Noodlebox Canada Launches Guest Feature Series

Noodlebox Pairs With Food Gays, Julie Van Rosendaal and Dreena Burton This August

Noodlebox Canada has launched a guest feature recipe series with three innovative recipe creators to showcase  each of their dishes, one available for a week-long run this August.  My pals the Food Gays were asked to collaborate and you can scroll down for their segment on GlobaI TV! I give a shout out to these guys/gays any chance I can because they are nailing it! Great website (Food Gays) with excellent photos and recipes. I’m a big fan of Julie’s too, and was lucky enough to travel with her last year and get to know her better, she’s released some wonderful, and very helpful cookbooks and is an excellent writer and radio personality! The guest feature series kicked off August 8th with Bulgogi Beef Bibimbap by Alberta author and food writer Julie Van Rosendaal (@DinnerWithJulie), followed by a vegan dish of savoury Thai Kaju Curry by plant-powered author D (@DreenaBurton). The third week highlights a tangy Indonesian Chicken Noodle Soup by Adrian Harris and Jeremy Inglett of Vancouver’s The Food Gays (@FoodGays). I am not familiar with Ms. Burton, but I’ll be looking up her work too (just didn’t want you to think I was dissing anyone). AND FYI – The rest of this post is basically the press release.


August 8th Noodlebox launched with Bulgogi Beef Bibimbap, a Korean-inspired rice bowl by Calgary-based food broadcaster and author, Julie Van Rosendaal of @DinnerWithJulie. A hearty and flavourful stir-fry, the Bibimbap makes the most of regional ingredients, with thinly-sliced, marinated beef seared in a hot wok with Noodlebox’s signature mix of fresh Asian greens and red pepper, all topped with a fried egg, and drizzled with a spicy mango chilli sauce.

noodlebox dreenaburton veganthaikajucurry2

Then from August 15th–21st, try Dreena Burton of @PlantPoweredKitchen’s Thai Kaju Curry, a creamy, plant-based vegan dish with vibrant colour and flavour. Made with a healthy house-made sauce of blended cashews, tomato, coconut milk and Thai red curry, emboldened with ginger and lime, it’s flame-cooked with fresh local vegetables and served with rice noodles and scattered with crunchy sprouts.

Return the following week from August 22nd–28th, to taste Soto Ayam, an Indonesian Chicken Noodle Soup by bloggers, food stylists and photographers the @FoodGays. Their take on Soto Ayam features rice noodles in a tangy broth of chicken stock, garlic, ginger, and lime and topped with bright cilantro, crispy fried onions, sprouts and green onion.


@DinnerWithJulie, Julie Van Rosendaal

Julie Van Rosendaal has been a lifelong food enthusiast, and has enjoyed a love of cooking since she was a toddler. She is the author of seven best-selling cookbooks, and for ten years she has been a food columnist for CBC Radio One’s Calgary Eyeopener. Julie is a sought-after food writer, contributing to Western Living magazine, and is the food editor of Parents Canada. An eater of all things delicious, Julie lives, works, cooks, and bakes in Calgary.

@DreenaBurton, Dreena Burton

A vegan for almost 20 years, Dreena Burton is the author of five cookbooks, and is the mother of three plant-powered kids (#weegans). Passionate about creating nutritious recipes, she is an advocate of using the “vegan basics” to create healthy, delicious food for the whole family. Dreena is one of the pioneering vegan cookbook authors, with a loyal following and reputation for reliable, wholesome recipes.

@FoodGays, Adrian Harris and Jeremy Inglett

Adrian and Jeremy are two Vancouver-based guys who are obsessed with food, photography, and social media. Their blog was launched in 2012, and has grown to become a rich resource of healthy and indulgent recipes, lifestyle finds, and travel and restaurant experiences. They are sought-after for their colourful, delicious recipes and have had their work featured in online publications including Martha Stewart, Food & Wine, Gusto TV, the Vancouver Courier, VITA, The Province, and The Feed Feed.