Last Minute Gifts from the PC Home Collection

PC Home

How you all doing in these last few days before Christmas. I think I’m set and have just about everything we need except a few groceries. But if you are looking for some last minute holiday decorations, or a gift or two for those who’ve been extra nice, the PC Home Collection has a great selection of very reasonably priced items that you can pick up when you grab your groceries at Superstore. For home cooks the 5 quart Dutch Oven is both beautiful and functional, use it to make stews, bake bread and braise meats. For the cocktail enthusiast, the Hammered Gold Bar Set is a gorgeous addition to the home bar station, maybe through a bottle or two of booze in the mix and a set of Gold Decal Glasses. A bottle of wine along with the 12 pack Stemless Wine Glasses, six white and six red would make a great hostess gift, and the zodiac mugs and candles add a personal touch to giving with the sign of your gift recipient right on the item; just make sure you know their sign.

I’d also like to cozy up in those flannel sheets, and who wouldn’t love a set under the tree, and why not pick up a little sock monkey as a present topper or one for your own tree. We’re also fond of the Nordic bowls which really add to the holiday brunch table setting should you have room for anything else on the table!

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