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Road Tripping with the Honda HR-V

I’ve been driving a few sporty vehicles lately, but when I decided to take a trip over to Salt Spring Island I needed to bit of a larger ride to carry the inevitable excess of luggage, along with my friend Tess (and her bags), ample room for two others that I’d had planned to take with on an apple festival adventure, and possible purchases. More on our apple festival adventures here.

Honda has a new vehicle out this year, and it fit the bill precisely, without the price tag you’d expect from a ride with such attractive and sporty design. The Honda HR-V comes in a basic model, the LX starting at $20, 690, and there’s an EX-L Model in between but we test drove the EX-L Navi model which has features that drives it to the $29,990 price tag; a bit more, but the trims are worth it. The EX-L is all wheel drive and has a continuously variable transmission. All models of the HR-V have a 141 horsepower, 1.8 litre 4-cylinder 16-valve engine and 127 lb.-ft of torque.

Honda HR-V

The safety features of this car earned it the highest overall score for collision safety from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and fortunately we had no chance to test this out.  The Forward Collision Warning and Lane Departure Warning came in handy though, especially on the ferry, and the expanded view driver’s mirror meant far less blind spots.Honda HR-V

The interior is rather elegant, with lots of well-thought out details inside, and the HR-V seems far roomier than I expected from a vehicle that is billed as a subcompact SUV. The wheelbase is 102.8 and the car 169.1 in length and the driver seats are super comfortable. There’s a moon roof for sunny days and heated seats for cooler ones. The second row is also ample for two and the seats fold flat should you want to load up the car from the back, and rotate up if there is something taller to pop behind the driver and passenger seats; like a big plant or IKEA furniture.

The Honda starts with a button, which I drastically missed on the next car I drove as I kept leaving the keys in my purse. If you go for the LCD screen you can control everything within reach there, and there’s also controls on the steering wheel, but I didn’t figure them all out. Multiple USB ports meant both our phones stay charge and the camera helped us avoid any back up accidents.

The HR-V hugs corners and zips around precisely. It’s got power but not enough to tow and I wasn’t in need of towing anything, anyhow. Parking is a breeze in this model, even when we were back in the city, and the HR-V barely sips gas; not a guzzler here.

Salt Spring Island Apple Festival

We’re heading to Salt Spring Island Apple Festival on Sunday October 4, 2015!


So many apples, so little time, but take time to taste the apples along the way! Salt Spring Island was among the first area in BC to grow apples (1860) and now grows over 350 varieties organic apples. Home to the Salt Spring Island Organic Apple Co-op, Salt Spring Island is the Organic Gardening Capital of Canada.


  • When: Sunday, Oct 4, 2015
  • Where: All over Salt Spring Island. Start at Fulford Hall on the Fulford Ganges Road (you can’t miss it).
  • Theme: Let the KID inside you escape.

Local photographers have captured this great little event over the years, each in their own way, and collectively they documented the apple festival in a very powerful way.Visit the Official Apple Festival website >> to view more than 1000 photos of past festivals and get a feel for this popular event. And you may want to check out the Salt Spring Apple Youtube channel >>

More Apple Festival highlights

  • Display of HUNDREDS of apples all grown organically on Salt Spring Island
  • Tasting of more than 100 apple varieties at just one farm (Apple Luscious). Most others had tasting of their own varieties
  • At least 12 labeled varieties of apple pies baked by the Pie Ladies
  • Theatrical performances by Johnny Appleseed, Theodore Trage, the Queen and Captain Apple
  • A rich history of apples going back to 1860
  • Educational information on organic apple growing
  • Apple identification services
  • Orchard bee and honey bee experts available
  • Apple art by local artists

Salt Springers are very proud of their apples and the incredible collections we amass at Fulford Hall for every Apple Festival is a sight to take your breath away. The scent of apples when you enter the room will take your soul on a journey. Last year, we had 262 varieties all grown organically on Salt Spring Island, arranged alphabetically and all with detailed labels. The task of setting up the collection is performed the night before by a team of about 30 island volunteers, ranging in age from children to senior citizens, who consider this one of the highlights of their year.

The Weather – and Critters!

Salt Spring Islanders love their apples and are delighted to show visitors our apple diversity. The weather affects the apple crops – at Apple Festival 2006 there were 296 varieties, but with a very cold, wet spring in 2007, some varieties did not produce a crop in 2007. In 2008 the 300 variety barrier was broken for the first time, and in 2012, an outbreak of the tent caterpillar devastated many apple crops. This critter creates a tent in which hundred caterpillars can live in safety while they devour the tree’s leaves and flowers. The tent caterpillar it has a 7 year cycle, and in 2013 the apple crop was better but we are hoping 2014 will be a bumper year. This festival is farm based, connecting you to the organic farmers on Salt Spring. They are your best guarantee of food quality and good health. The Salt Spring Apple Festival Proceeds go to:

  • Development of a juicing facility on Salt Spring
  • Annual $500 bursary given to someone on Salt Spring, to support practical learning in the field of organic agriculture.
  • Supporting the education of a third world child
  • Up to $100 going towards thanking in the best possible manner, a local who has made Salt Spring a better place to live.