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Mount Pleasant Cheese Newsletter

mountchThe blustery months are here and so are we for those creature comforts you need to enjoy by the fire, catching up with friends or enjoying a moody drama on the tellie.  We now have “Fresh Sheet” to tell you about new culinary delights and services to complement our repertoire of fine Canadian artesian cheeses.  We also have “Cheesy Bits” to touch on the things our wonderful team is up to.  And finally, more specials.  In this economy everybody deserves a break – doncha think?

Special Offers

Mention this newsletter and we’ll throw in a can of San Marzano (DOP) tomatoes for a minimum cheese purchase of $15.00 or more*.

San Marzano tomatoes are the very best in the world, grown at the base of Mt. Vesuvius (Italy) in volcanic ash and are used by the best chefs in the world.  Tired of tomato sauces tasting bitter – step up to this Italian marvel.  San Marzano has less seeds in their plums thus reducing the level of bitterness in your sauce and also negates the tiresome effort of reducing sauces or adding evil sugar.

* Ok, the fine print.  Yeah, we know. But some restrictions apply.  One can per customer.  Offer applies to a minimum purchase of cheese product.  Offer good until December 15, 2009. Room Booking

Our store is now available for your private functions this festive season.

Whether it is for your own private tasting, a wine & cheese or a full on dinner, we have the spot for you.

Our intimate table layout and soft lighting is a nice alternative and the room is very flexible for a variety of events.

You can cater the event yourself or have MPC design and cater an event to your desires.

Email Peter for more details.

Fresh Sheet

New Cheese:

  • Stilton
  • Wensleydale
  • Sage Derby
  • Pecorino – 5 new ones
  • Dubliner

New Meats:

  • Sausages – Hungarian Farmer Mild and Hot (is back!), Swiss Farmer, Wine Chorizo, Spanish Salami
  • Terrines (coming soon) –  Duck and Pistachio, Pheasant and Pistachio, Truffled Rabbit Liver Mousse, Chicken Liver Mousse with Gran Marnier, Pate de Campagne with 5 Peppers

New Fish:

  • Smoked Fish – all wild, all BC, Ocean Wise, nitrate free – Tuna, Salmon, Cod
  • Smoked Candied Salmon

New Crackers:

  • Quince Baguette Crostini’s with olive oil and sea salt
  • Bruno’s Best Party Toasties – Fresh Parsley, Garlic and Olive Oil Crostinis

New Treats:

  • Denman Island Chocolates – Zesty orange, Simply Dark, Toasted Hazelnut, Cocoa Loco

Cheesy Bits

Single-Malt & Cheese

MPC recently supplied cheese to two of Liberty Wines’ infamous single-malt tastings led by the incredibly knowledgeable Glaswegian Bob Kyle from Rare Drams.  Although it wasn’t a pairing per se, MPC was curious as to what went well with Scotland’s famous tipple. The first event we brought Canadian artesian cheeses Le Fin Renard, Bleu Benedicton and Le Fleumier from Quebec and Smoked Gouda from Salmon Arm.

We wanted to see how the Canadian cheeses stacked up against our second visit with cheeses from across the pond: Wensleydale, Dubliner, Brie de Meaux and Stilton.  Bob himself picked out these cheeses to match specifically with (in this order) Glen Grant, Aberlour, Bunnahabhain, Longmorn, Caol Ila and a double barrel Macallan/Laphroaig.

Well, despite the crowd in both events demolishing all of the cheese, it’s safe to say that single-malt is still a meal in itself.  However, one guest who came to the previous event commented, “I really miss the Bleu Benedicton – especially with the peatier malts.”  We couldn’t agree more!  We’re proud to say Canadian cheeses stand tall next to anything from Europe!

If we learned anything from this event, the stronger cheeses served to cleanse the palette between tastings of peatier malts!

New Store Display

We have some new visitors in the store.  We are very pleased to show off our new front window display courtesy of local crafts artist Shima Itabashi.

Shima’s work under the label him (pronounced heem) works with 100% natural wool and hand sews each of her creations.  To kick off Shima’s exciting new line of wonderful creatures she calls “Chuji”, she created a large wheel of cheese with the name MOUNT PLEASANT CHEESE beautifully embossed on the side.  You will note the detail of mouse-like characters coming out of the “eyes” in the block.

Come by the store and check out Santa’s sleigh pulled by the most adorable reindeer you will ever see flying through surrounded by snow drop creatures.

Simply breathtaking and we’re pleased to display Shima’s great work! Save 15% On Selected Cheeses

  • Zurigo
  • Mamirolle
  • Aged Provolone
  • Fontina

  • Recipe of the Month

    Marinara Sauce & Pasta Dish

    Yield: 4 servings

    Prep Time: 20 minutes

    Cooking Time: 13 minutes


  • Purple onion or shallots
  • Clove or two of garlic
  • Fresh Thyme, 1/4 cup
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • San Marzano (DOP) canned tomatoes
  • Pasta
  • Sea Salt
  • Directions
    There are many ways to make a tomato sauce.  At MPC our favourite is the base marinara sauce.

    Now, you can go with preparing one large onion for your sauce but if you are not a fan of caramelizing making your sauce sweet, you can go with a more savoury option and just go with two shallots.

    Cut the onions or shallots in down in a vertical cutting motion to create individual columns.  Then cut horizontally two to three rows depending on the size.  Turn the shallot around and begin to create small cubes ready for the pan.  Do something similar with the garlic.  You want tiny cubes.  You can also remove the veins in the garlic as they are the bitter part of the clove.  Don’t use a garlic press!

    Now, take your thyme and with three fingers, thumb, index and whatever digit is close to the other two and strip away the leaves on the stems.  Don’t worry if you have a few stems thrown into the mix.

    Open you can of San Marzano tomatoes and pull each of the plums out of the can and put it into a mixing bowl.  Squeeze each plum in to your desired lumpiness.  Peter prefers to pulverize the tomatoes and recommends using a press so they turn to liquid.  It also has something to do with the preventing the seeds from getting into the sauce reducing acidity.

    Next, get your pasta going.  Toss in a few pinches of sea salt into the water.  The sea salt brings out the flavours in the pasta.  Don’t add oil.  Adding oil messes with the starch.  Peter even saves the starch water and uses it in other dishes (e.g. pasta alla carbonara).

    Next, heat your pan to a point when droplets of water evaporate in the pan.  Pour in generous amounts of extra virgin olive oil.  Don’t be shy.  The oil is key to a good marinara sauce.  When the pan is ready, toss in your onions and sauté them until they are shinning and or are starting to brown on the edges.  With the shallots, it won’t take much to get them sautéd well.  A few minutes should do it.  Then toss in your thyme and fry rapidly for less than a minute.  Throw in the crushed tomatoes and the liquid left from the can.  Cook your sauce for as long as it takes for the pasta to reach al dente (as in the teeth will determine the desired firmness – firm being the operative word, here).

    With the base marinara you can later add chilli peppers, canned anchovies (our favourite!), extra herbs (although we’re sold on just thyme), olives, capers or sausage.

    As for cheese, you can go with the standard Parmigiano-Reggiano but we also recommend as an alternative, Piave, Aged Pecorino or the oh-la-la, Asiago.

    Mount Pleasant Cheese
    3432 Cambie Street (Right Next to the Park Theater)
    Vancouver, V5Z 2W8
    Consult our website for the latest store hours

Mount Pleasant Cheese Newsletter

3432 Cambie Street (Right Next to the Park Theater) – Vancouver, BC V5Z 2W8

After a brief hiatus in our newsletter production (you now have a new author) we’re back on track and boy oh boy do we have news for you…
Save 15% We know that our customers (like cheese) only get better with age, and we like to appreciate both. So every Wednesday all customers aged 65 years or more receive 15% off their entire purchase.

Combo of the Week

Gone to the Moon Combo: 14$
Bought seperately: 17$
Save 18%

Baby Blue from Moonstruck Organic Cheese. This cambozola is the perfect combination with a creamy camembert center and a rich blue rind. Very mature for its age, this baby has been infused with blue from the inside out, and trust us it has bite!

Regular Price: 10$

Olive Oil and Cracked Pepper from Gone Crackers. This is the everything cracker, it will match or mingle with any flavour you dare to try it with. We chose to pair it with the Baby Blue because its hearty flavour won’t get lost in the richness of the blue.

Regular Price: 7$
Cheese, cheese and more CHEESE!
We are adding a few new cheeses and bringing back a few favorites thanks to our new partner in Quebec. Cheeses will be arriving early next week so do stop by for a try.

Just for fun, here’s a teaser:

Le Marquis de Témiscouata: pasteurized cow milk
Recipe Included!
Crème de la crème, the Marquis is enveloped by a mushroomy aroma, and complimented by a creamy almost runny center which releases delicate milky notes. During its weeks of affinage, it becomes covered by a beautifully refined white coat. This cheese is made from the rich milk of Jersey Cows. A herd abundant in the lush Témiscouta region. This cheese (a favorite of the cheese maker) affectionately takes his nick name: Le Marquis.

2009 Winner of the Canadian Cheese Grand Prix for “Soft Cheese with bloomy rind”
Grey Owl: pasteurized goat milk
Now Back!
Soft brie style goat cheese coated in ash, with a fresh, crisp aroma and a sweet, tangy flavour.
The name of this cheese not only refers to the colour of the cheese, it also honors the legend of Archie Belaney, one of Canada’s first conservationists, also known as Grey Owl. He lived for a number of years on the edge of Lake Témiscouata, influencing the region near Fromagerie Le Détour with his beliefs of upholding harmony between nature and man and preserving the Canadian wilderness.

Guillaume Tel: pasteurized cow milk
Named after the Swiss folk hero famous for shooting an apple of his sons head. The William Tell is steeped and washed in a delicious Ace du Vignoble De Lavoie (Rougemont) ice cider. The cider lends the cheese a beautiful brownish colour that resides just under a lightly bloomy rind. This cheese harbors a distinct sweet, fermented aroma. Its soft texture reminiscent of brie tends to melt into flavours of cream and fermented apple.

Finalist in the 2009 Canadian Cheese Grand Prix for “flavoured cheese”

1608 de Charlevoix: thermalized cow milk
A powerful aroma with persistent garlic and barnyard notes – bordering on, but not quite, ‘stinky’.
More amazing than its flavour is the deep rooted history behind this cheese. This cheese is made wholly from the milk of the Canadienne, which is the first cow brought to Canada in 1608 by the French settlers. Sadly in the past 50 years the Canadienne has been slowly replaced by cows such as the Holstein, which are well known for their abilities to produce large volumes of milk. Less than 500 out of more than 500, 000 remain today. These 500 were brought home to Charlevoix in 2007. Two of these herds (La Ferme Hengil and La Ferme Lyne Breton) are used by the Latterie de Charlevoix to produce the 1608.
The Association of the Development of the Canadienne Race, has been recently created with the sole goal of redeveloping this historical bovine. The 1608 is a direct product of these efforts and is truly a Canadian cheese to be proud of.
Asparagus Salad and Crostinis Topped With
Le Marquis de Témiscouata

1 lb (450 g) Quebec’s asparagus
125 ml (1/2 cup) chorizo, thinly sliced
30 ml (2 tbsp.) butter
30 ml (2 tbsp.) olive oil
5 ml (1 tsp.) honey
Zest and juice of 1 lemon
1 shallot, thinly sliced
15 ml (1 tbsp.) mint, finely chopped
15 ml (1 tbsp.) chives, finely chopped
4 slices of Le Marquis de Témiscouata
1 l (4 cups) mesclun lettuce
8 crostini
Salt, pepper


1. Preheat the oven on broil.
2. Blanch the asparagus in salted boiling water for about 5 minutes.
3. Drain and rinse with ice-cold water to cool it down, and then chop.
4. In a frying pan, grill the chorizo slices in butter. Set aside on a paper towel.
5. In a large bowl, beat together the olive oil, honey, zest and juice of a lemon, shallot, mint and chives. Add salt and pepper. Set aside.
6. Divide the slices of Le Marquis de Témiscouata onto 4 crostinis. Bake for 5 minutes or until cheese is melted.
7. Toss the asparagus and lettuce with vinaigrette dressing. Add salt and pepper. Top salad with grilled chorizo slices.
8. Before serving, divide the asparagus salad among 4 plates and place a crostini with melted Le Marquis de Témiscouata onto each dish.
“Goodies” by Thelma

Three generation are now working and earning a living from this family business, all taking the same care and pride in providing a quality hand made and hand inspected products for your table.

To read Thelma’s story check out her website:

Thelma’s Goodies
Want some pickled asparagus, carrots, pickles, beats or her famous pickled garlic?! Come on by and pick some up.

We also carry an assortment of her jams and jellies
appy Moonar Landing!

Peter, Peggy, Katelon, Amy, Geneviève and Janelle

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