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Bocuse d’Or Fundraiser – Wishing Chef James Olberg Well On His Journey

BC Chefs Band Together For Canadian Chef in Bocuse d’Or Fundraiser

Created in 1987 by Mater Chef Paul Bocuse, the Bocuse d’Or culinary competition is now in it’s 30 year. Twenty-four of the most promising chefs in the world go through two days of intense competition and give their very best to secure a top spot. Intense is the key word here – this is MAXIMUM chefness at work (and yes, I do know that’s not a word).

This year’s Canadian candidate is Chef James Olberg who heads to France very shortly to compete in the  Bocuse d’Or. However Chef Olberg has more than just culinary prep to do, as unlike many other countries, that have immense budgets for their chefs to train for the prestigious Bocuse d’Or contest, Canada does not. Our chefs have to work full time, raise families, try to stay healthy and have some personal time AND train for the Bocuse d’Or AND worry about the financing of it all. Needless to say, something has to give.

Bocuse d'Or Fundraiser

This past December I was super impressed, once again, with our local chef community as they banded together to help one of their own. Chef Keith Pears spearheaded the venture at his hotel, the Delta by Marriott in Burnaby. Guests could choose the chef they would sit with and there were some pretty big hitters here! Truffles were shaved, caviar spooned out liberally and there was an amazing sense of community. I hugged many old friends and met new ones.

Bocuse d'Or Fundraiser

Bocuse d'Or Fundraiser

Bocuse d'Or Fundraiser

Marcus Von Albrecht’s generously donated XFour Vodka for the initial Cocktail and a selection of skillfully prepared canapes were served. Then we headed to our chefs tables for the dinner.  I had the good fortune to sit with Chef Sylvain Currier.

img 0072

Bocuse d'Or Fundraiser

Autumn Harvest Vegetable Salad – burgundy truffle puree, candied hazelnuts, preserved lemon

Bocuse d'Or Fundraiser

img 0084

Pine mushroom custard white alba truffle, caviar, cauliflower topped with hand shaved trufflesBocuse d'Or Fundraiser

img 0093
Braised veal cheeks with Perigold truffle, fois gras croquette, parsnip puree, crispy celeriac, parsley puree

Bocuse d'Or FundraiserAmaretto Panna Cotta – BC apple sorbet, candied ginger, carrot puree, crisp meringue, almonds

Macarons by Panifrance

Bocuse d'Or Fundraiser

We wish Chef Olberg the very best on his journey and thank all that contributed to this amazing night. May the force be with him!


CCFCC Bocuse d’Or Canada team includes Navjeet Singh as the Official Commis to Chef James Olberg at the 2017 Bocuse d’Or in Lyon.

Tasting Menu at Ebo Restaurant + Lounge

Journey out to Burnaby For Chef Keith Pears Tasting Menu at Ebo Restaurant

The Delta Hotel in Burnaby is not like most hotels when it comes to dining, while there is some of a more common dishes such as roast chicken and steak on the Ebo Restaurant menu, there is always an interesting take on what could otherwise be classified ordinary. The sablefish comes with a black pepper jam, Chinese sausage fried rice, and grilled bok choy, lamb chops are Moroccan spiced with smoked Greek yogurt and what could be a simple tuna poke is  served with premium Ahi, compressed watermelon, ponzu pearls, nori, avocado, and taro chips. Chef Pears even had the poke on the menu long before the latest west coast craze hit and Ebo also features tasting menus where Pears and his team of dedicated professionals push the boundaries on hotel dining.

keith pears

Chef Keith Pears – Photo from Vancouver Foodster

Pears comes from a family of chefs, his mother and father are both chefs and he’s worked for several of Vancouver’s hot spots, joining Ebo at the Delta Burnaby in 2008. By 2014 he was ready for the Executive Chef position when the then Chef, Daniel Craig, moved on to Toronto.

I’ve seen him compete in many culinary competitions, and sampled his offerings several times, but never had the chance to sit down to a tasting menu and watch him and his front and back of house team rise to the occasion, until recently.

It’s too bad the restaurant isn’t closer, but it’s a pretty easy sky train and brief taxi ride away, and there’s lots of free parking if you are not imbibing during your meal.

Ebo Restaurant

We started with a Yellowfin Tuna dish with avocado, watermelon, cucumber and fava bean that was then topped with a yuzu dashi broth. Gorgeously presented and full of fresh flavours.

Ebo Restaurant


Next up Heirloom Tomato Salad, with some beautiful locally grown tomatoes, peach, serrano ham and almond praline. Pears nails textures by adding a crunch just when you least expect it.

Ebo Restaurant

Beef carpaccio can be pretty standard with an aioli and capers, but Ebo mixes it up with mustard, horseradish and Reggiano squid ink crackers.

Ebo Restaurant

Scallop carpaccio with micro greens, showcases the freshness of the shellfish with just the right amount of accent.
Ebo RestaurantLocal salmon was paired with an excellent gnocchi and topped with lemon foam.ebo restaurant

We all adored the incredibly tender lamb served with tabbouleh salad, artichoke and pickled mustard.champagne freezies

Instead of the usual sorbet, the team made champagne freezies. Super fun! Photo Yumi Ang.

ebo restaurant

We were then back to savoury with an excellent chicken duo with truffle, crispy chicken skin, the delicateness of chanterelles, and an incredible Shaoxing sauce.

ebo restaurant

The finale was a hazelnut chocolate with peanut butter powder, white chocolate caramel nitro ice cream and raspberry and kalamansi accents; spectacular. I need more peanut butter powder in my life!

The Okanagan wines were very well-paired with these delightful dishes. I loved the See Ya Later Riesling with the tomato salad and the Quails Gate Pinot Noir was showing so well beside the salmon.

EBO Restaurant is located at 4331 Dominion Street in Burnaby (inside the Delta Burnaby by Marriott hotel). Tasting Menus are featured for dinner nightly for 2 people upwards to 18 people with notice by phone at 604-453-0788. We’ll be back for the fall version!