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Sprucing Up At The Glamoury

Looking For A One Stop Shop For Make Up and Hair? The Glamoury Delivers On Glam!

Over the years I have got a bit better at make up application and hair doing, but it’s not really my forte. I really do need serious help in this department and was super excited to discover a new one stop shop for hair and make-up right in Yaletown, The Glamoury.

The Glamoury

The Glamoury

The room is gorgeous, lavish decorated NS designed by Ste Marie (Homer Street Cafe, Meat and Bread, Savio Volpe). Creative design firm Glasfurd & Walker (Meat and Bread, Wilfred, Boboli) led all creative direction for The Glamoury with both firms collaborating to create a space which blends art deco with a contemporary aesthetic.

The Glamoury

The ladies at the Glamoury can produce a plethora of looks for you, whether you want to go with a look that’s all “Bardot” all about the smoky with the “Smoke Show” or are “All About the Lips”. The are many looks to choose from and of course the stylists will then personalize for you.

The Glamoury


The Glamoury


The Glamoury


Once you’ve slipped into your satin robe you fill out an experience card allowing you to tailor the experience. Are you in the mode for peace and quiet, or do you want to chat? They review look options and the team magically transports you to a more Glamorous time.

The Glamoury

The owner, AJ Woodworth,  has assembled a knock-out team from from Vancouver’s top beauty talent who have worked with brands including Charlotte Tilbury and NARS. She also created a house line of Glamoury makeup that is made in Canada, and The Glamoury’s makeup kits are a mix of industry picks such as MAC, Makeup Forever, Anastasia, and NARS.

Signature offerings at The Glamoury include a full 45-minute makeup application and specialty blow out. Also available are a range of touch up services for both hair and makeup.

The Glamoury is open from 7 a.m. until late and on weekends from 10 a.m. until late.

Aveda Spruce Up

Once in a while Aveda offers a promo and I jumped quickly on the complimentary Aveda Facial ($40 value) and stress fix ritual of renewal, makeup touch up, and a customized skincare consultation they offered last month. They’re always available for a consultation and if you haven’t met Spencer, at the South Granville location, I highly suggest you pop in and let him guide you through some make up tips or have him do your face for a night out.


Spencer used the beechwood tinted moisturizer, aster dual powder foundation, raspberry tea lip gloss, golden asper trio eye makeup and a swosh of black forest mascara.


Now the picture above isn’t going to win me any modeling gigs, but I did come out feeling pretty! If I would have just to got a picture after I got out of my workout gear, spruced up the hair and popped on a pair of my Jewliette earrings (shameless plug for my favourite jewelers), but alas, I failed at perfection once again.