Christmas In November Cocktails With Micah Dew

Micah Dew Mixes Up Magic For The Holidays and Beyond

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Still catching up on posts from all I learned this year and want to share some drink recipes from my Alberta trip so you can create a few during the holiday season! Another great seminar at the Jasper Park Lodge’s Christmas in November weekend, was the cocktail class with one of our favourite bartenders, Micah Dew. He mixed up a few drinks and talked entertaining and the art of the cocktail. I could use on of each about now as the holiday stress is beginning to get to me and I’m going a little stir crazy with, ahem, family time. Joe Leary and I also interviewed Micah last week at the Grand Villa Casino in Burnaby, where he was stationed and had a great time at Atlas Restaurant; more on that soon here and on TSN1410 Craft Spirits Show in January. If you do catch Micah at the Casino make sure you say hi, in the meantime, here’s some drinks you can mix up at home. Catch the booklet from the seminar and more on Mixxit Canada’s Facebook Page here.

Micah Dew

Especial Margarita

Rocks Glass
1.5oz Hornitos Black Barrel
0.5oz Bols Triple Sec
0.5oz Lemon juice
0.5oz Lime juice
2oz Simple syrup
1oz OJ
Pinch cinnamon/sugar
Rim glass with cinnamon/sugar 1:1
Shake Strain into glass with ice
Garnish with a half lime wheel

Micah Dew

Christmas Raspberry Sparkler

Tall Glass
0.5oz Pinnacle Vodka
0.5oz Bols Raspberry
0.01oz Lemon juice
Fill with half soda and gingerale
Build in Tall glass
Garnish with a half Lemon wheel

Micah Dew

Ladies Man Rocks

1 oz Courvoisier VS
0.5oz Amaro Nonino
1 Drop Angostura bitters
1 Drop Orange blossom water
1 Drop Orgeat Syrup
Stir in a mixing glass. Strain into rocks glass with a large cube

Micah Dew

Winston’s Old Fashioned Rocks

3 Dash Angostura
Stir with ice, strain into rocks glass rinsed with Laphroaig Select and a large cube of ice
Garnish with a half Orange wheel and Cherry

Micah Dew

All-Alberta Redheaded Rye Rocks

1oz CC 100% Rye
1.5oz Ginger syrup
Fill with Soda
Build in rocks glass with ice
Garnish with a Lime wedge and Candied ginger

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