over come?

I would say the everyday pressure and grind. Which always exists so I am not sure you really overcome it.

Jennifer Ramsey Schotts – I want to know what they love to binge eat, how they take  their coffee, fave kitchen appliance if any?

Binge anywhere with great gelato. Single long cappuccino with one sugar. Good French knife.

george restaurant burrata by jennifer gauld

Kaitlyn Gabrielle Bogas-Zayac – What do they think of people who claim gluten sensitivity or allergies and want them to modify every item on the menu?

Any allergy is taken seriously and I never try to figure out if they are legit allergic or not. It really isn’t an issue to accommodate them at George.

Nancy Wong What was the favourite thing they learned to cook from a parent or grandparent and how did that experience help set them on their chosen career path.

Everything Italian with regards to cooking and respect for food from my mother and it definitely inspired me to be a chef.

Tara Mintenko If you could go anywhere in the world to eat all the foods they eat, where would you go?

Italy, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, France off the top of my head but to be honest I would love to go to any country.

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