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The Wizard of Oz

As I sat next to a wide-eyed three year old squealing with glee last Saturday night, I couldn’t quite believe that I was having more fun than she at the opening night to The Wizard of Oz.  The musical had enough action to entertain a variety of ages of children, but also had those entirely adult overtones that leave the elders in the crowd no only snickering, but laughing aloud.

Dorothy and Toto are threatened by an evil neighbour and plan to run away from home.  Then up comes a tornado launching the team into Munchkinland and depositing their house on the Wicked Witch of the East, killing her.  This rouses her sister, the Wicked Witch of the West, when Dorothy takes over the dead witch’s magic slippers.

Dorothy and Toto decide to head to Emerald City in order to ask the Wizard of Oz to send them home and meet up with a Scarecrow with no brain, a Tin Man with no heart and a Lion without courage.  Through the journey they encounter many misfortunes and spells cast on them by the wicked witch, but in the end all learn the lesson that there power was always there, all they had to do was believe.

Until January 6 at The Carousel Theatre Granville Island.

She Stoops to Conquer until November 18 at The Stanley Theatre

Another dull and dreary rainy Vancouver day this past weekend provided a perfect opportunity to sit down in the warm and have a good belly laugh.  The outing? She Stoops to Conquer now playing at The Stanley Theatre.

Oliver Goldsmith’s bawdy comedy was first performed in London in 1773 and could  be compared to a modern day sitcom except live at the theatre it’s much more accessible than anything we watch in our living rooms.

The combination of high energy, quick stage changes, amazingly complicated costumes, and some entertaining music tells the tale of the modest Charles Marlow and his travelling companion as they pursue their respective love lives. Charles mistakes his future wife for a barmaid, and her parents as innkeepers, and gets himself tied into a few knots over the whole affair.

Actor Christine Quintana rescued this week’s performance with her last minute stand-in as the lead,  but reading from a script made it hard for her to be spontaneous with those little nuances that make a character thoroughly believable. Still an amazing task to pull off at a moment’s notice.

The play runs until November 18th. Don’t miss it. It’s good to have something to laugh about.

-Suzanne Anderton


By Hiro Kanagawa
Starring Jillian Fargey, Brian Linds, Derek Metz, introducing Valsy Bergeron and Joseph Gustafson
Director Stephen Drover
Set Designer Naomi Sider
Costume Designer Carmen Alatorre
Lighting Designer Conor Moore
Sound Designer Noah Drew
Dramaturg Rachel Ditor
Stage Manager Marion Anderson
Apprentice Stage Manager Colleen Totten

November 25–December 26, 2010  |  Revue Stage

A Magical Holiday Fable


It’s a ferociously stormy Christmas Eve in Vancouver’s historic park. A scruffy vagabond, who may be more than he appears to be, helps a struggling family to see that Christmas really can illuminate the strength of the human spirit.