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Les Dames d’Escoffier – Holiday Suggestions Part Two

Les Dames d’Escoffier Dish on Holiday Gifts

Earlier this week I wrote a little about Les Dames d’Escoffier and what some of our Dames suggested for holiday gifts. Click here for part one, and continue reading for part 2!

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Dame Mireille Sauve – Dames Wines

Earlier this year Dame Mireille Sauve led a fundraising initiative for Les Dames d’Escoffier BC, by making some dame good wine, and we’ve been drinking our far share of it and have wrapped several bottles up for gifts. Each bottle of #dameswine supports food and beverage education for BC’s dynamic women. The Dames White is a beautiful BC blend of 80% Pinot Blanc from Sperling Vineyard in Kelowna, 10% Riesling from Sperling Vineyard in Kelowna, and 10% Gewurztraminer from Meyer Family Vineyards in Okanagan Falls. The Dames Red can be enjoyed on its own with friends or alongside assorted charcuterie and cheese plates, burgers or stew. A beautiful BC blend of 70% Merlot and 30% organic Syrah, both sourced from vineyards in the south Okanagan. Availalbe online and at select stores such as Marquis Wine Cellars. $25 a bottle.



Dame Jennifer Schell –The Butcher, the Baker, the Wine and Cheese Maker in the Okanagan 

I’m pleased to say I’ve got a signed copy of this book, and keep it handy as it’s not only full of great recipes, but is also an excellent read. Chefs, farmers, and winemakers unite in this exquisite Okanagan cookbook.Whether it’s a simple soup, a hearty main dish, or a special-occasion dessert, each recipe in this book is written by an Okanagan chef, and inspired by an ingredient that is locally and sustainably produced in the Okanagan. It might be free-run turkey raised on the Hamblett Highland Turkey farm, organic vegetables from the urban gardens of Green City Acres, or brie cheese from Upper Bench Cheese in the Naramata. Add a wine pairing from a local Okanagan winery, and you’ve got a collection of recipes that celebrate the heart and soul of culinary culture in the Okanagan.

cajeta white russian

Dame Rossan Ascencio – Original Mexican Gourmet Cajetas

Love these sauces on our homemade ice cream or atop waffles! Handcrafted traditional Cajetas are a caramel sauce/spread made with goat’s milk. What makes Cajeta unique is the fact that it is not caramelized sugar, but caramelized goat’s milk! It’s actually low sugar, low fat, low calorie content and a fantastic alternative for lactose intolerant diets, as it has no butter, or cream in it. OMG-Original Mexican Gourmet’s Cajetas are available in three, all natural flavours: vanilla, rum and espresso! OMG Cajetas are available at fine, specialty retailers, such as The Gourmet Warehouse,  and can be ordered with your groceries through SPUD. www.omgfoods.ca


Dame Alison Love spreads some OKanagan Love!

RauDZ Regional Table  (of course co-owned/operated by Dame Audrey Surrao) Fabulous gift certificates are available in any denomination and you can pair that gift certificate with jars of Okanagan produce from the RJB line of preserves all handcrafted by the culinary team led by Chef Butters.  The preserve lineup for Winter 2016 includes the popular Blackberry Ketchup regularly served in the restaurant featuring local organic blackberries and tomatoes and perfect on fries, sandwiches and fish tacos .
New this year to the preserve line-up are three custom created mustards. All of the mustards retail for $7. RJB preserves are available exclusively at RauDZ Regional Table. www.raudz.com

Chef Butters is also writing a cookbook that will be available widely Summer 2017.  The cookbook is for the home cook and entitled The Okanagan Table:  The Art of Everyday Home Cooking. Pre-sales of the book at RauDZ Regional Table and also online at www.ChefRodButters.com


Sandrine French Pastry & Chocolate – A spectacular pastry shop! www.sandrinepastry.com

Put together a little ‘French’ shopping list from this shop! Fois Gras – A French Christmas feast wouldn’t be the same without a portion (or four) of that typically festive fare – foie gras, often served up on slices of bread as a starter or apéritif.  Duck Confit – Although not just for the holiday season, it’s a decadent treat, especially the way the way Sandrine serves it – two duck legs with confit, all pre-packaged for your home cooking. Tourtière – Although tourtière originates in Quebec, it’s become a holiday favourite around the world.  Traditional style with beef and pork, or turkey with spices, a tourtière is perfect for any meal during the holiday season.  Another popular favourite from the freezer at the shop is quiche.  A bit of time in the oven and it’s ready to serve guests or the family, without a lot of time or effort. Yule Log – The French will spare a little room in their stomachs for the traditional Christmas chocolate log or “Bûche de Noël”. More Sweets – Hand-made chocolates, macarons, delicate, light, almond meringues with delectable fillings can provide the sweet part of the menu while handcrafted chocolate trees and pretty jars of jams and jellies make perfect gifts.

salted brick

Salted Brick www.saltedbrick.com

Salted Brick always has their shelves and refrigerator well stocked at this time of year for home cooks preparing for the holiday feast or for the perfect gift for foodies. Jars of Tomato Bourbon Jam, Quince Puree, Pear Puree, Chicken Liver Paté, their addictive Salted Brick Salad Dressing, Peanut Butter Duck Fat Chocolate Bars made by Karat Chocolate in Kelowna, small tins of Maldon Sea Salt, and house made pickles!

hot dame gingerbread ladies!

team image nextjen gluten free flour

Dame Jennifer Peters – Nextjen Gluten-free 

With Nextjen GF Flours you can forget experimentation and get back to the enjoyment of Baking & Cooking! All available in 1 lbs bags 7 types to choose from:

All Propose Baking blend (also available in 3 lbs)
Vanilla Bean Cake Mix
Sprouted Buckwheat Pancake Mix (also available in 3 lbs)
Fried Chicken Mix (Deep fry or use Shake & bake method)
Fish and Chip Batter Mix
Tempura Batter Mix
Pizza & Pasta Flour  
New item** Pizza Shells Frozen and ready to top!!

Available at Gourmet Warehouse **Dame Caren McSherry and online ONLINE http://www.gourmetwarehouse.ca/products?search=nextjen

Nextjen GF classes too.**  (also a good gift)
https://www.gourmetwarehouse.ca/books/cc212/gluten-free-brunch-saturday-march-11 CC212 GLUTEN FREE BRUNCH | SATURDAY, MARCH 11 | The Gourmet Warehouse – Kitchen Tools www.gourmetwarehouse.ca


About Domenica Fiore extra virgin olive oil
We also have this on hand and have several bottles wrapped up for holiday gifts as well! A great hostess gift too! This oil is produced in Orvieto in Italy, with organic olives that are cold pressed within four hours of harvest and bottled in nitrogen-sealed 18/10 stainless steel bottles. Each bottle is also hand labelled and signed with love bythe olive oil producer, Cesare Bianchini for traceability.
For more information, you can go to www.domenicafiore.com
Available in the following stores in Vancouver:
Gourmet Warehouse, Whole Foods, Urban Fare Alberni, Dirty Apron Deli, Zara’s Pasta, La Grotta Del Formaggio Deli, Fresh Ideas Start Here – W.Broadway, Farm To Table Market Ltd, Windsor Meats, Puccini’s Deli

img 3835

Dame Shelome Bouvette – Chicha Restaurant Gift Certificates and East Vancouver Foodie Cookbook

Dame Bouvette owns Chicha Peruvian Restaurant at 134 East Broadway, and it’s one of the restaurants we frequent! I was just there yesterday in fact. The ceviche, steak and fries, cocktails, brunch items, and basically everthing is fantastic there, so a gift certificate would be an excellent idea for the food lover in your life.

east van foodie cover 2

They’ve also got a recipe in the new East Vancouver Cookbook, so you could include a copy of this as well!

salami fruit

Dame Angie Quaale – Chocolate Salami

A popular Italian and Portuguese dessert, Dame Quaale’s Chocolate Salami looks like “real” salami but is completely meatless and filled with decadent flavours of chocolate, toasted almonds and pistachios, orange peel and dried cherries. GREAT hostess gift or stocking stuffer!

Gifts for Food and Drink Lovers – Global TV 2015

What do you get that person in your life who lives for the latest kitchen gadget, best bottle of wine or the ultimate cookbook? I spent some time in cook shops and snooped around many a kitchen to come up with the list for gifts for foodies this year. Here’s the details that I presented on Global TV for 2015. Give and you shall receive! There’s more suggestions on BC Living as I just couldn’t fit them all in.

Thanks to Elsa Corsi from Jeweliette Jewelry for the amaze bling that I wore and to Salon Haze and Revlon for my hair and Onyx and CND for the sparkly nails. 
divina deneuvo knife roll

For the super chef in your life – Divina Denuevo
Leather Knife Roll $700 – Etsy

author jennifer schell

The Butcher, The Baker, The Wine and Cheesemaker Cookbook by Jennifer Schell $29.95 – Books to Cooks and Edible Canada

bc living microsoft survace pro

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Tablet with the latest Intel processor! $899 and up Best Buy


zwilling knife

Zwilling Santoku Knife $115 Cook Culture

zwilling tomato cocette

Staub Tomato Cocette Casserole Dish $180 Cook Culture

presidents choice cheese board

Cheese Plates from Presidents Choice $Varioushome on the range organics

Cheese and Pate from Home On The Range Organics at 235 East Broadway $Various

keurig 2.0

Keurig 2.0 K200 $89.99 Online, Best Buy


Santa Barbara Sample of 49th Parallel Coffee $49.99 Parallel 49 coffee shops and online

global pres choice


President’s Choice Coffee Mugs and Cream and Sugar Set and Sweets $Various at Superstore

global indigo

Kate Spade Plates, Woodland Animal Breakfast Plates, Holiday Napkins and Rings $30/$15/$5 – Indigo

thebub newhaywire baby bub pink

Haywire Winery The Bub Sparkling Wine $29.90+ Various – Legacy Liquor Store

fagor multi cooker

Fagor Electric Multi Cooker $300ish

All I Want For Christmas with Jennifer Schell

Jennifer Schell

This holiday season we are catching up with some of our favourite local personalities to find out how they are celebrating the holidays and what might be on their holiday wish lists. First up, cookbook author and food writer, Jennifer Schell. Schell’s cookbook, The Butcher, The Baker, The Wine and Cheese Maker celebrates all great food artisans and products from the Okanagan. It’s sold out, but stay tuned for the next version, with recipes and stories from “By the Sea”; Vancouver, the Fraser Valley and Vancouver Island. That’ll be a must for holiday gifts come 2014.weber bullet

1)     What is on your wish list for the holidays in terms of food and wine (your area of expertise)? A Weber Bullet!

2)   What about something not even related to that area that you are craving? Endless spa gift certificates

3)  What is the best gift you EVER got? A commissioned painting.

4)  What is the best gift you EVER gave? Big screen TV to my sports loving husband.

Upper Ben

5)  What is a great hostess gift that we might receive if we invited you into our home? A bottle of Okanagan wine and Okanagan cheese and probably a cookbook!

6)   What charity do you wish for more funding for in 2013? Soup sisters/broth brothers & Project Chef!

easy bake oven

7)  Best gift as a kid? Hands down – my red Easy bake oven.

8) How will you celebrate the holidays this year? Christmas Eve is our big night in keeping with our European traditions! Turkey dinner with my family on the farm is followed by present opening in the evening. I love the romance of opening gifts at nighttime when the tree is twinkling.

Jennifer Schell Puts the Okanagan on the Culinary World Map

an okanagan cookbook cover shot copy 3First there was one award, then another, another, and yet another, bringing the trophy count now to an impressive five for Okanagan-based writer Jennifer Schell.

Schell grew up in the sunny Okanagan, a farm girl at heart, who’s equally comfortable dressing to the nines to check out the latest hot spot in dining. She’s traveled the world but has come home to her roots to promote the Valley she grew up in.

The result? The Butcher, The Baker, The Wine & Cheese Maker – An Okanagan Cookbook a celebration of the Okanagan Valleys farmers, artisans and chefs. The book is full of not only recipes, but the intimate stories of those behind them.

While Schell is already working on her next book, a similar work but this time focusing on the characters of Vancouver, The Fraser Valley and Vancouver Island, this initial masterpiece continues to garner worldwide attention.

The awards?
• Gold Medal IPPY – Best Non-Fiction Western Canada Independent Publisher Award
• Winner – Gourmand World Cookbook Award – Best Local Cuisine Cookbook,
Canada and shortlisted for Best in the World at Gourmand World Cookbook Ceremony
on May 21, 2014 (fingers crossed).
• Winner – Best Cookbook – Paris Book Festival
• Winner – Best Cookbook – San Francisco Book Festival
• Honourable Mention – Green Book Festival


I am pleased to call Jennifer Schell not only just my editor (BC Food and Wine Trails Magazine) but also a friend. We are all looking forward to watching her unravel the culinary secrets on the next leg of her adventures. Congratulations pal!

The Butcher, The Baker, The Wine and Cheese Maker Wins Best International Gourmand Cookbook Award for Best Local Cuisine Book in Canada

Jennifer Schell

Awesome news for Jennifer Schell! Still time to buy for XMAS presents. GLV

Jennifer Schell, author of The Butcher, The Baker, The Wine and Cheese Maker – An Okanagan Cookbook has been honoured with the award for “Best Local Cuisine cookbook in Canada” at the Gourmand World Cookbooks Awards The Gourmand World Cookbook Awards are often compared by journalists to the “Oscars”.

Founded in 1995 by Edouard Cointreau, from the Cointreau liqueur and Cognacs Frapin and Remy Martin family, the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards is the premier awards of its type. It’s held in conjunction with the Paris Cookbook Fair and over 150 countries enter the awards each year, totalling several thousand books, all competing for the title of “Best in the World” in each of the 50+ categories.

The Butcher, The Baker, The Wine and Cheese Maker will go on to compete against winners in the same category in other countries for The Best in the World. The results will be announced on May 20-21, 2014 at the annual Awards event. It will take place in Beijing during the first “Beijing Cookbook Fair”, May 19-21, 2014.
For more information: visit the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards at www.cookbookfair.com
About the Book
This cookbook features over 160 contributors including chefs, farmers, artisans  and award winning winemakers and also includes Okanagan family recipes that have been handed down for generations.  Recipes include contributions from Chefs Rod Butters, Paul Cecconi, Bernard Casavant, Mark Filatow, Sandrine Martin-Raffault, Grant DeMontreuil and Natasha Schooten whose stories are paired with the stories of the farmers, artisans and winemakers they work alongside.  This book is a virtual who’s who in the culinary world of the Okanagan and a celebration of its rich farming history and of all of the passionate people behind the recipe who create our food.
Copies can be purchased online or at the list of retailers listed at: http://www.anokanagancookbook.com/An_Okanagan_Cookbook/Purchase_Books.html

Inquiries and interviews: Jennifer Schell


Okanagan Chefs Set To Sharpen Their Knives At The Dirty Apron


Culinary class to showcase celebrated BC cookbook

Vancouver’s top culinary classroom will celebrate all things Okanagan with a special cooking class on May 5th, 2013 highlighting recipes from the popular cookbook by Jennifer Schell, The Butcher, The Baker, The Wine & Cheese Maker – An Okanagan Cookbook. In a unique twist, The Dirty Apron will welcome three Okanagan chefs to demonstrate their passion for BC bounty, each teaching his or her own recipe from the book.

Chef Natasha Schooten of Terrafina Restaurant in Oliver will teach the first course: Harker’s Organic Spinach and The Farm House Natural Cheeses Fromage Frais Fritters with Kale Pesto and Apple Mustard. This flavourful starter will be followed by Slow Cooked Halibut with Basil, Crisp Sweet Life Farms Potatoes, Stoney Paradise Tomatoes, and Artichoke Chardonnay Emulsion as taught by Gold Medal Plates Award winner Chef Mark Filatow of Waterfront Restaurant & Wine Bar in Kelowna. And, what better way to finish a perfect meal than with an expertly prepared Apple Tarte Tatin as demonstrated by Chef Sandrine Raffault-Martin, owner of Sandrine French Pastry & Chocolate in Kelowna. Each course will also be expertly paired with wines from the Okanagan including Rustic Roots Winery, Meyer Family Vineyards, and Bella Wines.

Authored by wine and food columnist Jennifer Schell, The Butcher, The Baker, The Wine & Cheese Maker is a celebration of 120of the Okanagan Valley’s finest chefs, farmers and winemakers.  The book also contains stories of culinary adventure from each contributor.

The class will run from 5:30-9:30 pm on May 5th. Tickets are $150 per person with space limited to just 22 people per class. Students can reserve their spot for the class online at The Dirty ApronThe Butcher, The Baker, The Wine & Cheese Maker will be available for purchase in The Dirty Apron Delicatessen and Chefs will be free to sign copies after the class.

About the School

The Dirty Apron Cooking School is Vancouver’s most exciting culinary playground. Born with the intention of creating an environment for novices, foodies, and aspiring chefs to learn the tricks of the trade, The Dirty Apron Cooking School offers a selection of hands-on classes that vary from creating regional classics to understanding ingredient-driven basics and executing essential knife skills. For more information please visit: www.dirtyapron.com.

Dirty Apron Cooking School – The Butcher, The Baker, The Wine & Cheese Maker: – An Okanagan Cookbook

cookbookSunday May 5, 2013

11-3 pm and 5:30 pm – 9:30 pm

Authored by food and wine columnist Jennifer Schell, The Butcher, The Baker, The Wine & Cheese Maker – An Okanagan Cookbook celebrates the Okanagan Valley’s best chefs, farmers and winemakers. We are excited for this special opportunity of celebrating the Okanagan’s finest foods and peoples, as three featured chefs will be teaching one course each. Moreover, students will also have the opportunity to be educated on the wine pairings they are enjoying from the winemaker himself, while tasting the fruits of their labour at our harvest table.

Starter: Chef Natasha Schooten, Terrafina – Harker’s Organics Spinach and The Farmhouse Cheese CO. Fromage Frais Fritters with Kale Pesto and Apple Mustard

Main: Chef Mark Filatow, Waterfront Restaurant – Slow Cooked Halibut with Basil, Crisp Sweet Life Farms Potatoes, Stoney Paradise Tomatoes, Artichoke and Chardonnay Emulsion

Dessert: Chef Sandrine Raffault-Martin, Sandrines, Sandrine French Pastry & Chocolate – Apple Tarte Tatin

Online price $ 150.00 per person

Okanagan Food and Wine Writers Workshop

kelownaSunday, April 28, 2013

afternoon: arrival of workshop registrants in Kelowna and check-in at the Delta Grand Okanagan Hotel and Resort

4:30 pm       Registration at Delta Grand Okanagan Hotel, pick up your delegate bags and final schedule materials

6 p.m.          Evening Reception: Tourism Kelowna throws a welcome reception and event kickoff of vin-tastic and gastronomic proportions, featuring farm-to-table cuisine of chef Mark Filatow at Waterfront Restaurant & Catering. Dress code: business casual at the Laurel Packing House Museum with Kelowna-area wineries.

Monday, April 29, 2013

8 am             Breakfast at Delta Grand Okanagan, at your leisure

9 am             Prof Dev Session #1 From Good story-telling to great writing – writer, author and founding editor of Eighteen Bridges magazineCurtis Gillespie, starts us off with a master class in how to get good stories into print.

*All professional development sessions will take place at Delta Grand Okanagan

10:30 am       Coffee Break

10:45 am       Prof Dev Sessions #2 Food in Travel Writing – acting food editor at Chatelaine,Dish columnist at National Post, and travel and food writer, Amy Rosen, explores narrative with food writing, sleuthing the meat of the story, writing about chefs, finding a sense of place, and spotting trends, all with a dash of humour that is her signature award-winning writing style.

12:30 pm       Lunch with BC Tree Fruits orchardists and kitchen canning demo with Darcell.

3:30 pm         Professional Dev Sessions #3 Beyond “Full-bodied” and “Great Legs” – wine writer for the Calgary Herald, and author of the Uncorked: The Definitive Guide to Alberta’s Best Wines Under $25 explores the complexities and nuances of great wine writing.

5 pm              Free Time

6:30 pm              A Roving Resort Dinner with Stuart Klassen, executive chef at the Delta Grand Okanagan and president of the Okanagan Chefs Association

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

8 am               Breakfast at the Delta Grand Okanagan, at your leisure

9 am               Professional Dev Session #4 Passion and the Self-Published Cookbook Project – editor of BC Food & Wine Trails, and author of the best-selling The Butcher, The Baker, The Wine & Cheesemaker: An Okanagan CookbookJennifer Schell, details the journey of a self-published cookbook from concept to writing, from photography to printing and distribution.

10:30 am       Coffee Break

10:45 am         Professional Development Session #5 Crafting a Career – Q & A Roundtable with all 2013 Okanagan Food & Wine Writers’ Workshop instructors ready to answer your burning questions about the writing life

12:30 pm       Lunch at the newly opened Smack DAB (“crazy good food”) gastropub at theManteo Resort with executive chef Bernard Cassavant and executive souschef Brad Horen.


2 pm              Knifeskills workshop at Knifewear Kelowna, Canada’s best culinary knifeshop.

3:30 pm         Free time

6:00 pm         Biodynamic Field to Plate dinner and winery tour at Summerhill Pyramid Winery’s Sunset Organic Bistro with chef Jesse Croy, winemaker Eric VonKorsigk, & permaculture forager Ezra Cipes. Transportation by Distinctly Kelowna Wine Tours.

Wednesday, May 1

8:30 am             Breakfast TBA

Kelowna culinary tour with TOURISM KELOWNA. Transportation by Distinctly Kelowna Tours.

2:30 pm        Time at the hotel to relax, blog, tweet, or freshen up before the our final event: dinner.

6:00 – 8:30 pm         A Hyper-local Sustainable Floating Feast: Sunset Dinner cruise aboard the Lake Lounge Executive Houseboat, featuring Codfather’s Seafood Market’s oyster bar, Northern Divine Canadian Caviar and Cabana Grille Catering with chef Jeremy Luypen featuring Okanagan Nation’s Alliance Okanagan sockeye.

 Thursday, May 2

Checkout and departure at leisure


A Taste of the Okanagan comes to Vancouver


On April 6, 2013 Vancouver’sWest Elm Market will be hosting An Okanagan Cookbook author, Jennifer Schell, for a book signing and afternoon meet and greet.  The cookbook is based on the relationships and stories of the incredible people behind the Okanagan’s best restaurant’s menus and the unique partnerships between the chef, farmer, artisan, and winemaker.  It has been referred to as the “foodie guide to the Okanagan”.

Join Schell and purchase your own copy of the book, bring in your copy for a book signing, or just drop in for some conversation. Products featured in the book will be on hand; Teresa Kuhn of The Olive Oil Merchant will sample premium olive oils along with artisan bread from Okanagan Grocery.

Premium olive oils sampled include:

Frantoio Franci Olivastra Seggianese

De Carlo “Tenuta Torre di Mossa” DOP

Villa Zottopera DOP

The event takes place from 1-4 pm and is free of charge.  West Elm Market is located at 2947 on South Granville.

About the book

The Okanagan’s best-selling new cookbook The Butcher, The Baker, The Wine & Cheese Maker – An Okanagan Cookbook is based on the relationships and stories of the incredible people behind many of the Okanagan’s best restaurant’s menu.  Authored by food and wine columnist Jennifer Schell, TheButcher, The Baker, The Wine & Cheese Maker – An Okanagan Cookbook celebrates the Okanagan Valley’s best chefs, farmers and winemakers.

As the cover shot depicts, An Okanagan Cookbook not only contains wonderful recipes but stories of the cast of talented people behind the menu.  The cookbook is often referred to as “the foodie bible of the Okanagan”.


About the Olive Oil Merchant

In 2001, Teresa Kuhn moved to Italy for a one-year work contract with the intention of finding her roots and learning a language. 11 years later, she returned to Canada with her Italian husband, 2 young girls and a passion for artisan Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Now as the owner of the Olive Oil Merchant she imports and distributes a selection of Italy’s finest artisan products across North America and spends much of her time educating Canadian consumers on the Truth About Olive Oil.

Books to Cook Sunday Supper with Okanagan Artisans and Author Jennifer Schell

an okanagan cookbookSunday Supper: Company’s Coming
Jennifer Schell and The Butcher, the Baker, the Wine & Cheese Maker

Sunday, February 24, 5:00 p.m.
Food and wine columnist, Jennifer Schell, joins us on this evening, and brings along a few companions from the Okanagan Valley. A beautiful book with over 160 recipes and stories contributed by some of the Okanagan Valley’s best chefs, farmers, and winemakers. We are in for a real treat tonight, joining Jennifer will be The Butcher, Baker,Chef, Cheese  Wine Maker.
Cost: $75.00 (Signed copies of The Butcher, the Baker, the Wine & Cheese Maker may be purchased at a 15% discount)

Richard Yntema, North Okanagan Game Meats (The Butcher), MonikaWalker, Okanagan Grocery-Artisan Breads (The Baker), Gavin Miller, Upper Bench Winery (The Winemaker) , and Shana Miller, Upper Bench Creamery (The Cheese maker) will be on hand along with and Chef Matt Batey from The Terrace Restaurant at Mission Hill Family Estate Winery to share their delicious culinary creations.