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Mothers Day Gifts For Food Loving Moms


It’s time to treat your Mama right this mother’s day. While you may not want her to spend any time in the kitchen on that special day, she’s certainly going to want to get in their quickly once you give her one of these amazing foodie gifts.

From the top left to right:

1) All-Clad Copper Core 2Qt Saucepan SALE $179.95 at Cookworks.

2) The Beasty Box from Urban Digs is a “nose to tail” butchery box. We source locally produced meat from small scale farms like our own that practice sustainable farming methods. $175

3) Northern Divine Caviar 

4) Epicure Mini Baker$17 – grab a set of 6-8

5) Lost Inhibitions Wine from Church and State – because even your mother has to let her guard down sometimes!

6) New Roots Cookbook – Inspired Plant Based Recipes

7) Preserves from Vista D’Oro 

8) Tea from The Urban Tea Merchant

9) Millifera Bees Honey local honey

10) Weber Grills new Weber Q 1200

11) Moe’s Home Collection Ring 3 Tier Pedestal Stand $75

All I Want For Christmas With Steven Schelling

Steven Schelling by Arianne Colenbrander

Steven Schelling is an inveterate fabulist. The editor-in-chief of PINQ.ca , he’s also a fashion and lifestyle writer for the Georgia Straight, Nuvo Magazine, Vancouver Magazine, Western Living, and whoever else is willing to contribute to the mortgage. His turn ons include long walks on the beach, historical fiction and talk, dark strangers. Thanks to Ariane Colenbrander for this excellent photo.

bugsley bowtie

1 )   What is on your wish list for the holidays for your wardrobe?  SS – I already bought my beagle, Bertie, and myself matching bow ties from Buggsley for Christmas dinner at my friends’ family’s house. So that one is already on lock. He looks infinitely better in it than I do.

Alexander McQueen Cardigan

There’s also an Alexander McQueen striped cardigan that I’m hopelessly devoted to visiting at Holt Renfrew so I’m adding it to the list in case anyone wants to make that particular Xmas wish come true.

I just found out about this ugly holiday Cher sweater from my FB. Yes, I follow Cher. She’s my spirit animal. I may or may not have bought this for myself, too.

le creuset oval french oven kiwi

2)   What about something not even related to fashion that you might love?  SS – I desperately want a Le Creuset Oval 4.7L Dutch Oven. Sounds easy, right? I never do anything easy. I want the discontinued bright acid green “Kiwi” colour which is hard to find, even after intensive Ebay-ing.


3)  What is the best gift you EVER got? SS – In fourth grade, I asked for a tawny short-haired dachshund. I got to choose him just before Christmas and in January, after he was weaned, he came home with me. I named him Blitzen, after the reindeer. I had him with me until my junior year in University. Longest relationship I’ve ever had.

4)  What is the best gift you EVER gave? SS – A few years ago, my sister’s dog died very suddenly over the summer. I found a sculptor here in Vancouver who makes ceramic brooches of dogs and had a custom pin made for my sister. She said (through tears) it was the best present she ever got. (Can you tell we’re a bit of a goofy dog family?)

5) What are three fashion gifts men should give to the women in their life? SS – I don’t really have any “fashion women” on my shopping list this year, so I’m going to vote for my friends, like one does for the Oscars. Every one of these talented designers is based right here in Vancouver.


Gentlemen, if your female companion likes sparkle, Elsa Corsi is your one-stop shop. Her mum, Magdalena, runs Jeweliette where you can find her entire line.

Nicole Bridger makes effortlessly stylish clothes that are designed and made right here in town. Plus she’s a super cool single mom.

Anna Kosturova’s crocheted bathing suits have barely covered the bits of supermodels in every issue of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue since 2004.

6) What to give the man in your life? – SS – If only I had a man in my life!

Tom Ford Neroli Portofino

Tom Ford’s Portofino Neroli cologne – fresh, clean and sexy

Ferragamo white leather high-top sneakers. Totally boss kicks. If I had a man, I would hpe we have the same foot size so I could steal them back!

LUSH “Kalamazoo” Beard and Facial Wash – beards are still en vogue but beard burn isn’t. Keep his beard soft and conditioned. It’s a win/win!

bruno gobillard brut

7)  What do you bring to a holiday party? SS – A good growers Champagne like Jacquesson or Bruno Gobillard. Or, if your budget is a little smaller, a lovely Prosecco.

8) What charity do you wish for more funding for in 2015?

I work with 2 charities throughout the year:

Friends For Life provides complementary a (and complimentary) holistic health services to people with serious illnesses like Cancer, HIV/AIDS and ALS.

A Loving Spoonful provides meal and nutritional support to people and family living with HIV/AIDS.

7) Best gift as a kid? SS – I guess that would be Blitzen (see above). But for sheer surprise and novelty, my Dad was working with Sony in the late ‘70s and I got a prototype Walkman (one of the first!). It came with a shoulder strap so you carried it like a purse. Or, at least, I carried it like a purse…

lion in the winter

8) How will you celebrate the holidays this year? SS – Home with Bertie, several bottles Champagne, popcorn popped in duck fat (so easy, so god!) and my favourite holiday movies: It’s A Wonderful Life, Joyeux Noël, and my all-time favourite, The Lion in Winter starring Katherine Hepburn as 12th century English queen Eleanor of Aquitaine plotting against her husband, King Henry II (played by Peter O’Toole) during the Christmas Court of 1183. All the dark, dry humour and histrionics remind me of my own family.

Merry Christmas Steven!

Delish Stocking Stuffers

This year there are some pretty tasty items for those on your shopping list.  Here’s some suggestions for food lovers.

I love the big Le Creuset Casserole dishes, but they are far too large to stuff into a stocking.  Enter the new mini Le Creuset casserole dishes, perfect for mini mac and cheese, individual souffles and side veggie dishes served up in style.  Available in Vancouver at Cookworks.


If you are a baker and want to give the gift of homemade loaves or trays of brownies, why not give them wrapped up in the new President’s Choice loaf and square pans?  They come with big red bows to wrap up the treats and you can even cheat and bake using the President’s Choice brand home baking kits.

Need that something special for the real gourmet in your life, go with the Blis Tahitian Vanilla Infused Maple Syrup, available at The Dirty Apron Cooking School and Delicatessen

Chocolate Lovers will appreciate your efforts in sourcing Vancouver’s best chocolate bars created by master chocolatier Cocao Nymph and parfume specialist Ayala Moriel.  There’s Guilt with orange blosson, wild orange and blood orange, Espionage with smoked salt, jasimine and juniper and Roses and Chocolat with rose saffron and chilli.  Vancouver made and oh so delicious.

Rick’s Rubs are tasty savory dry rubs created by Foodtv.ca Superstar Chef Rick and Raging Fork.  Try on these aromatic herbs and spices  on assorted Meats, Fish and Poultry. Rick’s Rub Fish/Seafood and Lamb are both Sugar Free all Rick’s Rubs are non-Irradiated spices and NO MSG.  Available at Edible BC, Gourmet Warehouse, gourmet groceries and high end butcher shops.

Loose tea drinkers can enjoy tea on the go with the attractive Libre Tea Mug.  Add some packages of calming teas and the tea lover in your life will be ever so grateful.  Available at Whole Foods.

Preserves.  Who doesn’t love some toast and jam in the morning?  Try Mix the Bakery’s Artisan Preserves in flavours such as Peach Chipotle and Cumin or Blueberry and Nectarine.  Great for addition to holiday appetizers.