Hostess Gifts and A Little Etiquette


It’s that time of year when you’ve been asked to a party or two and now you’ve got to not only figure out what to wear, but also what to bring. We give you some suggestions and a few thoughts about gift giving etiquette too.

Number one rule is if you ask to bring something and you are told no, still bring something. Everyone always appreciates a small gift. When you present it be discreet as not everyone may bring a gift and  of course wrap it nicely.


If you are going to bring something edible, then it makes it something easy to add to the table such as a nice cheese or meats, or some of your holiday baking. Bring it prepared to serve and leave the plate, board, or cookie tin as a gift. Don’t bring an entire course of food unless you are asked; a geneous portion of your famous ribs may interupt the feast and take away from the holiday ham that is being served.

Don’t bring anything that requires fussing. Your amazing sausage rolls that have to be reheated could turn into a hassle if the ovens are full. Flowers can even be a no as the host is usually super busy and then has to find a vase and may not even have one, plus they will have already decorated and probably won’t need anything more.

For more formal sit down dinners the host will have paired the drinks in advance, so if you do bring wine, be prepared for it not to be served.

keep calm and byob 4

For BYOB parties, BYOB and then bring something nicely wrapped for the host too, and if you know you are the type of person that is likely to drink 2 bottles of wine don’t bring just one and then expect to drink others wine. That’s what BYOB means after all.

Some items that will be welcomed.

bowyer & toulson

cheese and meatServing Board – (Cookculture) with Meats and Cheese from (Home on the Range Organics) ($80)

tea pigs

Tea Pigs – Tea and Mugs – ($20)


Salts – Vancouver Island Sea Salt (Cookculture) with Salt Bowl (Chapters) ($10/$28)

waffle iron

Cuisinart Waffle Iron – Best Buy ($99)

les dames pic

Dames Wine – Marquis Wine Cellar ($25)

xfour vodka

XFOUR Vodka – Legacy Liquor Store ($75)


Swell Water Bottle (Chapters) ($50)


Taves Apple Cider – Save on Foods ($8)

truffini mix

Brockmann’s Chocolate – Save on Foods ($10)

butcher baker

The Butcher the Baker the Wine and Cheesemaker Cookbook – Jennifer Schell ($30)


Christmas Ornaments – Potters Nursery ($5-$20)