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Stop Bouncing Around – Get The Right Sports Bra With Diane’s Lingerie

Diane’s Lingerie Gift With Purchase – Anita Panty & Sports Bag with Any Anita Sports Bra until January 28, 2017

Diane’s Lingerie has been my go to for bras every since I discovered them a few years ago. The bra fitter is an expert and checks to  guarantee you’ve got the right fit. Don’t be shy, the health of your breasts is at stake here, and a good bra can make the difference in looking just okay in an outfit, or looking spectacular.

Diane's Lingerie

I just bought an excellent supportive day to day lacy bra (Melody by Empreinte) before Christmas and it’s made a world of difference.  I know boobs as I’m well beyond a C-cup and need support while torpedoing through the day at top speed and when heading out on the town in a fitting garment, or even a loose one. Proper bras not only put breasts in the right place, but also prevent stretching of connective breast tissue and restrict movement that can cause back, shoulder & neck pain.

It’s even more important to wear a well-fitting, high quality sports bra as our bodies and breasts move far more when we’re active. I’m moving lots lately and needed to update mine, so don’t forget that they don’t last forever. Our breasts are made up of fatty tissue surrounded by skin and fragile ligaments. Ligaments can be broken down over time and they won’t bounce back and good bras prevent this. You also need fabrics that allow your skin to breathe and generally support your body, all which will enhance your workout routine.

Diane's Lingerie

There are a number of great bras at Diane’s Lingerie and I just picked up the Anita Momentum Sports Bra. Bonus deal, until January 28 you’ll also receive a free sports bag and panties. AND they super lovely looking too, in fact mine is bright red! Sorry no pictures, but I’m training pretty hard right now, so you never know, I might do some modeling later in the year (ah…right). Do make sure you go expecting to spend a little time trying on a few and don’t be shy when it comes to receiving help from the consultant. They know their stuff here and I guarantee they have seen so many breasts they won’t be judging anything but the bras fit!

Diane's Lingerie

Anita Extreme Control Sports Bra $105 32-40B-G / 42D-F

  • Three-section, tailored cups with a crescent-shaped support at the side create a very attractive shape and provide firm support for the bust. The perfect interaction of high-function piqué fabric with functional toweling keeps skin wonderfully dry.
  • High-function, Atmos piqué fabric, which quickly absorbs moisture and actively transports it away from the body
  • Ergonomically-styled support straps, padded throughout
  • Breathable mesh back
  • Seamless, microfiber toweling inner cups for extra support and pleasant comfort; does not chafe the breast

Diane's Lingerie

Anita Momentum Sports Bra $125 32-36B-H

  • High-intensity sports bra.
  • The unique function combined with aesthetic design of this bra won the “Red Dot Award”.
  • Seamlessly pre-shaped cups provide perfect support through to the large sizes.
  • Inner lining made of hydrophilic toweling. 
  • High cut cup panel for extra support. 
  • Breathable net back. 
  • Moisture is quickly absorbed and actively transported away from the body. 
  • Padded shoulder straps. 

Diane's Lingerie

Anita Air Control Sports Bra 5533 $110

  • This ultra-lightweight sports bra fits like a second skin – it can hardly be felt but provides excellent support.
  • The breathable, air-permeable net sections make wearing the “air control” sports bra an airy, light experience.
  • Cups are made of extremely light, breathable net fabric which is double layered for extra support and includes a side support between the net cups. These cups minimize movement of the breast. They are powerful but as light as a feather.
  • Ergonomically shaped shoulder straps are positioned closer to the center at the back of the bra for enhanced support.
  • Breathable net back.

Fitness Fridays Steve Nash Fitness And Diane’s Lingerie

Yes, you did read that headline correctly. We will be doing Fitness Fridays and Steve Nash Fitness World AND Diane’s Lingerie are an important part of this first post.

Each week I’ll be featuring something fun that will help me, and therefore possibly you, achieve my/your fitness goals. The first week I had to get myself some support, from both a personal trainer, and a bra.

keep calm and wear a bra that fits

Every day you need support whether your breasts are big or small. I’m currently on the larger size of the equation, so it was super important for me to have a bra that fits and really supports. How many times do you see someone running down the street and wonder if they might take out their eye because their boobies are flying around so much? I didn’t want to be that girl.

Lynda Barr, from Diane’s Lingerie, suggests two important points to remember when sports bra shopping:

  • Bra companies, versus athletic wear companies, have year of experience and research in making bras, & they bring this focus and experience to their sports bras versus a company.  Nike has experience in textiles but maybe not so much experience in making and fitting bras.
  • A bra fitter! The biggest mistake is not getting fit for the proper bra size. Majority of women are in the wrong bra size to begin with and they translate that into their sports bra purchase. They need to get fit by a professional bra fitter and ensure they are purchasing a bra that suits their fitness needs.

Just go to Diane’s and you need not worry!


Off to Diane’s Lingerie on Granville I went then and I tried on several bras and found the Air Control Sports Bra which is an awesome colour and fits great! No, that’s not me above. I’m not that brave.


Off to Steve Nash where I’ve been a member since 1987. I’ve had a seriously lacking attendance record of late, and while I do have a background in fitness (I once was an aerobic instructor way back when), there’s all sorts of new moves and far more effective routines to get and stay in shape now. And again, no, not me above. Yet!

Booked in with Kayla at the Cambie location, got all my measurements done and weighed in (yikes!), and she set up a routine I can do a couple times a week and trained me up on it all within the hour. I’ll check back with her in a month.

Circuit 1 is 3 X 10 per leg step ups, 3 X 25 pushups (knees for know), 3 X 15 kettlebell deadlifts.

Circuit 2 is 3 X 12 high rows, 3 X 10 per leg reverse lunges and 3 X 10 Kettlebell presses.

I finished it up with a 30 minutes aggressive walking/jogging on a treadmill and that was it for the session. Each week I’m going to attempt to try something different and share with you. How about some indoor cycling for week 2?