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UBC Food Services Recipe Demos – The Tuna

UBC Food Services Chef Steven Yzerman From UBC Food Trucks Recipe For Tuna Atop Slaw

Last week I ventured out to UBC to visit my husband Mich just to make sure he’s behaving at work. Okay, not really, it was actually to witness a food demo that UBC Food Services, the department he works for. I know he’s generally well behaved, and I don’t need to check up on him, but it was fun to see him at work again.

UBC Food Services

Chef Steven Yzerman is in charge of the menus for the food trucks out at UBC and they’re just switching up the menus for the summer and adding a few lighter things, such as this tuna atop coleslaw. It was super delish and a perfect starter for a nice summer meal on the patio. It will be on the School of Fish Food Truck starting next week, but I nabbed the recipe so you can make it at home too. I’m hoping Michael took some notes too and it appears on our dinner table soon! We’ve been buying our fish lately at F.R.E.S.H. on Broadway near MacDonald, or straight from the docks at Fishermen’s Wharf on Granville Island.

UBC Food Services

12 oz Albacore tuna belly removed
2 oz fresh cilantro – chopped
pinch of freshly ground coriander seeds
red chili & salt to taste

8 floz gluten free soy
4 oz brown sugar
4 oz fresh squeezed lime juice
4 oz mirin

8 oz cucumber
8 oz diakon
8 oz carrot
2 oz green onion
cilantro to garnishUBC Food Services


1. Firmly roll Albacore tuna loin in coriander herb spice
2. Sear in skillet on high heat to desired degree – chill
3. Thinly slice tuna
4. Mix vegetables with lime
5. Plate slaw and top with tuna, garnish with remaining ponzu and cilantro

School of Fish Food Truck UBC

School of Fish Food Truck UBC

If you are out there I’d suggest hitting up the School of Fish Food Truck for their fish tacos as they’re full of flavour!

Get your tickets for #dinnerpartyYVR!


It’s back, and this year #dinnerpartyYVR is even bigger than before! Last year we opened up our home to six lucky dinner guests who graciously agreed to dine with us in the name of charity. We are doing so again so this year, and are honouring Beauty Night and the work of Caroline MacGillivray and her incredible team. Our tickets were scooped up right off the get go, BUT, the great news is there are still some amazing meals that are open. AND, if you really want to dine at our place, we can make that happen another time. :o) Thanks to Dianne Chow of Fabulously Frugal for the awesome photo above of last year’s meal. This year we are going Moroccan!

Follow all the action on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram: #dinnerpartyYVR

Join this social dining movement where Hobby chefs make a home cooked meal for strangers and friends alike – and 100% of your ticket price is donated to charities chosen by the hobby chefs.

You’ll meet new friends, have a great meal, experience something outside-of-the-box all while giving back to charity.

Date: Saturday, March 28th
Time: 6pm for dinner, After Party @ Meccanica at 8:30 pm
Tickets: Min. $40/ticket, 100% donated to charity

Join a meal here!

Your donation could also score you a seat on the dinner table of Clement Chan (Owner/Chef Le Tigre Food Truck / Top Chef Season 3 Contestant) and Liam Lewis (#dinnerpartyYVR Veteran / Vancouver’s Youngest Hobby Chef). Sign up by March 4 and you are automatically entered for a chance to be invited to our very special Cressey Dinner Party at the Meccanica Penthouse.
See you at dinner!

About Beauty Night
Beauty Night builds self-esteem and changes the lives of women and youth living in poverty through three streams of programming: wellness, life skills development and makeovers.

Grace Kennedy’s Caribbean Jerk Sauce

IMG_4757The summer doesn’t have to end with the official day of fall. We BBQ all year as it’s our go to for quick dinners. In fact I think we’re due for more propane right now! This summer we tested out some new sauces from Grace Kennedy and have now worked our way through the entire bottle of Jerk Marinade.

Grace’s line includes Jerk Seasonings, Sauces and Rubs, Pineapple and Coconut Grilling Sauces and Hot Pepper Sauces and they make grilling easy as you can simply marinade as per the label’s instructions, or head to www.gracekennedy.ca for more official recipes. The company started in Jamaica in 1922 as a small trading establishment and now offers full line of Caribbean inspired foods that include cooking sauces, seasonings, rice and beans, soup mixes and beverages such as sodas and juices.  Also coconut products, such as Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Organic Coconut Sugar and Coconut Water.

We marinated the chicken for a couple hours in the Jerk Marinade and served it up with some grilled vegetables and coleslaw. Tasty and easy for a quick mid-week meal!


Yep, that’s Michael grilling and yep….we still have our Christmas lights up as we like to light them up while we sit on the balcony on warm nights. And there’s less to do come Christmas.


Our very own Chef Michael Smith (@chefgoodlifevan) is a master griller. Just check out these grill marks. PRO!

Now about those Coconut Products……

grace jerk sauce


Feast of Fields Craft Brewers


Chef GoodLifeVan (Michael Smith)

I was told that I could come to Feast of Fields this year to sit on a blanket, read a book and drink craft beer. Well I only managed to do one of the above but that one was the best part! The beer sampling of course.

The BC craft beer community was well represented with the following breweries:

Driftwood Brewing www.driftwoodbeer.com
Hoyne Brewing www.hoynebrewing.ca
Mission Springs Brewing Company www.missionsprings.ca
Powell Street Craft Brewery www.powellbeer.com
R&B Brewing www.r-and-b.com
Red Truck Beer www.redtruckbeer.com
Russell Brewing Co www.russellbeer.com
Salt Spring Coffee www.saltspringcoffee.com
Squeezed Wines www.squeezedwines.com
Stanley Park Brewery www.stanleyparkbrewery.ca
Surlie Brewing www.surliebrewing.ca


So, like the trooper I am, I took upon my self to try them all (or at least ones I haven’t had previously) and I came up with my own beer awards for the day.

Mission Springs

#1 Mission Springs – Cherry Bomb Pale Ale
#2 tie Powell Street White IPA
#2 tie R&B Spruce Tip Pale Ale
Honourable Mention Surlie Brewing Solitaire Belgium Strong Dark Ale
Also worth mentioning was the Driftwood Farmhand Saison and Crooked Coast Altbier


Oh yeah there was food as well, and my notables were Forage with their pickled and preserved vegetables, Fable, who served an amazing pate topped with fruit, Choices inventive sturgeon and vegetable shooters and Lolita’s ground beef and chorizo tacos.


Cheers for now,

Savour Canada Breakfast

Photos and Story by Gillian Guilmant-Smith

Savour Canada International Breakfast celebrated Canadian food and agriculture products at the Pan Pacific Hotel on February 11, 2010.  Six of Canada’s top chefs were on hand to create signature breakfast dishes that highlighted the bounty and diversity of Canada’s unique food products and ingredients. 

Despite the early start, chefs cheerfully demonstrated how to put together their delicious offerings and took the time to describe their technique and answer questions about the ingredients.

Tasty treats included French toast, prepared by celebrity chef Michael Smith, and stuffed with blueberry, mint and fluffy cream cheese, drenched in Canadian maple syrup and garnished with brown butter and Haskap berry compote.  Other items on offer were equally appealing, especially the Maritime Lobster and Yukon Gold Eggs Benedict, topped with summer savoury hollandaise and sturgeon caviar.

For more info on Canadian food products and ingredients visit www.eatcanadian.ca



 Cheese-stuffed French Toast with Cider-Braised Canadian Pork Sausage

Chef Michael Smith – PEI

Oatmeal-crusted French toast stuffed with blueberry, mint & cream cheese served with Canadian maple syrup, brown butter and Haskap berry compote, and a side of apple cider-braised pork sausage

West Coast Smoked Salmon with Slow-Scrambled Eggs

Chef Michael Smith – PEI

Smoked salmon served with slow-scrambled eggs, Canadian Gouda and brown butter hollandaise, with a side of pickled red onions and a Canadian oyster

Maritime Lobster – Yukon Gold Eggs Benedict

Chef Chris Aerni – New Brunswick

Yukon Gold rösti, served with Bay of Fundy lobster and poached Omega 3 eggs, topped with summer savoury hollandaise and short nose sturgeon caviar

French Canadian Pork Cretons on Maple Brioche

Chef Alain Pignard – Quebec

A modern interpretation of old-fashioned pork cretons served with wild lingonberry (airelles sauvages) chutney, Canadian mustard and maple sugar-dusted mini brioche

Canadian-style Dosas with Sweet Potato and Roasted Onion Curry

Chef Donna Dooher – Ontario

Cumin-scented dosas made with Canadian chickpea and buckwheat flours, wrapped around sweet potato and roasted onion curry


Prairie Steak and Eggs with Wild and Cultivated Mushroom Bread Pudding

Chef Rémi Cousyn – Saskatchewan –

Prime 32-day aged Canadian beef rib-eye medallion, fried quail egg and crisp bacon lardons with a spoonful of intensely flavoured mushroom bread pudding

Pacific Rim Congee with Beef –

Chef Daryle Nagata – British Columbia

Three savoury congees – rice, cornmeal and barley, topped with an array of Canadian products: Oven-browned beef short ribs with Asian flavours, braised pork cheeks, geoduck, sea urchin, pine mushrooms, wild rice, lentil caviar, marinated tofu, soya beans, salted duck eggs, peanuts, scallions, fried garlic and Chinese crullers