Technology In The Kitchen – Kitchen Gadgets Segment On Global Television

What’s New In The World Of Kitchen Gadgets?

Tune into the noon news on Global BC tomorrow for my segment on Kitchen Gadgets and we’ll run through some of the newest items we’re using at home in our kitchen.

philips air fryer

Philips Air Fryer – Best Buy – $299 ($179 for Black Friday)

Why we like it: The Philips Air Fryer heats air super fast and it circulates more evenly than other fryers to fry and crisp food with very little oil, plus you can bake, grill and roast It’s also attractive, easier to clean, and takes up less counter space than other fryers. No need to turn the oven on if you are doing something small and simple, meaning less electricity used. Buy at Best Buy for $179.99.

philips pasta maker

Philips Viva Pasta Maker – Best Buy $299 ($179 Black Friday)

Why we like it: The Philips Viva Pasta & Noodle Maker is the more compact version that automatically mixes, kneads and shapes and the pushes the noodles out through the shaper. The pasta’s texture is very good and you can make penne, spaghetti and fettuccini with the disks it comes with. Buy at Best Buy for $179


Combekk Dutch Oven – Williams and Sonoma $300

Why we like it: Combekk Dutch Oven is an enameled cast-iron made in Holland, entirely from 100% recycled metals, and is fitted with an easy-view thermometer for precision cooking. Very even heat distribution with no hot spots means even cooking.


Cuisipro Fat Separator –  Cook Culture $35

Why we like it: Easily pour your pan drippings into this heat resistant cup with a lid that keeps the crusty bits out, then let settle and pour out the broth, and leave the fat behind. You can always use the fat later to roast up some potatoes.

all clad

All-Clad Electric Pressure Cooker – Cook Culture $400

Why we like it: This cooker makes quick work of many dishes with the pressure cooker function, but can also, slow cook, saute, sear, reduce, steam, reheat and cook rice. No need to sear meat in a separate pan before you slow or pressure cook, means way less mess.

kitchen aid

Kitchenaid Stand Mixer with Exact Slice or Spiralizer Attachment – $349/$319 London Drugs

Why we like it: The Kitchenaid Mixers are more than just mixers, now the attachments include everything from ice cream makers, to food processors and spiralizers. The Exact Slice dices, slices, shreds and juliennes, and the Spiralizer Plus with Peels, Core sand Slices with 6 Spiralizing/Slicing Blades and a Peeling Blade, perfect for fresh fruit and vegetable recipes.

 vitamix a3500 ascent series blender c

Vitamix Blender and Dry Grains Container – Cook Culture $749

Why we like it: This blender makes short work of smoothies and detects the different container sizes placed on the stand and makes adjustments in how it blends accordingly. The dry grains container blends all sorts of grains right into flour, meaning you can now make fresh flour (even gluten-free) at home.


Breville One Touch Tea Kettle – Bed Bath and Beyond $349

Why we like it: This tea kettle is allow you to brew tea with a just a push of a button and has custom tea settings so you can choose tea strength. The tea basic descends into the water once it’s at the right temperature and comes back up once steeped. Functions such auto start and time since brewing are bonuses.


Drop Scale and Recipe App – Bed Bath and Beyond $109

Why we like it: This Wireless Kitchen Scale and Recipe App make cooking easy by helping you to measure ingredients, find alternative ingredients, and providing photos and video tips.


Cdn Bluetooth Dual Probe Thermometer – Cook Culture $79

Why we like it: This two probe scale lets you track the temperature of your food from your cell phone. It’s programmable and has ten customized timers. You can also record your cooking history and share socially too.

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