Gold Medal Plates Victoria 2017 – Chef Clement Chan From Torafuku

Checking In With Chef Clement Chan Before Victoria’s Culinary Championships

clement chan

Who doesn’t love Torafuku and the whole team behind this project! Can’t wait to give them all some hugs and high fives and wish them the best at Gold Medal Plates. Thanks Clement Chan and crew for all you do!

Tell us a little bit about your restaurant and/or style of cooking.

I call it modern Asian . They call it Pan Asian or Fusion

Where do you eat in your city?


What would be your ideal food day?

Ramen all day every day


Thanks to Nancy Wu of Nomss for this photo!

What trend do you wish would die?


What ingredient do you always have on hand?


What’s your go-to recipe when you’re eating at home?

I’m never home long enough…so a lot of late night instant noodles….Mee Goreng with and fried egg

eadim eleven madison cookbook collage 01

What cookbook would you suggest for a gift for your foodie friends this year?

Eleven Madison and park:the next chapter

Any hints on what dish you will be preparing for Gold Medal Plates?

Asian flavours with crab and scallops

What wine/beer/libation are you pairing with this year?

Culmina R and D white blend

Who is coming with you?

My Torafuku kitchen crew plus Romeo O from Kamloops

Erin Vickars What were their most formative struggles to over come. 

Work hours vs Personal Time

Kendall Ballantine Maybe who their favourite local food producers are (farms, cheese makers, etc)?

Sole Food/Helmers/Hannah Brook/golden ears cheese crafters

Tara Mintenko If you could go anywhere in the world to eat all the foods they eat, where would you go?

Vietnam, everything there is dirt cheap, but every corner is some sort of delicious food. nom nom nom….