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BOMBAY SAPPHIRE EAST and Cocktails with David Wolowidnyk

Top Five Reasons Why Bombay Sapphire Gin is the Spirit of Summer

Yesterday I wrote about how my new Escents Outdoor Survival Kit helped keep the mosquitoes away (although I neglected to use the spray the the day before….and one bit me on the neck….right in my apartment while sleeping…so very rude!) and today I bring you GIN as a remedy! Apparently I’d only had wine that night.

Gin has always been the classic cocktail spirit that was meant to be mixed. As a key ingredient to many of the season’s most refreshing cocktails, it balances botanicals with light and fresh seasonal flavours like citrus and fruits.

Bombay Saphire

“From a subtle hint of citrus, to its complex, yet balanced flavour, gin features the ultimate crisp and refreshing qualities that make it the perfect summer drink,” says David Wolowidnyk, Vancouver Brand Ambassador, BOMBAY SAPPHIRE. “BOMBAY SAPPHIRE’S unique vapour infusion process and exotic handpicked botanicals make it exceptionally well balanced and extraordinarily mixable, making it the perfect choice for your favourite gin cocktail.”

If you haven’t cocktailed at CinCin lately you must. It’s where the talented Wolowidnyk mans the bar and an excellent place for dinner as well. We asked Wolowidnyk for some recipes for the best summer gin drinks and here’s his top two.


Loosen the Knot

  • 1 oz Bombay Sapphire EAST Gin
  • .5 oz Lemon Juice
  • .5 oz Simple Syrup (2:1)
  • 2 oz Prosecco
  • 1 scoop Lemon/Ginger Sorbet

Method: Stir/Build/Neat

Glass: Flute

Preparation: Add the gin, simple syrup and lemon juice to a mixing glass with ice and stir to chill. Strain into a flute. Add Prosecco and top with a scopp of sorbet.

Garnish: 1 scoop of lemon/ginger sorbet

To compliment the Thai Lemon Grass and Vietnamese Black Peppercorn of the Bombay Sapphire EAST, the refreshing acidity of the lemon and the spice of the ginger help to relax and rejuvenate.

Bombay Sapphire

Eastern Crush

  • 1.5 oz Bombay Sapphire EAST Gin
  • .75 oz Lime Juice
  • .5 oz Simple Syrup (2:1)
  • 3 pieces of Watermelon (2″ cubes)
  • 3 sprigs Cilantro
  • 1 pinch Black Pepper (fresh ground)

Method: Shake/On the Rocks

Glass: Old Fashioned Glass

Preparation: In a shaker, muddle watermelon, cilantro and freshly ground pepper. Add Bombay Sapphire EAST, lime juice and simple syrup. Shake with ice until cole and fine strain through a tea strainer to remove solids. Add new ice to the glass and garnish.

Garnish: 1 sprig of cilantro

BOMBAY SAPPHIRE EAST’s Top 5 Reasons why Gin is the Spirit of Summer

  1. Tonic originated in India as the quinine in tonic was a remedy to combat mosquito-borne malaria. Adding ice, citrus and gin made the tonic more refreshing and palatable and the citrus also helped prevent scurvy. While malaria and scurvy aren’t concerns here in Canada, mosquitoes definitely are…so go ahead and enjoy a Gin and Tonic, just to be safe!
  2. Since the 1800s, gin has been the go-to spirit for bartenders, as its botanical flavours add complexity to any cocktail, while balancing perfectly with light summer ingredients.
  3. Many experts would agree that gin is vodka’s worldlier, more interesting older brother. Replacing vodka with BOMBAY SAPPHIRE in summer cocktail favourites such as a Caesar will add a new layer of complexity to your drink.
  4. Gin is globally renowned for being refreshing on a hot day and consumption rates are highest in warm climates like Spain, the world’s number one gin market.
  5. Gin is an aperitif, preparing the palate and stimulating the appetite, and thus every great summer BBQ or dining experience should start with a gin cocktail, like a Negroni.

Mosquitoes aside, it’s no surprise that the classic Gin and Tonic is the number #1 reason on BOMBAY SAPPHIRE EAST’s list, with 65% of the world’s gin enjoyed in a Gin and Tonic*.

*Almost forgot disclaimer. I drank some gin.

Caviar & Cocktails

SONY DSCThursday, March 6 marks a culinary collaborative to remember at YEW seafood + bar as some of the city’s best mixers and makers participate in this spirited “Caviar” & Cocktails event. YEW seafood + bar’s own top toque, Ned Bell and lead bartender, Justin Taylor play host for this ‘mix and match’ multi-course event.

Joining Ned and Justin in this fun and friendly collaborative are West Restaurant + Bar‘s celebrated Executive Chef Quang Dang and award-winning mixologist David Wolowidnyk, as well as internationally-acclaimed Bittered Sling proprietors Jonathan Chovancek and Lauren Mote.  All offering premiere experiences to Vancouver diners and imbibers, YEW, West and Bittered Sling make up a fierce collection of Vancouver’s brightest culinary masters.

Coming together in the ‘spirit’ of collaboration, these eminent chefs and illustrious bartenders will show guests what diverse pairings their magnificent minds can come up with when outside their comfort zones and put to the test. For the first three of six courses, traditional alliances will be off the table and intriguing ‘one night only’ teams created between bartender and chef: Ned and David; Jonathan and Justin; and Quang and Lauren. The final three courses will reunite each restaurant’s respective colleagues. All in all, this will be an exciting opportunity to showcase the vibrant potential of creative culinary combinations.

Cocktail creations are supported by local craft distillery Okanagan Spirits. Okanagan Spirits is an internationally acclaimed craft distillery featuring a unique selection of specialty spirits. Made from 100% BC fruit, and without additives, chemicals or artificial flavours, these fine spirits have won numerous awards domestically and internationally.

Emceed by well-known Vancouver television personality and songstress  Dawn Chubai, the “Caviar” & Cocktails event will be one to remember, bringing stars together to ignite their passion and embrace their diversity in a culinary collaboration like no other.Tickets are priced at $125 per person, inclusive of tax and gratuity and are exclusively available for purchase on Eventbrite.

ABOUT YEW seafood + bar
YEW seafood + bar is one of the city’s premiere sustainable seafood restaurants, delivering delicious cuisine, thoughtfully paired wines, innovative cocktails and a fun, welcoming environment for guests – all wrapped in legendary Four Seasons service. Guided by passionate, talented and local Executive Chef Ned Bell and his “globally inspired, locally created” philosophy, YEW is making its mark as an unmissable Vancouver dining experience.  Perched at treetop level in Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver, YEW’s chic space, communal table and bar make it the perfect place to bring your social network. Get social by ‘like’ing YEW seafood + bar on Facebook and follow through Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver on Twitter and Instagram.

ABOUT West Restaurant + Bar
The jewel in Vancouver’s culinary crown, West’s exceptional regional cuisine and seamless service has garnered much critical acclaim both locally and internationally. Chef Quang Dang sources pristine regional ingredients to deliver superbly conceived dishes. Highly acclaimed wine and cocktail programs.  For more information visit West Restaurant + Bar’s website, ‘like’ on Facebook and follow on Twitter and Instagram.

ABOUT Bittered Sling
Bittered Sling celebrates the collaboration of bartender/sommelier Lauren Mote and chef Jonathan Chovancek, who together bring a combined 30 years of professional experience, knowledge and innovation to the Canadian food and beverage industry. Their line of high-quality, small-batch bitters and extracts – available in a growing number of restaurants, bars and retail locations across North America – provides palate, plate and potion alike with a subtle-yet-exciting fusion of homegrown ingredients and flavours. For more information visit Bittered Sling’s website , ‘like’ on Facebook and follow on Twitter and Instagram.

– See more at: http://www.yewseafood.com/new_from_yew/caviar_cocktails/#sthash.8G7jyfnL.dpuf

Bittered Sling Bistro Season Two

“Bittered Sling Bistro” – a bi-weekly “POP-UP” food and cocktail pairing competition dedicated to pushing the boundaries of cocktail craft present

Held at the beautiful Legacy Liquor Store in Olympic Village, Vancouver. This event is hosted by Kale & Nori’s award-winning mixologist, Lauren Mote and Chef Jonathan Chovancek. This is Vancouver’s longest running and biggest cocktail and food-pairing competition, offering a high level creative event for apprentice and veteran bartenders across British Columbia. This event is proudly sponsored by the Canadian Professional Bartender’s Association.

Lauren Mote starts our evening off, with a unique and palate-cleansing cocktail, with our feature spirit and Bittered Sling Extracts, accompanied by delicious and beautifully paired hors d’oeuvres, in the gorgeous foyer of Legacy Liquor Store. Their vaulted ceilings, spirit displays and living wall create a dynamic setting for this exciting and interactive event. Guests are guided though a bartender-friendly spirit tasting, led by our host bartender, offering up invaluable information about why bartenders love this particular spirit, and what it means to them. The rest of the evening is rather indulgent; Kale & Nori’s Chef Jonathan Chovancek creates a seasonal three course menu, inspired by the feature spirit’s wide range of notes and character, and the addition of a Bittered Sling Extract. Each course is accompanied by a expertly paired cocktail by the host bartender. Following the dinner, our guests will be invited to rate the bartender’s presentation and pairing skills. The top scoring bartenders at the end of the program will compete for a grand prize.This six month program offers 6 veteran and 6 apprentice bartenders their chance to promote their style and character in an creative way.

This is all about spirit – in both the bartender and the bottle.

September’s Competitors:

Wed, September 12– Grant Sceney, Fairmont Pacific Rim
Wed, September 26 – David Wolowidnyk, WEST Restaurant

About Bittered Sling Bistro

Location – Legacy Liquor Store

Time – 7:00pm – 9:30pm

Hors d’oeuvres:
Green alder spiced chickpea fritter stuffed with dates and Meyer lemon – 12 year old rum

Smoked pepper crostini, Farmhouse cheese, Okanagan stone-fruit

Plated Dinner:
Corn veloute, Qualicum Beach scallop, sweet and hot peppers, Okanagan espelette creme fraiche

Flor de Cana rum, carrot and ginger braised chicken, spice roasted cauliflower, cherry wood
smoked onion potato dumplings

Spicy rum caramel apples, dark chocolate puff pastry, Agassiz hazelnut cream

Tickets – available online through Legacy Liquor Store for $60/person (this includes HST and Gratuity); tickets available here listed under “Bittered Sling Bistro”


G’Vine Gin Cocktail Dinner at West

Monday, April 25th @ 6:30pm
While West’s wine dinners are well known across the city—and beyond—it’s time to let our talented bar manager have his time in the sun, in this case the sunny vineyards of Cognac, France.

On April 25th, West Restaurant is pleased to welcome the extraordinarily diverse wine grape based gins of G’VineFloraison and Nouaison—in a unique five-course dinner crafted by Executive Chef David Gunawan, paired with cocktails created by Bar Manager David Wolowidnyk.

While most gins are made from grain, G’Vine gins are small batched from Ugni Blanc grapes, distilled with nine classic fresh-fruit botanicals; and, in the case of Floraison, the unique vine flower, picked on the very day it surrenders its peak aromatics. Nouaison, on the other hand, is tinctured with the nascent grape berries. Distillation for both gins takes place in an antique Florentine still known as ‘Lily Fleur’.

In Vancouver for only a few days, Audrey Fort of EWG Spirits & Wine and Philip Duff, world renowned mixologist and Gin expert, will offer commentary and insight into these remarkable spirits.


Satori Oysters, Cucumber and Celery Soda
Goat Cheese Mousse, Pickled Beets

G’Vine Floraison, Freshly-pressed Green Apple + Grapes, Anise, Lemon

Albacore Tuna
Ponzu Marinated Loin, Confit Belly, Lightly Pickled Daikon, Seaweed
Sake Kasu Emulsion

G’Vine Nouaison, Sake, Ginger, Yuzu, Lime Zest

Dungeness Crab
White Almond Gazpacho, Elderflower Essence
G’Vine Floraison, Plum Wine, Cinnamon, Lemon

Steamed with Black Tea and Cedar, Shaved Mushrooms, Shiso
G’Vine Nouaison, Lapsang Souchong, Orange Zest

Thiessen Farm Squab
Beet Puree, Maitake Mushroom, Rose Scented Jus
G’Vine Nouaison, Blackberry, Cocoa + Violet

Frozen Yogurt scented with June Liqueur
Fresh Mango, Almond Frangipane
G’Vine Floraison, June Liqueur, Cloves

How to Purchase

Tickets are $85.00 per person, plus tax and gratuity. Seating is limited.

Call 604 738 8938 to reserve your place at the table.

Cocktail Kitchen Series: September Schedule & Participants

As one one of the most innovative cocktail programs in Canada, The Refinery is proud to start the third segment of a six month interactive and educational competition called “The Cocktail Kitchen Series”. Launched on July 8th 2010, “The Cocktail Kitchen Series” aims to promote niche craft cocktail development, through the expertise of Vancouver’s best veteran and up and coming bartenders who have demonstrated creativity and leadership in their cocktail craft, as well as being the best in their field as “restaurant bartenders”.

Here is the premise of the program:

Each month, a bartender is paired with a different spirit, and a different country – this will be repeated 4 times a month with a different bartender each Thursday. Guests are invited to come down and experience the interactive teachings of the featured bartender, who will attempt to effectively pair the featured country’s menu, with a set of three cocktail using the base spirit. Plus, there’s another spin: the bartenders will shop at The Refinery – it is mandatory that each cocktail include a Refinery house bitters. One week prior their Cocktail Kitchen, the bartender will be able to score 1 oz x 3 types of bitters/vermouths available at the Refinery for cocktail testing. The Refinery’s Bitters Program inventory sits at 24 types as of today (September 03 2010).

Concept & Rules:

– 3 cocktails, submitted at least 48 hours in advance – including methods, names, recipes
– The cocktails will be paired to the featured 3 course tapas-style dinner, the menu of which bartenders will know about 1 week earlier
– Each cocktail must include a Refinery bitters/vermouth/tincture
– Each Thursday, guests will be given a score card, rating the bartender in the following criteria:   
        * Presentation
        * Taste    
        * Originality
        * Delivery:  Knowledge, Speed, Presence, Showmanship, Inspiration, Passion  
        * Grand Prize each month
– Bartenders will change monthly, giving most an opportunity to participate in the program
– Bartenders will be given a bar tab just for participating, and gift from the monthly liquor sponsor
– The winning bartender will be invited back to participate the following month during week 4
– The end of the sixth month, and seemingly covering 6 different regions/countries and spirits, the bartender with the most wins will receive a grand prize trip to Napa Valley, provided by the owners Ray, Peter and Ryan of the Refinery and SIP Resto Lounge Granville Street (additionally a guest ballot will be pulled at the end of the series and they’ll be winning a trip too!)
– This is a 6 month long promotion and contest – BUT we do not take time off – we keep going every 6 months


$32 per guest plus all applicable taxes and gratuities- Runs from 7:00pm – 9:30pm every Thursday evening
42 seats available each week. Tickets are available through the Refinery by calling 604-687-8001


* July 2010 – Region: CENTRAL AMERICA
* August 2010 – FRANCE
* September 2010 – Region: INDIA
* October 2010 – ITALY
* November 2010 – THE WEST INDIES
* December 2010 – SOUTHERN US BBQ
* January 2011 – Region: EASTERN EUROPE – Bartender Showdown
* January – June 2011 – Countries and Spirits to be determined


Thurs Sept 02 – Lauren Mote (Refinery)
Thurs Sept 09 – Jacob Sweetapple (The Fairmont Pacific Rim)
Thurs Sept 16 – Danielle Tatarin (The Keefer Bar)
Thurs Sept 23 – Justin Tisdale (Market/Chambar)
Thurs Sept 30 – David Wolowidnyk (West Restaurant)     
**Bartender profiles can be seen at www.therefineryvancouver.com/restaurant/cocktail_kitchen

INDIA VS. BOMBAY SAPPHIRE GIN, proudly sponsored by Bacardi Canada Ltd. 

India Menu: (by Ben de Champlain)


Onion and lentil fritters with grilled pineapple and tamarind chutney.


Indian spice roasted tomato soup with lentils, black chickpeas, spinach and fennel, with a gin paneer.


Cashew & coconut curry with potatoes and cauliflower, with a green bean and fresh herb salad.

In the last year, we have had over 40 articles written about us and our specialties, above and beyond business listings. We urge you to check out website under “Press” to see for yourself how representing your bar/restaurant with the Cocktail Kitchen Series at The Refinery is best for business. Each week we will have 2 different media personalities in attendance, as well as a film crew and/or photographer. The press releases we write are reaching more than just local restaurant industry news. We also do radio segments, TV spots, and reach a broad range of national and international publications, not to mention the persuasive and domineering food and beverage blog industry here and across the globe. As a bartender, this is an excellent avenue to raise your profile in the municipal and national community.

Refinery’s Cocktail Kitchen Series: September Schedule & Participants

INDIA VS. BOMBAY SAPPHIRE GIN, proudly sponsored by Bacardi Canada Ltd.

The September schedule will be as follows:

Thurs Sept 02 – Winner of August’s Competition (TBD this Thursday August 26 2010)
Thurs Sept 09 – Jacob Sweetapple (The Fairmont Pacific Rim & Brand Ambassador for Absolut Vodka)
Thurs Sept 16 – Danielle Tatarin (The Keefer Bar)
Thurs Sept 23 – Solomon Seigel (Veneto Tapa Lounge – Victoria)
Thurs Sept 30 – David Wolowidnyk (West Restaurant)

Menu to follow…… taking reservations now at 604-687-8001