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Vancouver’s Easter Treats

It’s good Friday in Vancouver and another long weekend when those with real jobs take time off and us freelancers catch up on our never ending to do lists or organize our taxes (and some of us a few years of taxes).  I am working all weekend and not really even a huge fan of sweets, so I’ll be admiring the photos of chocolate and distracting myself from the real work by adding to this list of Easter treats, perhaps sussing out some brunches and looking out for generally anything  bunny-related.

Bella Gellateria Hot Cross Gelato with Cinnamon & Rum Soaked Raisins (this is how I imagine it looking as I have yet to get down to lick some)

Thierry Chocolates – Handcrafted Easter-themed Chocolates by Maître Chocolatier Thierry Busset and his expert team. Prices range from $9 to $200 and many chocolates are crafted in true Parisian style, such as chocolate fish and roosters, and of course Easter eggs.

Beta5 Easter Eggs – Layers of white and dark chocolate filled with pebbles such as sun-dried cherries, Macrona almonds and house-made pretzel bits.

Urban Tea Merchant – TEA Chocolates and Petit Fours from Divine Delights

Pink Spatula Marshmellows – The spring collection includes Toasted Coconut, Cherry Blosson, Lemon Meringue and Cocoa Mallow

Benton Brothers – Grown-up Easter Baskets with a selection of amazing cheese & charcuterie (my kind of Easter basket).

Thomas Haas Chocolates – The ultimate in Easter treats, Haas bakes up Easter stollen, crafts chocolate bunnies, lollipops, eggs and flowerpots.

Cupcakes – Cake Pops, Cupcakes and Cookies from Cupcakes

Soirette Macarons – Easter egg macarons

Mink chocolate – Easter Egg Unplugged Dark Chocolate Bar with Mango Puree filling

Terra Breads – Hot Cross Buns and French Macarons in lemon, espresso, and earl grey with black currant buttercream.

CocoaNymph – Peanut Butter Chocolate Eggs