Mojito Day is July 11 – Chill Out With One


Mix Up a Cardamon Mojito With Bacardi

We often mix up Mojito and have mint readily available on our balcony at GLV headquarters! So, what is a Mojito and why do you need one? Mojito’s were born in Cuba, but there’s often arguments over the actual inventor.  “La Bodeguita del medio”, a restaurant in Havana, Cuba claims to be the cocktail’s birthplace, the very spot that Ernest Hemmingway’s sipped on this drink. The African slaves working in the Cuban sugar cane fields created the drink from sugar cane alcohol and it made it’s way to the bar.


The other story we’ve found involves Sir Francis Drake. He came to Cuba for the gold and at the time his crew was plagued with scurvy. Local South American Indians were consulted and recommended aguarediente de cana, mint leaves, and the juices from sugar cane and limes as a cure. Afterwards an “El Draque” cocktail was seen in Cuba, with those very ingredients, named after Drake. Either way we’re happy to sip one and salute all of those who contributed to this muddled and mixed creation!

Here’s one from Bacardi, a readily available rum that often sits on our shelf.

Bacardí Cardamom Mojito

2 parts Bacardí Superior
1 part cardamom syrup (1/4 cup cardamom pods, 1 lit boiling water and equal volume of sugar)
6 mint leafs
1 part fresh lime juice

Method: In a highball glass, muddle mint leaves with cardamom syrup and lime juice. Blend in rum. Fill glass with crushed ice and top with soda. Garnish with fresh mint leaves.