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Aveda Spruce Up

Once in a while Aveda offers a promo and I jumped quickly on the complimentary Aveda Facial ($40 value) and stress fix ritual of renewal, makeup touch up, and a customized skincare consultation they offered last month. They’re always available for a consultation and if you haven’t met Spencer, at the South Granville location, I highly suggest you pop in and let him guide you through some make up tips or have him do your face for a night out.


Spencer used the beechwood tinted moisturizer, aster dual powder foundation, raspberry tea lip gloss, golden asper trio eye makeup and a swosh of black forest mascara.


Now the picture above isn’t going to win me any modeling gigs, but I did come out feeling pretty! If I would have just to got a picture after I got out of my workout gear, spruced up the hair and popped on a pair of my Jewliette earrings (shameless plug for my favourite jewelers), but alas, I failed at perfection once again.


Selfology Spa Salon

SocialShopper Selfology Spa Deal here.

Should you not be feeling quite yourself, it may be time to treat yourself to Selfology, a spa and salon at Granville and 16th in Vancouver. Peter Tu and Jessica Yu, the owners of this unique spot take self-care a step further and believe and practice with healing first in mind. By visiting the spa for one of their many treatments you will be nurtured and healed towards better health. Peter’s father’s unfortunate death ignited a passion in him to pursue preventative health and share this with the community. The spa hosts wellness seminars and speeches and runs a program where they give back by giving away makeovers to deserving individuals who have been to busy or distracted to stop and care for themselves.  Their mantra is to be “the best you in the best world”.

Selfology Spa Salon

The entry room to the salon where the hair technicians practice their art is stark white with natural wood accents. The chairs are comfortable and at the wash station these chairs even recline and massage while the hairdresser shampoos your scalp to cleanliness. I had the pleasure of meeting Kei Ishihara who treated me to a deep condition and wonderful blow out.

Selfology Spa Treatment Room

Through the sliding door into the next room there is a make up consultant should you wish and several treatment rooms for you to relax and enjoy a massage, or facial or perhaps some body contouring or hair removal. The many options are listed here.


I had an amazing relaxing organic Seaflora thalassotherapy facial and emerged with glowing skin. I also experienced the lymphatic detox massage which left me knot-free and so content I needed a nap.


The spa sells many different skin and hair products tailored to your specific needs, I went with the Seaflora line for dry skin to elevate my skin treatments at home.  The above pictured Relaxus Salt Aroma Lamps surround the room and are also available for purchase. They not only make your room smell and look better, but also help reduce indoor pollution, and yes, I had to have one.

Selfology Spa Salon

This is a place where miracles seem to occur and luckily SocialShopper currently has two deals for you for:

– Option 1: $69 for 90-minute head to toe spa package for 1, including full body massage, plus organic Seaflora thalassotherapy facial (value $175)

– Option 2: $129 for 90-minute head to toe spa package for 2, including full body massage, plus organic Seaflora thalassotherapy facial (value $350)

*Selfology spa provided the treatments mentioned, but, as always, we only recommend products and services we truly love.


Metta3 Rest Spa REST Session

Metta Rest Spa Deal – Please scroll down for a 25% off deal for Good Life Vancouver readers.

Recently I had heard of these new flotation sessions inside tanks full of water, and I thought that there could be nothing worse than being crammed into a vessel in the dark in sensory deprivation. I am claustrophobic and  bore easily; I once had to flee a hot yoga session completely freaked out. You could say that I have a few issues.

When I was invited to try a REST session at Metta Rest Spa in Kitsilano I was, needless to say, more that just a tad reluctant. However, in the spirit of adventure I figured I’d go for it after I was reassured that I could abandon the tank at any time, and told that it was far from restricting while in there.


At the spa lockers, eco-friendly bamboo towels, robes, and comfy sandals are all provided. Tank visitors shower both prior to and after REST session in their own private room with the spa’s products. Their shampoo/conditioner, body wash and moisturize are divine.

Guests are asked to arrive at least a half hour early, so I walked down there to ensure I was in full relaxation mode.  I was given a tour of the spa facility, had a chat about what to expect and then it was off to the changing room. After climbing into my rob I ventured into the far-infrared Sauna where I sat for fifteen minutes and  emerged already felling rather chilled out.

Onward to the tank portion of Metta, I then headed into my private room, showered and crawled into the large egg-shaped chamber pictured above and pulled down the lid to spend the next hour submerged. It was a huge surprise when the time was up. It flew by and the experience was far from the torture I had imagined.

The water is salt, so your body will literally float. A head rest is provided so there’s no water flooding over your face and once you pull the lid down the lights go out and you’ll hear nothing. I dreaded spending the hour in this tank, but after my brain calmed from its racing thoughts, I then pretended I was a mermaid, dolphin, a floating dead body on CSI and more; a few random thoughts that kept my mind from racing. Finally I started to just zone out and suddenly the lights slowly came up and the hour was up.


After a shower I headed into the library and was served a cup of tea, and relaxed for just a wee bit more before I really had to get back to my always busy day. I wish I could do this at least once a week, perhaps next time pairing a private yoga practice session that the offer prior to my REST treatment. Now just to find the time.

3663 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC

The Metta3 Rest Spa social channels are:


Metta3 Rest Spa has a  coupon code for you so you can book appointments with a 25% discount. The code is MettaLove (case sensitive). 


This coupon will be valid for 6 months, until March 31, 2015. Please note that users can book and pay for their appointments using this coupon online or if they prefer to pay at the spa, they can mention this coupon on-site and their discount will be applied then.


Rain Hair Salon

hair beffore and afterI’ve been a bit of a wanderer of late when it comes to getting my hair done. I’ve even been doing some amateur dye jobs at home, which sort of work for tiny touch up, but this hair of mine has been in real need of a complete in-salon full cut, colour, condition and style for quite some time. Along came SocialShopper to the rescue with their deal for Rain Salon in the Waterfall Building near Granville Island. Conveniently they are also within walking distance from my home office.

I’d never noticed the salon as it is rather small and tucked into the corner behind the waterfall.  And although small, it’s comfortably so. You know when you go to a big salon and there’s so much buzzing and blowing going on that you leave feeling as though you have been part of a cattle drive? It’s completely not the case here. I love the intimacy and structure of the small, well-spaced room and felt like I had the salon practically to myself.

I had been give the $29 SocialShopper option which included a wash, scalp massage, haircut, choice of deep conditioning or colour enhancing treatment, and blow-dry/style (value $95). As you may have seen in many of my previous beauty posts, I have a massive amount of hair, and before Rain Salon I desperately needed a full colour, cut, conditioning and styling fix, so I chose to supplement the deal adding more to the package and was charged accordingly as agreed to in advance of course. The grand total was more like $150, but that included a fairly generous and very well deserved tip as well as highlights and full colour and me leaving looking as much like a rock star as possible given what we’ve got to work with!

Before Rain

Me before with my mop.

My stylist was Jordan and thankfully we hit it off and there was no judgment at all from him on my wool-like mop of hair that he had to deal with!

I asked Jordan what he thought of my situation after the appointment. “When I met Cassandra, the first thing I noticed was that her hair and her personality did not match! Her colour was feeling dull and lengths were feeling parched, which is a pretty stark contrast to her vivacious personality and a sense of humour that’s far from dry. We brightened up her mids and ends with some subtle balayage highlights to enhance the look of her curl and add some definition to her hair. We finished the service using the Bumble and Bumble Quenching line to restore the moisture that curly hair naturally tends to lack.  After a good trim and a bouncy blowout she was looking refreshed and renewed”

Thanks for the kind words Jordan and do know that I looked as well as felt both refreshed and renewed and will return for a good dose of laughter along with some touch ups I will need in the future. The wandering has come to an end and I will put myself in your capable hands. Well, as long as you continue to say nice things about me of course!


And after….sorry about the blur! Thanks Jordan! Dress by Cherry Velvet btw!

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Thanks again to this cool dude! Jordan



J Natural Spa

IMG_6429I have walked up 4th Avenue in Kitsilano hundreds of times and never noticed J Natural Spa before. There’s a signboard that I must have passed, but it’s tucked away on the upper level. I must have been tweeting or somehow focused on something else. Never mind, as I have found it now.

SocialShopper put together a package that included a full body massage, herbal foot soak, eyebrow shape, 45 minute facial with their J Natural Spa products, a lip and eye treatment as well as mineral makeup and a bronzer and lip balm application.

I hustled down to the spa as I was running late and rather flustered and was desperately in need of a relaxing experience. I seemed to be the only one at the spa. It’s rather small, but good things do come in small packages here.

The treatment started with the herbal foot soak in the waiting area while I sipped some herbal tea and began to unwind. I was then off to the massage room and after I disrobed, climbed into the bed I began to de-stress as the technician worked her magic focusing on my back as it’s always in knots from sitting at my desk too long. Soft music drowned out the occasional noise from the street below and at one point I actually fell right to sleep.

Once the massage was over the facial began.  It was a scent-filled procedure filled with many steps. I wasn’t sure what was going on from one moment to the next, but drifted off and left it in her capable hands and came back with refreshed skin and unblocked pores.  J Natural Spa has their own 100% natural skincare line that is said to be “handmade with love and will feed your skin with essential nutrients and vitamins”. The final mineral makeup and bronzer left me glowing and I merely had to put some mascara and lipstick on to head out for the afternoon. The frazzles were gone and I was all set for a relaxing evening.


J Natural Spa
Company Website
1937 West 4th Ave
Vancouver, BC
V6J 1M7

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Spa Day at New Image College of Fine Arts

NewImageSpa1Last week I took a much needed afternoon to myself to beautify my tired feet and get my nails in order. Fortunately for me at New Image College of Fine Arts they offer an esthetics training and once the students have mastered the skills, they can take on clients to fine tune their trade. The school’s programs are tops in the industry so these students are pros by the time they get their hands on you and services are offered at extremely descent prices. There’s a sale on now for a $20 pedi or $20 mani and facials are just $30.


The best thing about the pedi/mani was that I was all tucked up on the treatment table as though I was in bed. I even fell asleep I was so incredibly relaxed. My technician, Anastasia, did an excellent job; she’s training to be a teacher herself and looks forward to opening a spa of her own.

new image

Here’s my nails after the mani. I always choose a lighter polish so the chips are less obvious.

new image2

But toes get colour! Now I can wear my spring shoes. Thanks New Image! I’ll be back again and will be sure to try that facial!

More About New Image College of Fine Arts

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, and originally established in 1980, New Image College of Fine Arts is one of Canada’s leading accredited post secondary institutions offering unique “real world” training in film & television acting, makeup artistry and esthetics. For thirty-four years, New Image has been dedicated to preparing students with the knowledge and hands-on training needed to be successful in their chosen fields by instructors who are amongst the best in the country; award-winning professionals with accomplished careers in acting, makeup artistry and esthetics. New Image graduates routinely go on to impact the entertainment and esthetics industries, contributing their skills to world class productions, both in Canada and abroad.

4 Angels Beauty Care

massage_servicesThe days of Brooke Shields bushy brows are long gone and even the most low maintenance ladies and gents now ensure brow lines are clean and stray hairs tidied up. At  4 Angels Beauty Care owners Navkiran “Kiran” Sokhi and Kulwinder Malhi, are sculpting brows with a threading treatment that also includes a brow massage and brow make-up for just $22.

4 angels

We’ve also tried their natural oil “Indian Head Massage” which will leave you relaxed and stress free even on the worst of days; there’s nothing better than laying back in the chair to be pampered. Their refreshing facial use products from France Laure which are full of active enzymes that rejuvenate skin. 4 Angels cleanses, tones, applies a peel and then massages your face and follows up with a cool hydrating gel mask and protective cream. You will leave with not only glowing skin and a blissful demeanour.

The Salon also offers waxing and additional massage services as well as sari wrapping, and creative henna designs in case you’d like to experience a taste of a culture that certainly knows how to dress up and beautify the ladies!

1342 Burrard St, Vancouver, BC
(604) 428-4111


Juillet Spa

juilletOn the corner of Broadway and Arbutus in Kitsilano spa goers can find one of Vancouver’s largest spas, Juillet Spa. They pride themselves as the perfect place for a spa party or pre-wedding prep, and they most certainly are. However you don’t need a group or any special occasion other than the need to treat yourself to visit this spa. SocialShopper has an excellent $88 package right now click here to purchase.

The spa has multiple treatment rooms all geared for privacy as well as a large central room where you can relax prior or post treatment, or receive a mani or pedi. All this while watching your choice of movies that are kindly played at a very low volume with subtitles so not to ruin the mood.

In the private rooms the spa offers everything from acupuncture to cellulite smoothing treatments, along with facials, massages, aromatherapy, make up application, hair styling, waxing and spray tans.

I chose the 100-Minute Rejuvenation package which includes a massage, Organic Eminence Facial, Reflexology, and a Collagen Anti-Aging Eye Treatment.  It is usually $290 but SocialShopper is currently offering it for $88 – PURCHASE THE DEAL HERE.

After changing in a private room into a comfy robe, I was guided down the hallway to my private room where a warm water bed awaited me.  The spa professional began with a soothing massage concentrating on my difficult zones, back and shoulders, and was so relaxing I fell asleep. The facial uses the Eminence products and the specific cleanser and moisturizer is chosen for you once your skin condition is determined.  Mine included the blueberry soy exfoliating cleanser and the pumpkin latte hydration masque which left my skin a bit red after as I had some sensitivity to something in the product. However, the technician took the time to apply a cooling mask, at no extra charge, which remedied this and I left with glowing skin.

After the treatment I relaxed in the lounge with some herbal tea and fruit before dressing and heading back to the real world feeling energized and refreshed


More deals from Socialshopper HERE

Juillet Spa and Wedding
Company Website
2525 Arbutus St.
Vancouver, BC
V6J 4S2

Sabai Thai Coal Harbour

sabathaiDEAL ALERT  Sabai Thai Serenity Package reg $300 on for $99

In Thai “Sabai” means harmony, and when you enter either one of the three locations of Sabai Thai Spa, you will certainly understand why they’ve chosen their name.This boutique spa specializes in traditional Thai treatments and has three locations in North Vancouver, Coal Harbour, and the most recent location, West Vancouver,  opened in May 2011.

The owner, Neata Goutier, grew up in Thailand and was taught the art of Thai massage from one of the oldest healers in Thailand, at the young age of twelve. She is also trained in Thai yoga. Her sister Nisita Auttapoung joined her in Canada to run the West Vancouver location and has gone through similar intense training.

Sabai Thai uses all natural products including Eminence OrganicsSpa RitualMacadamia Natural Oil and Langley’s own Tuscan Farm Gardens creations in all their treatments, leaving your skin irritation free.

This spa specializing in Thai massage, an ancient form of massage where the client lays on a floor mat and the instructor gently stretches joints and muscles and uses pressure points to loosen up the body. They also offer herb compress massage, white clay body wraps and a variety of other packages.  I wrote about their signature facial here.

I tried the 90-minute  Sabai Thai Pure Serenity Package with massage, a mini facial and reflexology which is on special from Social Shopper (purchase here) for $99 (it is regularly $292). 

This included an excellent 40-minute full body deep pressure anti-stress massage that I highly needed as my shoulder and back have been acting up, and a 30-minute customized 100% organic facial of your choice with Organic Eminence products.  Afterwards the technician performs a bright eyes treatment that hydrates the eyes and reduces wrinkles and a hydrating lip plump treatment to soften the lips. Usually included is a Thai foot massage that uses Thai healing art and deep pressure points  but we focused more on the first massage instead and as my back needed all the work and felt much better for it. It was nice to have this customized for me.

I truly didn’t expect the treatment to be so thorough and relaxing and I left with brighter skin, a looser back and a much less scattered mind. If I could just to this weekly I’d be set.

The deal is at SocialShopper (purchase here) for $99 (it is regularly $292). 



Sabai Thai Spa in Coal Habour is the perfect fit in downtown Vancouver, nestled between the busy shopping district, Coal Harbour Marina and the sea wall walk leading through Stanley Park.

The Spa offers 8 treatment areas, 6 multi-purpose massage and esthetic rooms, one signature Thai Massage room, a nail lounge with 3 state of the art thrones, as well as a cozy tea lounge.

Services range from 60 minutes to 2 hours, but guests are welcome to stay longer and enjoy a warm fresh cup of ginger tea after their treatment.

Parking is available in the building’s underground car park, and is free to guests during their treatment time. Just bring in your parking ticket for validation.

For more information or to book an appointment, please contact us at 604-568-6227 or by email

Canadiana Facial at Skoah


It’s time to put your best face forward for all your holiday parties and for us that starts with a pre-party season facial.  Right now Skoah is offering a “Canadiana Facial” on until December 24, 2013. The treatment includes a hard and arm treatment with their holiday  products for $70.  With locations throughout Vancouver and in North Vancouver and Burnaby (as well as Calgary, Seattle and Boston) this Vancouver-based company makes getting your glow on easy.

Into the private treatment room you’ll go and the service begins with a scalp massage, then a cleansing and toning followed by a exfoliant mask.  While the mask does it’s magic you will be treated to a hand and arm scrub and wrap and a massage with the holiday cream.  After the mask is gently removed the technician performs a skin analysis and perhaps some extraction if necessary and then applies another mask.  While that mask settles in you receive a neck and shoulder massage, then a facial massage and after the final mask is removed toner, eye cream and moisturiser is applied.  The final step is a scalp massage and a gift of a lip moisturiser to take with you.

The technician also has some suggestions to keep your skin in tip top shape and you may even be able to cross a few gifts of your list for those in need of some self-care or pick up a gift card so they can enjoy this treatment themselves.

nitty gritty: Cannot be combined with any other promotions including and not limited to rebooking rewards, birthday certificates, or any other promotional certificates. Members may use their membership dollars towards the service for $70. Facial is valid at all skoah locations between November 28th and December 24th 2013.