Grilled Wagyu Beef from Ken Nakano at Market

Chef Ken Nakano’s decadent take on Steak – Recipe for Slow Grilled Wagyu Beef

We’ve been posting a lot about pork lately, but we can’t neglect beef, and we do eat our share of it! We had a delicious wagyu beef recently and when we saw this recipe it reminded us we better get some on the BBQ soon. Then this delicious recipe was shared with us and we couldn’t help but share with you. You may have to adjust a bit if you don’t have a smoker, or perhaps use your BBQ and some wood chips. Thanks Chef Nakano for sharing.

chef ken nakano website

Wagyu strip loin, cleaned, cut into 4oz California style steaks
-Season with salt, lightly brush with olive oil
-Grill the steak, let rest for 5minutes, cut in half diagonally, season with freshly ground black pepper before serving

For the Cauliflower pomme puree:
500 g   Apple wood-smoked cauliflower, blanched in milk till soft, puree
1000 g  Steamed Yukon gold potatoes
150 g   butter, unsalted
200 g   35% whipping cream
25 g    salt
5 g     white pepper, ground

-Combine all in a sauce pot, simmer for 10 minutes
-Gently mash up the potatoes in the pot and mix
-Use a food mill, puree the mixture
-Season with salt and pepper

For the Summer vegetables:
16 g Green asparagus, cut into finger length, peeled, blanched to order and tossed in hot butter
16 g Snap peas, cleaned, blanched to order and tossed in hot butter
18 g watermelon radish, cut in half, slow-cooked in butter, seared to order
10 g Micro carrots, scubbed, cleaned, slow-cooked in butter
10 g Shallot, roasted whole, tossed in hot butter

For the Jus:
250 ml Veal Jus (from the restaurant)
60 ml  merlot wine
40 g   Black berry puree
10 g   Dried porcini
2 g    thyme sprigs

-In a sauce pot, add black berry puree and Merlot wine, reduce by 50%
-Add demi glace, thyme and porcini, reduce by 10%
-Strain through 3 layers cheese-cloth.