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Fitness Fridays – On Cloudflyer Runners

The On Running Shoes were recommended and I’ve been super happy with my choice. These shoes are lighter, while still providing more cushioning, and I felt the impact decrease while still feeling stable. I’ve been running faster ever since, no lie!
On CloudFlyer Runners
I’ve got the Cloudflyer runner ($179.99) which is great for all types of runners looking for a supremely cushioned and stable shoe that retains a light and agile running feel and weighs only 9.8 oz. The science behind the sole is that when you hit the ground, the highly rubber elements cushion both vertical and horizontal forces for a soft landing. Once on the ground, the Clouds lock firm to provide a solid foundation for a natural and powerful takeoff.  I’m now training regularly and feel super suported. Watch for more on running from me in 2017 as I up my mileage and test out more equipment.

2016 Here We Go – 2016 Resolutions

Well I hope y’all had a fantastic holiday season with lots of love and treats and some downtime too! We had a rather scary start with Michael’s Dad having to have some heart surgery just before the holidays, but thankfully it all went well and he was even able to enjoy some festivities. It certainly gave us cause to pause and put out few thank yous to the universe, and we had a few thoughts about our own health as well.

20151223 173312 (1024x768)

We traveled up to Kelowna for Christmas with my family and had a beautiful white Christmas, with lots of great food and visits with family and friends. On December 23, 2016 Michael asked me to marry him, rather casually, over drinks at the El Dorado Hotel, and I said YES! Actually I forgot to say yes right away, as I was a bit stunned, but I meant to! As is becoming a family tradition, my engagement ring was my grandmother’s, and has a vintage feel that I adore. It’s going to be an exciting adventure planning this celebration, but that’s for 2017; we need some time!

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So 2016 is upon us and as I wrote on Facebook yesterday, I was doing up resolutions left right and center, and needed more paper, and a nap. I went through a good wack of paper and took a big nap before the day was over. For the website and life in general my main goal is to be more focused and plan out editorial content for the site and for my life story in general. We’ll be cooking more at home and sharing that, tightening up finances and giving some tips on that, sharing some home renovations, testing out some more auto and tech toys, and they’ll be more fitness, health and beauty posts as we prep for the big day! Thank god we have a year!

20151225 153535 (1024x576)

I think the hardest thing is to stay on track and I’ll be looking for some suggestions and support for that, as well as bringing in the experts when needed. Please do chime in! I started 2016 yesterday with a 75 minute cycle class at The Dailey Method, some cleaning and a bit of relaxation too, and am hoping that each day I can carve out this type of life balance. It’s going to be a busy one, so #letsdothis2016!

Fitness Fridays – The Dailey Method and Ice Breaker – GLV Spruces Up

Continuing GLV Spruces Up with The Dailey Method Studio

Well it’s been a week since I started Dailey Method Barre and Cycle Classes and I’ve now been five times and have the stickers to prove it! (I’m also in the photo above, but WAY, WAY in the back – I swear).

Keeping accountable is the way to go, as I’ve signed up for their 30 and 60 day contest to hit three classes a week! The prize is a $1000 Nordstrom GC, and YOU could still do the 30 day competition until the Dec. 11 start date. ALSO – Don’t forget the amazing giveaway I’ve got going for a 3 month pass to The Dailey Method AND a 1 month pass for a friend = one great prize worth over $900 dollars! ENTER HERE.

I did two Barre and three dailey method (cycle spin and floor work) classes and can’t say I loved every minute of them, because there were some damn difficult times out there, but I was always glad I’d done the class and am feeling way better physically and mood-wise.

I’ve discovered a few things. 1) Even a couple drinks the night before make it HARDER (duh) 2) If my belly gets any bigger I won’t be able to squeeze between the bikes to get to mine, so either I have to arrive early to get the outside bike or keep this fitness thing going 3) I can actually do some ab work and not completely die 4) 40 mins on the cylce sometimes feels like a lifetime 5) Nicer workout clothes make me stronger (I swear!) and 6) I can always keep going, but I sometimes have to go at my own pace and rest a LITTLE!

ice breaker

This week I’ve found I perform far better in a nice breathable top (see item 5) ) and I’ve managed to wash and dry my favourite once (laundry not being my forte) so I’ve had two good days in this crazy good purple one from Ice Breaker.  They’ve got it in XL which is where I am at right now. Some of the other workout clothes I admire don’t quite fit….YET!

So my next class is Sunday (October 25) at 10:00 a.m. in Kitsilano on 4th just west of Burrard and there’s still some spots left as of now. I tell ya if I can do this, YOU CAN. Friends please come sweat with me, I promise there’s a towel in it for ya and a coffee after.

AND enter the giveaway for a chance of 3 months of your own.

CONTEST CLOSED! Commit to Fit – Four Weeks with Carl From Subway

Congrats to Pam and to all that partcipated in the Commit to Fit journey. We have another giveaway and fitness challenge for ourselves and you coming up TUESDAY!

As you may have noticed on twitter, we are participating in Carl’s Crew Commit to Fit, sponsored by Subway Canada for four weeks and will have some tips, insight and a contest for you to come along on what is always a never ending journey! AND a $150 GC to Subway Canada; that’s many many many subs or salads!

Commit to Fit is about taking weekly challenges to move in the right direction of physical and mental health by making small changes. Week one’s challenge – tackle those pieces of “unfinished business” that we all keep putting on the back-burner and that cause us stress and anxiety over time. Can you identify with this? I so can….I have to catch up on some financial work, get my home in better order, get out and move daily and much much more!

commit to fit

This challenge lasts all month, so pick one thing a week and get it done! For me 1) taxes 2) daily exercise 3) organize wine.  Yes, organizing wine is a priority and is hard for me because it is hiding everywhere in my apartment and much of it has to go as it’s WAY past expiration date. At any given moment I am about to be crushed to death by a bookcase full of wine and cookbooks falling on me. This is a problem, even if it sounds like it’s not. Oh hoarding issues, you trouble me.

Create a list of three things you’ve been putting off that you’d like to tackle in the next month. The goal is to have all three checked off by the end of this round of the program!

Be sure to follow @SUBWAYCarl on twitter to stay up to date on with weekly challenges and #MondayMotivation videos. Opt in to receive the weekly challenge emails by signing up on the SUBWAY® Canada Facebook Page.  The Carl’s Crew worksheet will be attached to weekly emails and is below to help you track your progress and tasks.

carl's crew worksheet final

Week two Carl is focused on increasing our core strength. Our abs help to support our entire body so it’s important that we take care of them. Hold a one-minute plank (or more, if you’re up to it!) five days of the week. This is hard for me and made me realize how much I need yoga and more core work!

Looks like week three is to try a new vegetarian meal (easy for me) and week four is a push up challenge (not sure how that will go). Then we’ll be on our own to keep the commit to fit going! Or will we???

Now the giveaway:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Aveda Spruce Up

Once in a while Aveda offers a promo and I jumped quickly on the complimentary Aveda Facial ($40 value) and stress fix ritual of renewal, makeup touch up, and a customized skincare consultation they offered last month. They’re always available for a consultation and if you haven’t met Spencer, at the South Granville location, I highly suggest you pop in and let him guide you through some make up tips or have him do your face for a night out.


Spencer used the beechwood tinted moisturizer, aster dual powder foundation, raspberry tea lip gloss, golden asper trio eye makeup and a swosh of black forest mascara.


Now the picture above isn’t going to win me any modeling gigs, but I did come out feeling pretty! If I would have just to got a picture after I got out of my workout gear, spruced up the hair and popped on a pair of my Jewliette earrings (shameless plug for my favourite jewelers), but alas, I failed at perfection once again.