Rush Hair Salon – Where My Hair Gets Glam!

Rush Hair Salon Arbutus Walk

Rush Hair Salon opened about a year and half ago at 2652 Arbutus, between 10th and 11th Avenue. Those who follow me know that a. this is my neighbourhood, and b. my hair and I are in a constant struggle to look like something other than a cast member of Fraggle Rock. Having a salon in the neighbourhood that gets me, and is not overly pricey is exactly what I need.
Rush Hair Salon
Stacy Minkova and Susie Vo opened Rush Hair Salon after they met at Sukis in Richmond and wanted to start something new and more community based.
rush hair salon
I see Stacy there and she’s more than just someone that does my hair, she’s the kind of stylist that fixes my hair issues and is also happy to weigh in on many other decisions I throw her way. We’ve become friends and it’s always great to catch up with her, while getting my hair done. It’s like having a favourite bartender, but you leave looking better, not worse!
 img 0157
It’s a small salon with that personal touch; there are four people there for now, Stacy, Susie and William do haircuts and styles and Ester does only colour. They are experts on colour here, I’ve had a more few things done now over and above the grey touch ups and I’ve come out looking fab and my hair is far from easy to get right! My latest is the highlights pictured below, Stacy took my hair from black to this much softer colour.  As a bonus their hair products are sulfate-free and never tested on animals; they carry Bumble and Bumble, La Biosthetique and Pureology.
 Rush Hair Salon
If you’re looking for something less corporate, while still getting top of the line treatment, do check Stacy and the team out.
Just look at the difference they can make! LOL. That’s Stacy and I having some fun as we always do!

Rush Hair Salon