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Bocuse d’Or Fundraiser – Wishing Chef James Olberg Well On His Journey

BC Chefs Band Together For Canadian Chef in Bocuse d’Or Fundraiser

Created in 1987 by Mater Chef Paul Bocuse, the Bocuse d’Or culinary competition is now in it’s 30 year. Twenty-four of the most promising chefs in the world go through two days of intense competition and give their very best to secure a top spot. Intense is the key word here – this is MAXIMUM chefness at work (and yes, I do know that’s not a word).

This year’s Canadian candidate is Chef James Olberg who heads to France very shortly to compete in the  Bocuse d’Or. However Chef Olberg has more than just culinary prep to do, as unlike many other countries, that have immense budgets for their chefs to train for the prestigious Bocuse d’Or contest, Canada does not. Our chefs have to work full time, raise families, try to stay healthy and have some personal time AND train for the Bocuse d’Or AND worry about the financing of it all. Needless to say, something has to give.

Bocuse d'Or Fundraiser

This past December I was super impressed, once again, with our local chef community as they banded together to help one of their own. Chef Keith Pears spearheaded the venture at his hotel, the Delta by Marriott in Burnaby. Guests could choose the chef they would sit with and there were some pretty big hitters here! Truffles were shaved, caviar spooned out liberally and there was an amazing sense of community. I hugged many old friends and met new ones.

Bocuse d'Or Fundraiser

Bocuse d'Or Fundraiser

Bocuse d'Or Fundraiser

Marcus Von Albrecht’s generously donated XFour Vodka for the initial Cocktail and a selection of skillfully prepared canapes were served. Then we headed to our chefs tables for the dinner.  I had the good fortune to sit with Chef Sylvain Currier.

img 0072

Bocuse d'Or Fundraiser

Autumn Harvest Vegetable Salad – burgundy truffle puree, candied hazelnuts, preserved lemon

Bocuse d'Or Fundraiser

img 0084

Pine mushroom custard white alba truffle, caviar, cauliflower topped with hand shaved trufflesBocuse d'Or Fundraiser

img 0093
Braised veal cheeks with Perigold truffle, fois gras croquette, parsnip puree, crispy celeriac, parsley puree

Bocuse d'Or FundraiserAmaretto Panna Cotta – BC apple sorbet, candied ginger, carrot puree, crisp meringue, almonds

Macarons by Panifrance

Bocuse d'Or Fundraiser

We wish Chef Olberg the very best on his journey and thank all that contributed to this amazing night. May the force be with him!


CCFCC Bocuse d’Or Canada team includes Navjeet Singh as the Official Commis to Chef James Olberg at the 2017 Bocuse d’Or in Lyon.

Chef Alex Chen heads to the Bocuse d’Or

alex-bio-picPR NEWS – Chef Alex Chen is Moxie’s Culinary Architect, and on January 29th he will represent Canada at the Bocuse d’Or in Lyon, France, facing off against the world’s top chefs. The Bocuse d’Or is the world’s most prestigious culinary competition. It happens every two years in Lyon, France and is a two-day competition. 24 countries are permitted to participate; more than 56 compete to participate but only the top 24 make it. The Bocuse d’Or is widely regarded among chefs as both the Olympics and the Super Bowl of the culinary world. The Bocuse d’Or showcases the talents of the world’s top chefs in an intense, highly charged and extremely noisy atmosphere. The competition takes place in conjunction with SIRHA, the International Hotel Catering & Food Trade Exhibition and attracts over 160,000 visitors from around the world.

Bocuse d'Or Team Canada

Some pics from last weeks preview.

On the day of the competition, Alex is permitted one Commis in the kitchen with him who cannot be older then 22 years. Alex’s Commis is Jack Beers, who is 19 years old. Alex is also allowed a coach who is NOT permitted in the kitchen but will be at the window (adjacent to Ale’s cooking booth) supporting the team. Alex’s coach is Dan Olson, a notable chef that has worked with him in at the Beverly Hotels and before that at the Four Seasons in Chicago. At the Bocuse d’Or, Alex will be expected to create two protein dishes – one fish, one beef.

Chef Alex Chen Presents Fish DIsh

Team Canada Poster + Beef Tenderloin

This year the fish is Turbot and European Blue Lobster. Turbot is a popular fish in Europe; it is white meaty fish with delicate flavour. The meat is Irish Beef filet. Alex will need to prepare a platter presentation for the beef and 14 plated dishes for the fish.

Each chef has five and a half hours to prepare the meat dish and the fish dish. Both platters must be presented with a free choice of three different garnishes and must contain a total of twelve servings. Two portions are plated for presentation and for the official photograph. One of the garnishes must include an ingredient that is from the participant’s country (kept secret until the day of the competition).

Alex departs for France on January 22. Upon his arrival, he will have four practice days before he competes on January 29.

Alex was the former Executive Chef of the Beverly Hills hotel. He quit his position there to move back to Canada to compete at the Bocuse d’Or. Since moving back he joined Moxie’s as their Culinary Architect.

The Bocuse d’Or was started by Paul Bocuse, who is widely consider the Father of Nouvelle cuisine. Arguably the world’s first celebrity chef, his celebrity was not a result of TV but rather due to his reputation. He broke convention: in his restaurant he left his kitchen to speak to guests. He has also been the face of French cooking. His restaurant in France has held a 3 Michelin Star status for over 43 years consecutively. No other restaurant in the world has done that. In 2011, Paul Bocuse was honoured as Chef of the Century at the CIA in New York.

Chef Alex Chen Culinary Architect Moxie's Grill & Bar


Canada’s 2013 Bocuse d’Or Contender – Culinary Architect for Moxie’s Grill & Bar

Competing at the level demanded by the Bocuse d’Or requires limitless patience, extreme dedication, and thousands of hours spent in training and coaching. First and foremost, though, it needs a chef who can compete shoulder to shoulder with the best chefs in the world and whose talents and unwavering commitment set him or her apart.

For Canada, that chef is Alex Chen. Chef Chen fell in love with cooking while growing up in Vancouver. His career has taken him across North America with positions in some of the continent’s finest hotels, including the Four Seasons Toronto, Four Seasons Chicago, and most recently as the Executive Chef of The Beverly Hills Hotel and Bungalows in Hollywood. Chef Chen resigned his position at the Beverly Hills Hotel to pursue his dream of representing Canada at the Bocuse d’Or, and now resides in Vancouver where he is madly preparing for the competition.

After being named Canada’s Bocuse d’Or chef for 2013, he also assumed the role of Culinary Architect at Moxie’s Grill & Bar. Moxie’s is the title sponsor of Bocuse d’Or Team Canada, and this position allows Chef Chen to prepare for the competition and also directly impact menu development and staff training for the national restaurant group.

Hot Chefs Cool Jazz

Exclusive culinary event in support of Breakfast For Learning and the CCFCC Bocuse d’Or Canada on Friday, October 12th 2012

HOT CHEFS cool jazz

6:00 pm Reception | Dinner 7:00 pm • Tickets $120 per person | Cocktail Chic

Entertainment by LeftCoast Jazz Featuring Marie Hui

Delta Burnaby Hotel and Conference Centre
4331 Dominion Street, Burnaby, British Columbia, V5G 1C7

 The very best Vancouver and area chefs will present tasting dishes at an evening of unforgettable cuisine in support of two great causes, Bocuse d’Or Canada and Breakfast For Learning. This event promises to be the premier culinary experience of the year and will include a silent auction featuring exclusive dining opportunities, golf packages, products from world-renowned culinary brands such as Le Creuset and much, much more. Proceeds from ticket sales will benefit Bocuse d’Or Canada and the local and regional efforts ofBreakfast for Learning.

Competing at the level demanded by the Bocuse d’Or requires limitless patience, extreme dedication and thousands of hours spent in training and coaching. First and foremost, though it needs a chef who can compete shoulder to shoulder with the best chefs in the world and whose talents and unwavering commitment set them apart, for Canada that chef is Alex Chen. Chef Chen grew up and fell in love with cooking in Vancouver. His career has taken him across North America with positions in some of the continents finest hotels including Four Seasons Toronto, Four Seasons Chicago and most recently as the Executive chef of The Beverly Hills Hotel and Bungalows: he has now returned to Vancouver to prepare for the world’s most prestigious culinary competition.

About Bocuse d’Or
In January 2013 the very best chefs from twenty-four countries
will convene in Lyon, France for the most demanding culinary competition in the world. Legendary French Chef, Paul Bocuse and Albert Romain, organizer of the trade exhibition, founded the Bocuse d’Or in 1987. Their vision was to create a competition that would bring the greatest chefs out from behind closed doors and onto the world stage. They wanted to share the atmosphere and life of a great kitchen and give an international audience the opportunity to see these great chefs at work.www.bocusedorcanada.ca

About Breakfast For Learning
Bocuse d’Or Canada is proud to be a supporter of Breakfast for Learning (BFL). BFL helps communities to start and sustain successful school nourishment programs. As the nation’s lead advocate for quality nutrition in schools, BFL champions a made-in-Canada model that brings together public, private and volunteer sectors to provide nutritious food in caring, family-centered programs. As well, BFL supports ongoing research that demonstrates how good nutrition benefits learning.www.breakfastforlearning.ca