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Love Look Inside Offers Reiki And Pilates On The North Shore

This year I’ve picked the theme of self-care and I’m working towards happiness and health as opposed to unrealistic goals and self-judgement. If you’ve been following me this January, you’ll know I’m currently I’m doing the Fit Body Boot Camp, which is so much more than just heading to the gym and working out (more on that soon) and I’m also back on the bikes at Dailey Method, and truly love these particular cycle classes which are combined with Barre workouts. But, self care is more than just breaking a sweat, and I’ve vowed to add more relaxation into my schedule, more awareness to create more focus. I’m trying to work efficiently and then clock out as much as I can.

Love Look Inside Reiki

If you’ve heard or done Reiki before, you’ll know that it’s a very in-evasive treatment that results in extreme relaxation and feelings of peace and well-being. I hadn’t specifically tried in until I met , but I was willing to give it a try to calm some of those whirring thoughts that seem to occur in my mind. The studio is just off of Marine Drive and the back door opens, allowing breezes from the ocean to drift in. The also offer pilates and I imagined stretching out and letting the sun drift in while creating strength as I went through the poses, but that would be for another time.

Love Look Inside Reiki

The Reiki is performed in a private back room when class is not in session, calming aromas drifted through the space and Cook described briefly the therapeutic energy process that she would go through during our hour session. The practitioners hands never touch your body, yet you feel rejuvenated as if you’ve had a gentle massage. I actually feel asleep and when I awoke felt far more calm, centered and aware. It’s a very nurturing environment, and you’ll want to take some time to enjoy the after-glow, which seemed to last for days.

Love Look Inside Reiki Chakra Scarf

Gina Cook, in addition to being a Reiki practitioner, has a background in fashion merchandising and created her very own scarf called the chakraf. It’s a Reiki inspired scarf that represent the seven different chakras, and I picked one up and have wrapped myself in it often to relive that calming feeling. If you are looking for  a more spiritual relaxation technique and are open to new possibilities, Reiki, and Gina Cook studio especially, is well worth checking out.107 – 2419 Bellevue Avenue in West Vancouver.

A little more about Reiki from our interview with Ms. Cook

How best would you describe Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese practice that is done by the hands of the practitioner.  The energy promotes deep relaxation, stress release and healing emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Our bodies take in energy that it needs and releases what it doesn’t.

How does one become a Reiki practitioner?

There are 3 levels of training, and a master level of  training that allows you to teach Reiki.

What should one do to prepare for a Reiki session?

No prep required, just come in open to the experience.

What should one expect during and after a Reiki session?

Clarity of the mind, peaceful, calm, and / or energetic.

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