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Father’s Day Gifts For Cool Dads

Unique Father’s Day Gifts

Whenever we ask our Dad what he wants for Father’s Day, he says socks, and we listen, but we know that there are some Dad’s out there that really don’t want or need another pair of socks, so we’ve sussed out a few other things that sophisticated Dads might appreciate. Here’s a few culinary gems as well as some suggestions should Dad need some pampering.

sousvidesupremeequipmentSousVide Supreme

You may have seen some behind the scenes cooking at our house as we’ve got this magical device and recently Michael just made some ribs that were to die for! Sousvide is a culinary technique in which vacuum-sealed food is immersed in a water bath and cooked at a very precise, consistent temperature.  The SousVide Supreme water oven has made it easy for any home cook to use this cooking technique! The pictured promo package includes everything Dad needs to start cooking sous vide today, including the SousVide Supreme water oven, a vacuum sealer, 2 rolls of pouches, and Easy Sous Vide cookbook. Save $100 by using promo code “Dad” 

sodastream fizziSodaStream

Up Dad’s cocktail game with the  SodaStream’s FIZZI! The SodaStream FIZZI allows Dad to conveniently transform tap water into sparkling water at home, at the touch of a button, without electricity.  FIZZI Black Sparkling Water Maker SodaStream.


all cladAll-Clad BBQ Tool Set 

Take Dad’s BBQ game up a notch with the All-Clad 4-piece grilling set. Each piece is made with premium stainless steel and comes in a metal carrying case – perfect for those who take pride in what they grill at home or on the go.

pastaPhilips Compact Pasta Maker

Make delicious pasta in a quick, easy and healthy way. The Pasta Maker’s seamless and compact design with smart, built-in storage makes it easier to keep on the countertop or store in a cabinet.

  • Enjoy fresh, homemade pasta in just 18 minutes with the Pasta Maker’s fully automatic mixing, kneading and extruding, guaranteeing superior texture and taste
  • The unique design stirring bar ensures flour is mixed evenly for a smooth, consistent outcome
  • Featuring three shaping discs – spaghetti, penne and fettucine – the possibilities are endless as to what you can make

$279.99, available at Hudson’s Bay and Amazon.ca

project skinProject Skin MD® Refining Treatment for Men

Project Skin MD® provides medical-grade treatments on South Granville and CF Richmond Centre Mall. This particular treatment is specifically designed to target a male’s most common skincare concerns, including ingrown hairs brought about by shaving and will help Dads of all ages achieve healthy, younger-looking skin. Your Dad will receive a targeted facial featuring a carefully selected combination of SkinCeuticals products, followed by a cutting-edge exfoliation technique called dermaplaning for the upper face.  50 minute treatment available for $120.

truefittTrufiitt and Hill BOTANICAL GROOMING RANGE

Head to the world’s oldest barbershop for the gift of grooming this Father’s Day.  Pick a few products from the new line, the Authentic No. 10–a botanically based formulation. How about the NO.10 FINEST SHAVING CREAM, enriched with Willow Bark, Borage Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and Olive Oil to provide optimum results. Dad can then lather up for a smooth and comfortable shave, while also moisturising and softening his skin. $32.00.

Gifts for Foodies 2011

Click to Watch the segment on Breafast Television with Cassandra Anderton and Jody Vance

It’s that time of year again when you’ve got to step up to the plate (pun intended) and get your foodie friends the best gifts out there.  Whether you want to spend some big money on appliances, or just get some stocking stuffers, we’ve got some suggestions that will make any gourmet jingle their bells!

The Vitamix® Professional Series 500

This is the ultimate in blenders, and is actually much more than a blender. It can actually replace several appliances in your kitchen, saving valuable countertop space.  It can quickly crush ice, process nuts into butter, juice whole fruits in seconds and even make steaming hot soup. This is the first Vitamix model with three pre-programmed settings – Smoothies, Frozen Desserts and Hot Soups – to help home chefs make gourmet meals like the pros.  CHEF APPROVED!


Breville Personal Pie maker

As pie popularity is on the rise, Breville is excited to introduce the Personal Pie maker that lets you bake four individual pies all at once in as little as 10 minutes. Why share a pie when you can have it all to yourself? A sweet or savoury pie is always a welcomed addition to any meal and Breville’s new Personal Pie maker makes it easy to create crowd pleasing treats.


Kitchen Aid Food Processor KRP1333

Top of the line food processor with a huge work bowl, externally adjustable slicing control allowing you to adjust without having to remove the blade assembly and three in one feed tube.  The heavy duty base is slip resistant and the there’s even two speeds to the pulse to give you great results with various foods.


All-clad 5.5 Quart Brushed Stainless Dutch Oven

All-Clad’s d5 Stainless Steel line incorporates five-layer bonded construction as well as functional advances that make it the finest stainless-steel cookware to date. Induction stove safe.  With this Dutch oven you can brown dishes on the stovetop, slow-cook them in the oven, and then present them at the table. * Each of the five bonded layers serves a specific purpose, creating a noticeable difference in cooking performance. stainless-steel interior for easy cleanup.



Nothern Divine Canadian Caviar

Local and sustainable caviar from the Sunshine Coast.   Delicious and Ocean Wise sturgeon caviar.  Serve atop mini potatoes with sour cream.


Memphis Blues Sauces and Rubs

The real deal.  These are the sauces and rubs that make those ribs, pork and all of those delicious meats taste delicious.

Available at the restaurants.


Golden Olive Olive Oil Products

From the Koroneiki olive groves of Greece’s Peloponnese region comes Golden Olive Eleni®: certified organic extra virgin olive oil. Produced by Basil Olive Oil Products Limited, Golden Olive Eleni® is in a league of its own. Having won countless awards for colour, flavour and aroma, this olive oil is well-loved by foodies and chefs alike. The olives are hand picked and first/cold-pressed to ensure the freshest olive oil possible. This is a product of certified organic farming and has not been blended or adulterated. No additives, preservatives, sulphates or artificial flavours or colours have been added. Liquid gold!


Beta 5 Chocolates

BETA5 chocolates are produced in small batches using ethically sourced estate chocolates and premium ingredients. Careful alignment of the BETA5 matrix results in our chocolates’ distinctive shine and crisp snap.


Sea to Sky Salt

Flavours ranging from Bacon to Cinnamon, these salts liven up any dish.  Try bacon on popcorn.



Hills Foods Pate

Don’t forget to pre-order your Brome Lake Duck Pate to have for Christmas & New Years. These 80 g jars make great hostess gifts, customer appreciation gifts as well as stocking stuffers!

Choose from Port Wine Liver Pate, Township Rillettes, Orange Liquor Liver Pate, Cranberry Duck Rillettes, Cider & Apple Duck Rillettes, Perigord Liver Pate and Authentic Duck Rillettes.

Dirty Apron Gift Baskets

A variety of quality ingredients packed into one easy box.



XFour chocolate vodka

Chocolate and Vodka made with local vodka and xoxolat chocolate.





The TASSIMO System: How it works…

· Innovative home brewing system by Bosch: Each T DISC contains ground coffee, tea, chocolate or concentrated milk product, and is sealed to protect the flavours inside. All the brewing happens inside the T DISC’s ‘mini brewing-chamber’. Your drink pours directly from the T DISC into the cup so you can prepare different drinks, one after the other with no taste transfer.

· TASSIMO uses Barcode Technology
· Each beverage has its own single-serve T DISC equipped with a unique barcode. the barcode tells the TASSIMO brewer exactly what it needs to know to brew the perfect cup. The brewer adjusts the temperature, water volume and brew time according to these precise instructions – all at the touch of a button.

· Brand Variety
· T DISCs come in NABOB, MAXWELL HOUSE, CADBURY, and TWININGS®, to name a few of the varieties, and can make over 30 beverages, from coffee, tea and espresso to cappuccino, chai tea latte and hot chocolate.

For more info on the product, visit www.TASSIMO.ca



Revolutionary All-Clad Stainless Steel with d5™ Technology Now Available Across Canada

Gourmet retailers to unveil cutting edge cookware this Spring

 This Spring, All-Clad’s Stainless Steel with d5 Technology, a revolutionary collection of premium quality, five-layer stainless steel cookware will begin appearing on gourmet and specialty stores shelves throughout Canada.
“We are extremely excited to offer our d5 Stainless Steel collection all across Canada this year,” says Sonya Latreille, Brand Manager for All-Clad. “This cookware collection features patented breakthrough technology that delivers superior quality cooking performance that is truly innovative. Now that the d5 Stainless Steel collection is widely available, it’s going to be a must-have collection for Canadian home entertainers, aspiring cooks and professional chefs who want to cook with the very best.”
How it Works – d5 Technology innovation
Hand-crafted in the United States using highest grade American-made steel, All-Clad’s d5 Stainless Steel collection was first introduced approximately one year ago in the U.S. and in select Canadian cities. What makes the d5 Stainless Steel collection unique is its construction of five layers of alternating stainless steel and aluminum. These higher and lower conductivity metals promote thermal diffusion and the lateral flow of cooking energy to eliminate the potential for hot spots and provide more even heating. This also allows for induction optimization and makes the d5 Stainless Steel collection compatible with all cooktops.
The multiple layers also prevent warping to maintain optimum contact with cooktop at all times, leading to consistent cooking results.  The patented stainless steel core layer diffuses heat across the entire cooking surface and is located between two layers of aluminum to maximize energy efficiency.  The remaining two layers are comprised of an 18/10 inner stainless steel layer that is non-reactive to food, making clean up after each use easier, and an outer magnetic stainless steel layer for improved strength.  
Contemporary design
The d5 Stainless Steel collection is also an attractive cookware piece for serious cooks, home entertainers and professional chefs who are looking for the very best in cookware for their culinary pursuits.  It features several convenient characteristics that improve the look, performance and resilience of the cookware.

  • Energy Efficient: the d5 Stainless Steel collection provides up to 20 per cent more even heating and is up to 15 per cent more energy efficient than conventional bonded cookware
  • Ergonomic: the d5 Stainless Steel collection features a new ergonomically enhanced lid, stick and loop handles for maximum comfort and handling helping to prevent spillage.  A wider, deeper lid handle allows for more control.  The stay-cool stick handle is comfortable during longer cooking periods. The loop handle improves grip and stability for transporting, lifting or pouring
  • Contemporary: The flared rim is designed for easy pouring straight from the entire perimeter of the pot or pan
  • Convenient: Every piece of the d5 Stainless Steel collection including non-stick items are dishwasher safe for a quick and easy clean-up
  • Smart: Every d5 Stainless Steel collection piece is etched with cookware capacity on the base of each item to help cooks choose the perfect piece to prepare their special dish
  • Sexy: The exquisite matte-finish brushed aluminum exterior generates a contemporary look and feel

Collection details, pricing and availability
The All-Clad d5 Stainless Steel with d5 Technology collection features popular cookware pieces such as fry pans, French skillets, sauce and sauté pans, Dutch ovens and stockpots available in an assortment of sizes. Suggested retail prices range from $125 to $430. The d5 Stainless Steel collection is also sold in 7-, 10- and 14-piece sets, retailing from $750 to $1,500. The d5 brushed  Stainless Steel collection will be offered through gourmet and specialty retail locations across Canada. For more information about All-Clad or to find a retailer in your area visit www.all-clad.ca <http://www.all-clad.ca> .

About All-Clad
All-Clad Metalcrafters is an internationally recognized leader in premium quality, hand-crafted cookware. In 2011, the All-Clad brand will celebrate the significant milestone of 40-years as a world cookware leader. Since its inception in 1971, the brand has built a reputation for uncompromising high standards that are recognized as being best in class by chefs, home cooks and gourmands around the globe. The All-Clad manufacturing tradition established a new benchmark for professional cookware. Today, the engineers and artisans at All-Clad continue to turn cookware into heirlooms. Using American-made metals, they handcraft each piece of cookware. At each stage of the manufacturing process, every piece of All-Clad cookware is hand-inspected to ensure that it maintains All-Clad quality standards. For more information, visit www.all-clad.ca <http://www.all-clad.ca> or call 1-800-418-3325.