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Celebrate Chinese New Year With The Year of The Rooster Chocolate Art Collections


Wild Sweets® By Dominique & Cindy Duby Releases Limited Edition ‘Year of the Rooster’ Chocolate Art Collections for 2017 Chinese New Year Celebration!

It’s superb to live in a city where we have so many reasons to celebrate, and many friends from diverse cultures to celebrate alongside of. I missed out on my usual Ukrainian Christmas Celebration this year, and am entirely short on perogies and cabbage rolls, but I will not miss out on Chinese New Year! I’ve already been fortunate enough to attend a dim sum celebration (more on that soon) and now I’m going to spoil a few friends with something sweeter, the chocolate collections from DC Duby.

Year of The Rooster Chocolate Art Collections

Quality chocolates, made with natural ingredients, are pretty much health food, don’t you think? It’s worth a little splurge on calories for these though as the 2017 Limited Edition Chocolate Art ‘Year of the Rooster’ Gift Collections are absolutely gorgeous and full of beautiful flavours. The first set, the ‘Year of the Rooster’ Chocolate Art Collection features a soft ganache made with different fruit-based liquid caramels. They are beautifully hand-painted with cocoa butter colours scheme in different artistic patterns. The Wild Sweets® ‘Year of the Rooster’ Collection is sold in gift boxes of 12-units and features the following assortment of flavours:

Year of The Rooster Chocolate Art Collections

  • Chestnut Vanilla Bean Caramel Ganache & Organic roasted chestnuts
  • Pomelo Fruit Caramel Ganache & Ginger Lemon Honey Nut Cream
  • Apricot Vanilla Bean Caramel Ganache & Cubed Sticky Rice Cake
  • Kumquat Orange Caramel Ganache & Citrus Honey Nut Cream

Year of The Rooster Chocolate Art Collections

The other collection is even more special (well I think so). The Wild Sweets® ‘Year of the Rooster’ Chocolate Art ‘Bouchée’ Series is reminiscent of a cake for its symbolism of ‘rising fortune’ and features 3 textural elements including; a ‘dough’ component in the form of a buttery French ‘Sablé Breton’ cookie, a baked caramel nut jam made with different nuts & seeds, and a soft ganache made with fruit-based liquid caramels. The Bouchées are enrobed in chocolate and decorated with a disc of almond paste ‘printed’ with a rooster head design and hand-painted with ‘sparkling’ cocoa butter colours. The Wild Sweets® ‘Year of the Rooster’ Bouchée Series is sold in gift box sleeves of 4-units and features the following assortment of flavours:

Year of The Rooster Chocolate Art Collections

  • Lychee Longan Caramel Ganache, Sablé cookie & Black Sesame Nut Jam
  • Mandarin Orange Caramel Ganache,  Sablé cookie & Coconut Nut Jam
  • Peach Persimmon Caramel Ganache, Sablé cookie & Almond Nut Jam
  • Mango Green Tea Caramel Ganache, Sablé cookie & Peanut Nut Jam

I am currently trying not to devour these before I meet up with my friends to share them. I advise you buy a set for yourself too.

The Wild Sweets® ‘Year of the Rooster’ is available on a Limited Release basis only from January 14 to February 04, 2017 or until supply last, which ever comes first. To guarantee supply, pre-orders can be made as of Monday January 02, 2017 for shipping throughout the contiguous USA / Canada and/or for pick up at our Chocolate Gallery Retail Store The Atelier. For more information and/or to place an order, please visit the links below.

2017 ‘Year of the Rooster’ Chocolate Art Gift Set – C$38.88 / Shop here

2017 ‘Year of the Rooster’ Chocolate Art Collection – C$24.88 / Shop here

2017 ‘Year of the Rooster’ Chocolate Art ‘Bouchée Series – C$15.88 / Shop here

About Wild Sweets®:

Dominique and Cindy Duby are world-acclaimed chocolate-makers, designer chocolatiers, celebrated authors, foodArt architects-photographers and owners of Wild Sweets® By Dominique and Cindy Duby.

Chinese New Year Tea Service The Urban Tea Merchant

3 more days only! Experience the Year of the Goat with an elegant Asian inspired three-tiered platter of tea infused delights.  Offered until February 28th.

This may just be our favourite one yet!

Urban Tea Merchant

Chinese New Year Tea Service $48 per person


TWG Tea* from our extensive tea list
Veuve Clicquot Champagne add $30 LaMarca Prosecco add $12

Urban Tea Merchant

SAVOURIES 1837 Black Tea Crusted Ahi Tuna, Wasabi Mayonnaise Jade of Africa Scented Pork Belly, Eau Noir Crisp, Fennel Slaw, Apple Lobster Torchon, Tokyo Singapore Scallop Mousse Seared Sakura! Sakura! Tea Duck Breast, Marinated Cherries Weekend in Singapore Tea Stained Quails Egg, Soba Noodles, Lap Chong Sausage, Beef Broth

Urban Tea Merchant

SWEETS 1837 Black Tea Cake, White Chocolate Fruit Tart, lemon curd Magic Moment Tea Chocolate Mousse Cake Tuxedo Strawberries

Xi Shi Chinese New Year Tea

Whether you call it Year of the Goat, Ram or Sheep, Chinese New Year is upon us and it’s worth celebrating.  Shangri-La Hotel, Vancouver presents a special Asian tea as well as introducing Che Huadong, tea master and trained expert in the arts of Kung Fu Tea and Chinese Face Changing Opera.

Their tea service includes:


Afternoon Tea Sandwiches
Char Siu Pork Puff
Sesame Prawn Toast
Green Onion Pancake and Pickled Vegetables
Dungeness Crab Salad with Jalapeño, Lime, and Cilantro Mayo


Blood Orange Mousse Mini
Steamed Coconut & Cream Bun
Chinese New Year
Rice Cake
Mango Pudding with Lime Meringue and Pineapple


Tea Scones Freshly Baked – Plain, Raisin Orange
Seasonal Fruit
Preserves and Clotted Cream

$44 per person Includes your choice of loose-­leaf tea
Premium Pu’erh Tea additional $6 per person
Add a glass of sparkling wine $11
Add a glass of Louis Roederer Champagne $29

Shangri-La Hotel Opera Face Changing

Guests can view Huadong’s performances every Saturday and Sunday in Xi Shi Lounge at the following times:

·        1:00 p.m. Chinese Face Changing Opera
·        3:00 p.m. Kung Fu Tea Show*

*Guests can also enjoy shorter tableside Kung Fu Tea performances during afternoon tea service, from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Wednesday through Sunday.

Xi Shi Lounge is open daily from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m, and until 2:00 a.m. on Friday and Saturday. The lounge is accessible through the hotel or via its direct entrance on Alberni Street. For more details on Xi Shi Lounge’s afternoon tea service, Kung Fu tea master, or live entertainment program, follow @ShangriLa_Van and #XiShiTeaMaster on Twitter and Instagram, or Like us on Facebook

Wild Rice Celebrates Year of the Sheep

February 18 heralds the Year of the Sheep (also called Ram or Goat as the Chinese word is the same for all) or the year 4713 on the Chinese calendar. From February 19 through 22, Wild Rice will mark the occasion with feature dishes that have been created especially for you by Chef Todd. According to Chinese tradition, the name of a dish, or its ingredients, convey wishes for health, riches, children or prosperity. At New Year’s, such symbolic meanings are doubly important. On Wild Rice’s Menu, you’ll find these dishes wishing you good fortune:

lamb turnip cakes

Lamb Turnip Cake (Luo Bo Gao): Pan-seared turnip cake filled with shitake mushrooms, ground lamb, and accompanied by a citrusy house-made ponzu sauce. Turnip cakes symbolize good omens and the Shitake mushrooms mean ‘seizing opportunity.’ The dish includes eight cakes for only $10. The numeral eight is a very lucky number in Chinese symbolism because it sounds like the word for ‘prosperity.’

Roasted-Goat Curry Steam Bun (Shanyang Bao): Roasted goat, onions and pumpkin in a lighted curry sauce stuffed into a steam bun. The Bao is served with garlic chive aioli on the side and is priced at $12. The pumpkin represents ‘prosperity and abundance,’ onion symbolizes ‘cleverness,’ while the garlic chives symbolize ‘eternity and long life.’ The curry is orange/golden and that denotes ‘wealth.’

wildrice lamb potstickers

Lamb Potstickers (Yangrou Jiaozi): a favourite on Wild Rice’s menu, these flavourful, Fraser Valley lamb-filled dumplings are served with pea and mint puree.  Dumplings represent ‘wealth’ as they resemble traditional Chinese gold ingots. The word ‘jiaozi’ also shares the same pronunciation for an ancient Chinese coin. Peas, being ‘seeds’ convey the wish for ‘fertility’ and ‘many children.’ The green colour of the sauce symbolizes ‘new growth.’ A dish of these is priced at $12.

sesame ballse

Sesame Seed Balls with Mandarin Sorbet (Jian Doi): every Chinese meal ends on a sweet note. Red bean paste-stuffed Jian Doi are a traditional New Year’s treat as they convey so many auspicious meanings  – the golden colour symbolizes ‘wealth,’ the multiple sesame seeds mean both ‘wealth’ and ‘many children,’ the red bean paste is ‘good luck’ and ‘fertility.’ Mandarins represent ‘wealth’ because of their colour. A plate of Jian Doi with sorbet is value-priced at $5 – the numeral five meaning ‘completeness.’

As Chinese flavours are complex, co-owner Andrew Wong is always happy to help you select an appropriate wine to accompany your meal. Wild Rice also offers an extensive tea menu along with several appropriately named cocktails including the Wild Dragon, Lotus and Orchid. Especially for New Year’s Andrew has designed Lai See, a cocktail incorporating sparkling wine, ginger syrup and house-made fresh berry reduction ($8). Lai See are the traditional red envelopes given at New Year’s as well as wedding, birthday or special gifts throughout the year. Usually they contain money, chocolate coins or a gift certificate. They always contain wishes for prosperity and good luck.

From noon to 1 p.m. on Sunday, February 22nd, Wild Rice patrons will be treated to a special performance by the Mulan Dancers who perform classical Chinese dance in traditional period costumes. The performance is free and is included as part of Wild Rice’s Year of the Sheep celebrations.

According to an ancient Chinese proverb “good fortune of the mouth is no mean thing.” Give your year a lucky start by enjoying the Year of the Sheep specials at Wild Rice Market Bistro. We look forward to welcoming you.


Bambuddha Chinese New Year

Wednesday, Feb 18 to Sunday, Feb 22 

There are hundreds of regional cuisines in China, but the mighty dumpling transcends them all, appearing in the festivities of virtually every province and town.

In celebration of Chinese New Year and the Year of the Sheep (Thursday, Feb. 19, 2015), Bambudda chef Curtis Luk has created a specially themed dumpling menu honouring the four traditional preparations — pan-seared, fried, steamed and boiled — each one interpreted with the freshest of West Coast ingredients. Rounding out the experience, Luk has also created a decidedly non-traditional dessert dumpling.

Happiness: pan-seared oyster and chicken lettuce dumplings in ginger soy
Longevity: steamed Szechuan scallop and black cod dumplings
Prosperity: boiled pork and truffle dumplings (served on egg noodles)
Peace: fried lamb cumin curry dumplings
Love: chocolate kumquat mochi dessert dumplings

Particularly popular during Chinese New Year, the dumpling wrapper and its stuffing are thought to symbolize togetherness with many families coming together to wrap dumplings the morning of New Year’s. Dumplings can also be a symbol of prosperity, their boat-like shape modeled after the sycee, a form of silver or gold currency used in China until the 20th Century.

The special Dumpling Festival menu will be available from February 18-22, to coincide with the start of the Year of the Sheep on Thursday, February 19, 2015.

About Bambudda Located at the crossroads of Gastown and Chinatown, Bambudda offers a modern take on traditional Cantonese cuisine, a varied vegetarian menu and a solid, intriguing cocktail selection. Open 5:30 pm to midnight, Tuesday-Sunday.

99 Powell St., Vancouver, B.C. | 604-428-0301
www.bambudda.ca | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Gung Haggis Fat Choy Robbie Burns Chinese New Year Dinner


EVENT ALERT! This is an event not to be missed.  I may just be reciting some poetry here. GLV

When Scottish and Chinese cultures blend in Gung Haggis Fat Choy.  Enjoy traditional Chinese New Year’s foods along with HAGGIS.

January 26 2014

Floata Restaurant 180 Keefer Street Vancouver
COST: $65 single ticket or $625 for table of 10
Kristin Cheung or Todd Wong604-872-3464.E-mail

Urban Tea Merchant Chinese New Year Tea Service

chinese new yearIf you are looking for a special way to celebrate Chinese New Year in Vancouver, Chef Michael Batoux has prepared some amazing trays of tea-infused treats at The Urban Tea Merchant.  Tea Sommelier Reza Nasooti (yes there is such a designation) is usually on hand to assist in tea selection and after sniffing a few different choices we decided on some tea flowers and he brewed us a pot of both the heart of happiness tea and first kiss.  Watching the tea flowers bloom is in itself a ritual; rather mesmerizing.

Chinese New Year Urban Tea Merchant

Chinese New Year Urban Tea Merchant

On the savoury side of the tray there is a generous selection of a vareity of tea-infused treats including:

“Number 8 Tea” steamed bun with braised pork & hoisin
“Singapore Breakfast Tea” biscuit with pomelo
“Lapsang Souchong Tea” chicken cone
“Weekend in Hong Kong Tea” sesame seared ahi tuna
“Indian Night Tea” curried egg tea sandwich
“Lucky Tea” braised tofu with black mushroom duxel
“Miraculous Mandarin Tea” crepe with crisp Peking duck
smoked salmon ribbon with ponzu jelly

Everything is made in-house and on demand, so the items are always fresh and never soggy or dry as I’ve had the misfortune of experiencing in other tea houses.  The Peking duck crepe and the steamed bun with braised pork and hoisin have been especially created for this menu, so do make sure to try before February 10 in order to experience these little bundles of flavour,

Chinese New Year Urban Tea Merchant

We we rather hungry so also ordered a chicken tian salad a slightly smokey flavoured “Lapsang Souchong Tea”, a chicken salad with chunks of fresh cucumber, baby tomatoes and some greens.  It was rather unnecessary however as we were quite full from the tea service alone, but packed it up to go and had a snack later.

Chinese New Year Urban Tea Merchant

On the sweet plate there are the requisite scones, but they are elevated with the tea-infused jelly (we bought some to take home) and the petit fours and seasonal fruit include a chocolate dipped dragon fruit which is a welcome change from just the strawberries.

TWG Tea macaron & chocolate bonbon
petit fours, seasonal fruit
Moroccan Mint Tea Nanaimo Bar
chocolate dipped dragon fruit
chevron strawberry
fresh baked scone with devon crème & tea-infused jelly

The signature sweet plate is also an option for those just requiring dessert after dinner, or a mid afternoon pick me up.

Chinese New Year Urban Tea MerchantChinese New Year Urban Tea MerchantChinese New Year Urban Tea Merchant

signature sweet plate 30
TWG Tea chocolate bonbon
Chevron strawberry
TWG Tea macaron
“Tokyo Singapore Tea lemon tartelette
“Earl Grey Gentleman Tea” white chocolate cheesecake
“Love Me Tea” mio amore panna cotta
“Lucky Tea” pear bavarois tartelette
chocolate rose

The real standouts here or the creamy panna cotta and the white chocolate cheescake.  You will leave with your sweet tooth fulfilled.

Always great service here and many opportunities for gift shopping or picking up something extra for yourself from the shop.  We are currently madly in love with the pink tea service set and the earl grey tea jelly.

tea cup



Gung HAGGIS Fat Choy tickets now available

gung haggis2013 Gung HAGGIS Fat Choy Robbie Burns Chinese New Year – Celebrating BC Scottish and Chinese pioneer culture, history – in music, poetry and culinary fusion

New theme for 2013:

celebrating Sir James Douglas, the father of BC and first governor in 1858.
~new incentive to buy tickets early:
We are going to put a bottle of wine on the tables that are ordered by January 1st
Sunday January 27, 2013

Time: 5:00 pm
Reception: 6:00 pm
Dinner: 7:00 pm – 9:15 pm
Floata Seafood Restaurant (#400 – 180 Keefer St, Chinatown Vancouver)

Ticket:  $65/each.
Table of 10: $625
Each ticket includes $5 service charge.
You can purchase ticket online or over the phone with a credit card, please call Kristin Cheung at Ricepaper magazine at 604-872-3464.
History of Gung Haggis:

In 1998, “Toddish McWong” held a small private dinner for 16 friends with food, haggis, poetry and songs – from both Scottish and Chinese cultures and thus was born – Gung Haggis Fat Choy –  Now it is a dinner for 400 people!  More than  a traditional dinner with music and poetry.  Gung Haggis Fat Choy re-imagines a traditional Robert Burns Dinner format, within a BC or Canadian historical context that puts Scottish-Canadian and Chinese-Canadian pioneers on an inclusive and equal platform, while acknowledging historical racism and how we move beyond it.  This event has grown to also celebrate contemporary Scottish-Canadian and Chinese-Canadian artists and poets and their innovations to create something uniquely Canadian, and a heckuva lot of FUN!

16 Years of Highlights for Gung Haggis Fat Choy (GHFC) & Toddish McWong:
1998 – 1st Gung Haggis Fat Choy Dinner for 16 people in a living room.
1999 – 1st dinner in a restaurant for 40 people
2001 – 1st media interviews for Ubyssey newspaper and 100 attendees as we fill the Grandview Szechwan Restaurant
2002 – 200 attendees in a snow storm as we outgrow the Spicy Court Restaurant + Media interviews for Vancouver Sun and CBC Radio and City TV
2003 – 1st Creation of deep-fried haggis wonton, and we move to Flamingo Restaurant on Fraser.
2004 – CBC television performance special “Gung Haggis Fat Choy”– nominated for 2 Leo Awards
2005 – SFU GHFC Festival with dragon cart racing + human curling
2005 – 500 attendees and we move to Floata Restaurant in Vancouver Chinatown.
2006 – GHFC photo included in Paul Yee book Saltwater City
2007 – “Address to the Haggis” rap version performed by Todd Wong & Joe McDonald
2007 – GHFC featured in CBC documentary Generations: The Chan Legacy
2008 –  Toddish McWong photo in BC Canada Pavillion during  Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics.
2008 – Photo of Toddish McWong in the Royal BC Museum exhibit “The Party”
2009 – GHFC written about in Charles Demers’ book Vancouver Special
2009 – Toddish McWong featured speaker at Centre for Scottish Studies SFU conference “Burns in Trans-Atlantic context”
2009 – Toddish McWong photo featured at Scottish Parliament in the exhibit “This is Who We Are: Scots in Canada.”
2010 – UBC Assistant Professor Larissa Lai, who teaches Burns poetry, is the featured poet and reads from her BC Book Prize-nominated collection Automaton Diaries
2010 – feature souvenir items from Burns Cottage such as a tam and bow-tie given to Bill Saunders, president of VDLC, who gives the Immortal Memory
2011 – “Gung HAPA Fat Choy” dinner features mixed-race artists and performers and inspires the creation of the  Hapa-Palooza Festival for Vancouver 125 Celebrations
Previous artist and writers included:
Writers: Joy Kogawa, Fred Wah, Brad Cran, Larissa Lai, Rita Wong, George McWhirter, Jim Wong-Chu, Lensey Namioka, Fiona Tinwei Lam.
Musicians: Silk Road Music, Heather Pawsey soprano, Lan Tung, and Blackthorn
Film makers:  Jeff Chiba Stearns, Ann-Marie Fleming and Moyra Rodger.

Menu Highlights include:
Deep-fried haggis wonton + haggis pork dumpling (su-mei) and appetizer courses.
“Neeps” served Chinese style in the form of pan-fried turnip cake, dim sum style.
Traditional haggis is served with Chinese lettuce wrap.

And we always feature fun sing-alongs such as Loch Lomand, My Chow Mein (Bonny) Lies Over the Ocean, and When Asian Eyes Are Smiling.
Lots of surprises… such as new for 2012 – a revamped version of Robbie Burns lyrics set to Johnny Cash or Elvis Presley music.

For Media Inquires Contact:
Todd Wong

Healthy Choices at the Gramercy Grill

healthy-eatingThis Weekends Dinner Features Are All Gluten Free


Arugula & Cherry Boccicini Cheese Salad $14
oven dried tomatoes, toasted pecans
sherry mustard vinaigrette


Braised Beef Short Rib Spaghetti Pasta $22
(spaghetti made of rice)
tamari, sesame & green onions

Pan Seared Sockeye Salmon  $24
lemon & thyme
sauteed kale & lentils
basil mint pesto

Oven Roasted Chicken Breast  $26
parsnip & potato puree
roasted shallots & calvados red win jus

Save Saturday, February 9th for
Chef Dennis Huang’s
Chinese New Year Feast!

Looking for a Reservation for Dine Out?
Early seatings have a time restriction to allow for the 2nd seating

During Dine Out parties of 8 or more subject to 18% gratuity

Make a Reservation

Hotel Grand Pacific Chinese New Year Celebrations

THE PACIFIC USHERS IN THE YEAR OF THE DRAGON WITH CHINESE NEW YEAR CELEBRATIONS – special menu and dance performance, new dim sum offerings

Considered by many to be the most auspicious year on the Chinese calendar, the Year of the Dragon will be ushered in with appropriate style at The Pacific Restaurant, with an menu rich in lucky symbolism, a lion dance celebration and the introduction of some delicious new menu items.

Wealthy, powerful and held in high esteem, those born in the year of the dragon are considered extremely fortunate in Chinese culture. However, the Pacific’s three-course Chinese New Year menu, available during dinner from January 23 – 29, aims to give everyone a joyous and lucky start to the Year of the Dragon. Priced at $38.88 per person, diners can choose to add on specially chosen tea pairings for an additional $8.88, or wine pairings for $28.88. The menu is as follows:


Scallop Tofu Croquette

XO Sauce and Rice Crackers

Wine Pairing: Road 13 Chenin Blanc

Tea Pairing: Silk Road Dragon Tears


Tea Smoked Duck Leg

Mandarin Orange infused Shao Shing Wine Sauce

Crushed Taro Root with Chinese Ham

Wine Pairing: Mission Hill Five Vineyards Pinot Noir

Tea Pairing: Silk Road Imperial Mandarin


Pan Fried Ling Cod, Prawn filled Shitake Mushroom

Crab and Egg White Sauce

Eight Treasure Sticky Rice

Wine Pairing: Sandhill Viognier

Tea Pairing: Silk Road Imperial Mandarin


Honey Pomelo Tea, Banana Filled Sweet Pastry Globe

Wine Pairing: Sea Cider Pomona


Not only has the menu been designed by Hotel Grand Pacific‘s Executive Chef Rick Choy to taste delicious, the dishes are packed with important cultural symbolism to ensure that diners start off the new year on the right foot. For example, duck represents fidelity and the red colour of the dish is also considered lucky. Pomelo, a giant relative of the grapefruit, is a symbol of abundance as the Chinese word for the fruit sounds like “to have.” Round shapes, whether they be croquettes, steamed rice cakes or pastries represent bringing family together. Fish serves as another symbol of prosperity as the Chinese word sounds a lot like the one for “riches,” and it is believed that eating it during Chinese New Year will make your dreams come true throughout the rest of the year.

In addition to the Chinese New Year menu, a lion dance performance will take place at the restaurant on Friday, January 27, adding to the celebrations. The hotel will also introduce a special-edition Chinese New Year cookie, available through the Courtyard Café, located at street-level, opening onto Belleville Street.

The Pacific will also use the dawn of a new year to introduce some changes to the weekend dim sum menu. The restaurant will re-launch the eight-dish menu with three new dishes replacing former options, along with eight tea choices, available year-round from 11:30am – 3:00pm on Saturdays and Sundays. The Ocean Wise dim sum program, the only one of its kind in Western Canada, has become a favourite with visitors and locals since it was introduced in 2006. More information on the dim sum program, including a video, can be found online here.

Reservations for both the Chinese New Year menu and weekend dim sum can be made by calling 250.380.4458.

The Hotel Grand Pacific offers guests what they want, where they want it. Conveniently located on the Inner Harbour in downtown Victoria, it is the perfect choice for the lifestyle traveller seeking an alternative from the traditional branded hotel stay. With 304 spacious guestrooms and suites, the Hotel Grand Pacific is renowned for delivering an exceptional and personalized guest service experience. With a focus on health and wellness, the hotel offers complimentary access to the Victoria Athletic Club, located on-site. Relax at the spa or dine at the all-day Pacific Restaurant or The Mark, an award-winning fine dining restaurant. The Hotel Grand Pacific is a proud member of Preferred Hotels & Resorts Worldwide.