What’s Good This Week April 19

Temperatures are rising in Vancouver, but by the weekend should cool off and we may even see some rain, so get out on those patios today and tomorrow! If you love oysters you’ll want to pack your bags for the Okanagan’s Osoyoos Oyster Festival, but there’s plenty to do around town should travel not be on the agenda.

Osoyoos Oyster Festival

Osoyoos Oyster Festival – April 20-24

The oyster festival was created to give oyster farmers a bit of a break, while entertaining locals and visitors in the shoulder season. The weather is always sunny, and just a little bit crisp, and the room rates are reasonable.

This year, World Champion Oyster Shucker Patrick McMurray, AKA “Shucker Paddy,” will make a special appearance to shuck fresh oysters for guests. McMurray is also owner of The Ceili Cottage Restaurant in Toronto, ON.

Over the course of the festival, guests can sip Canadian wine, craft beer and spirits, paired with delicious oyster creations from local chefs. A number of new events are planned for this year’s festival, including an International Oyster Night, featuring internationally-inspired oyster dishes; and the Under the Sea brunch at Watermark Beach Resort. info

sakura tea service

Sakura Tea Service at Urban Tea Merchant

Celebrate the spring season and the blooming cherry blossoms in Vancouver with the Sakura Tea Set. Presented on a beautiful glass platter, this afternoon tea includes delightful Japanese inspired tea-infused savouries and sweets.


The Fisherman and the Forager – Sunday, April 24th

Sunday Supper Series is at back at Pentola and feeling as light and fresh as the crisp Spring air. Local seafood and locally foraged vegetables will be the main ingredients in this month’s ‘a la familia’ Sunday Supper. Chef Travis Mccord is inspired by the fresh Spring weather to bring you mouth watering fare with Italian flare. Expect fresh fish, morels, spot prawns and hand made pastas. Look forward to a delectable dinner composed of at least 8 courses with the option to have bubbles perfectly paired by Wine Director Christopher McFadden. Call 604.642.0557   |   info@lapentola.ca

img 5926.jpg

Sample White Asparagus and German Wine at Bauhaus

Bauhaus patio is now open!  head to Gastown for by for a glass of wine, a cocktail and a bite and take advantage of our beautiful spring weather. Don’t miss the schnitzel and white asparagus with a crisp glass of German Riesling or Pinot Noir.


Comedy and Cocktails at Theatresports 

To complement Vancouver TheatreSports™ League’s (VTSL) improvised parody, Throne and Games – A Chance of Snow, Paul Belsito, bar manager of VTSL’s Neil Macrae Bar & Lounge, has created a trio of tasty potions inspired by the characters and locations in the popular HBO TV series.

Value-priced at $8 these special T&G (not G&T) cocktails are available only through the run of Throne and Games – A Chance of Snow, April 7 – May 28.  Neil Macrae Bar & Lounge is a convenient place for theatre patrons to meet for pre or post-show drinks. Patrons can also take their beverages into the theatre with them to enjoy during the performance. vtsl.com.

#Giveaway $200+ Coffee Grinder – Salt Spring Coffee Turning Twenty #ssc20years

Celebrate Salt Spring Coffee Turning Twenty and Win a $200+ package of Coffee, Mugs and a Premium Coffee Grinder

We’ve been visiting Salt Spring Island for over twenty years and still remember when the Island’s coffee company roasted their beans with a modified popcorn popper from their home. Salt Spring Coffee was founded April 25, 1996 by Mickey and Robbyn Scott, and now supplies 1,200 cafes, restaurants, grocers, and independent food stores with its premium single origin, small lot and coffee blends.

Salt Spring Coffee
Sip and Savour Grazing

Salt Spring Coffee is still an organic macro roasting company, but is now based in Richmond, BC. Owner Mickey McLeod is committed to being fair to farmer and to environmental sustainability and travels the world to meet with farmers to ensure these standards are upheld.

In addition to organic whole bean coffee, the company has a Cold Brew alternative. It will introduce two new Cold Brew coffee flavours this year to  select grocery stores in B.C including all Choices Markets and Donald’s Markets. Cold Brew is the result of Salt Spring Coffee steeped in water at room temperature for 15 hours, and then bottled using a double filtration process to provide a smooth, clean result – best served cold. Starting this fall, consumers will be able to purchase Salt Spring Coffee in more grocery stores, restaurants and cafes across Canada.

salt spring coffee

To celebrate their 20 year anniversary we’ve partnered with this awesome coffee company to give you the most premium of coffee grinders along with mugs and coffee to ensure you’re having the best cup of in your home.

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The Great New Zealand Wine Tiki Tour

New Zealand Wine Visits Vancouver May 5, 2016

New Zealand is my birthplace and I have returned on far too few occasions and I’m left with a gap in my heart each time of think of my home country. I miss my relatives (four generations are still living as my grandparents are in their 90’s) and all the great food and wine that occurs when we are together.

The last time I visited New Zealand I visited many cellar doors in Hawkes Bay where the majority of the extended family lives now, and have been to a few on Waiheke Island, but I have yet to venture further south to explore the many wineries that visit Canada during the spring wine tours. Fortunately the upcoming May New Zealand Wine Tiki Tour in Vancouver on May 5, 2016 provides a tour of the entire country’s wine regions.

Wineries flying over this time include those from the east, west north and south, and it isn’t all about Sauvignon Blanc , AT ALL, or even Pinot Noir. I can’t wait to sample Syrah, Pinot Gris, Gewurtz and some bigger reds.

Participating Wineries

Ara Wines
Babich Wines
Clark Estate
Invivo Wines
Marisco Vineyards
Marlborough Wine
Matua Wines
Mud House Wines
Oyster Bay Wines
Pernod Ricard Winemakers
Sacred Hill Vineyards
Saint Clair Family Estate
Sileni Estates
Spy Valley Wines
Staete Landt Wine Company
Stoneleigh Vineyards
te Pa Family Vineyards
Toi Toi Wines
Villa Maria Estate
Whitehaven Wine Company
Wither Hills

New Zealand Wine

Vancouver May 6 Consumer Tickets here

New Zealand Wine

Trade Tasting Tickets here 

In addition to the New Zealand Tiki Tour, NZ Wines is celebrating Sauvignon Blanc Day on Friday May 6, 2016 (and you can win through social media from May 1-May 20)

Snap, Tag and Win with #NZWine

New Zealand Wine

Celebrate #SauvBlanc Day with NZ Sauv Blanc on Friday May 6 2016. Details here.

SNAP a pic of you enjoying your favourite NZ Sauv Blanc

TAG your Instagram or Tweet with #SauvBlanc, #MyNZSauvBlanc, #NZWine and #BCLDB

WIN a $25 BCLDB gift certificate

Competition runs from 1 to 20 May 2016.

New Zealand Wine

While you are celebrating NZ Wine by drinking Sauvignon Blanc, or visiting the New Zealand Wine Tour I highly encourage you to pay some attention to Sacred Hill Winery, one I recently visited while in Hawkes Bay.  One of my favourite wines in the world (yes, the WORLD) comes from here, the Rifleman’s Chardonnay; proving, once again, NZ is way more than Sauvignon Blanc.

New Zealand Wine

I’ve stood among the vines in the Rifleman’s Chardonnay is grown, a spectacular site overlooking the white cliffs of the Tutaekuri river. The soil is a mixture of 10,000 year old volcanic ash and deep red metals overlaying limestone, creating low yields and extremely concentrated fruit flavours.  The vineyard is planted 22 year old Mendoza vines and the resulting wine is outstanding. I pray they bring it with them on the tour.

What’s Good This Week April 12

It’s another busy week ahead! What’s Good In This Week in Vancouver?


Garagiste North – April 17, 2016

First and foremost, wine lovers need to set this Sunday aside, well at least a few hours of it, to explore the smaller producers of our province. Held at the Wise Hall in East Vancouver, this once a year experience will walk you through the up and comers, and those who just don’t want to go big. Chat with the winemakers and owners and sample some bites for Chicha Vancouver, a wonderful Peruvian spot! TICKETS!

shangri la

Sakura & Sake at Shangri-La’s Market until April 30

We’ve welcomed Spring with open arms, and a Sakura-inspired tasting menu available now until April 30.

Guests can anticipate dishes such as Side Stripe Shrimp, with Eggplant Salad, Green Beans, Grated Daikon Momiji, and Sake Vinaigrette; or a savoury Sablefish, marinated in Sake Lees, Crispy Rice, and Edamame Purée.

Guests have the option to add on wine pairings, or sake pairings from Granville Island Artisan Sakemaker, Masa Shiroki. View the Sakura tasting menu. Reserve online, or by calling 604 695 1115.


Sample Bella Gelateria’s Gelato di Bufala 

Vancouver’s maestro gelatiere James Coleridge from the internationally award-winning Bella Gelateria has worked his scrumptious magic again with his latest frozen culinary creation, Gelato di Bufala or water buffalo milk gelato.
Bella Gelateria’s Gelato di Bufala offers a healthier alternative with more calcium, protein, iron, less cholesterol and sodium than cow’s milk. Its silky, velvety satin, creamy texture and buttery taste is similar to the famous bufala mozzarella Italian cheese renowned in Italy.
beaucoup beaucoup2

Sample Rhubarb Treats at Beaucoup Bakery – Until June 20, 2016

Spring’s favourite vegetable makes a sweet arrival this season as Beaucoup Bakery & Café brings rhubarb to life in three limited, new pastries and one special iced tea. From April 11, 2016 until June 20, 2016, customers can enjoy an Olive Oil Roasted Strawberry Rhubarb Tart, Rhubarb Nest, Strawberry Rhubarb Croissant, and Rhubarb Hibiscus Iced Tea.

blossom barge banner image without logo

Blossom Barge – April 16, 2016

The Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival (VCBF), presented by the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation, brings spring to the blue ways of Vancouver this April to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the annual celebration of the city’s beautiful blooms.
Blossom Barge, presented by Tymac Launch Service, is an innovative floating installation of 36 flowering cherry blossom trees on a barge, showcasing a beautiful pink and white canopy of Shirotae, Shirofugen and Kwanzan cherry trees in full bloom.
Join in the fun on Saturday, April 16 when the Blossom Barge will parade Vancouver’s waterways before mooring at Dock 7 by Granville Island Market at lunchtime. Celebrate spring with a mini festival of free performances on the barge by Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra, Tetsu Taiko & Tzo’kam cross-cultural collaboration, Langley Ukulele Ensemble, Kutapira, Chibi Taiko, and the international yoyo superstar, Harrison Lee.
On its inaugural journey from Crab Park to Granville Island on April 16, the Blossom Barge will give a sail-by salute as it passes the Pier at Canada Place, Stanley Park, English Bay, Granville Island and sails along False Creek to Science World, before returning to moor at Dock 7 at Granville Island Market.

Win $1,000 Visa Gift Card with Vancity Credit Union

Vancity Credit Union is working on their new advertising campaign and you could be a part of it!

Last month we worked on the #VancouverIStay campaign, asking what people love about Vancouver and why they stay in this city, despite the challenges. Now Vancity Credit Union also wants you to tell them (and us) what it’s really like to live here.

As a local credit union, they want to listen to what local people are saying and help find solutions. Create a 30 second video answering any number of questions that they have. Think of it as your own personal diary cam. It doesn’t have to be super slick or polished, just honest and real.

Vancity will feature some of the video clips in their new advertising campaign, where they’ll show and share what it’s really like for people faced with the challenges of living in the Lower Mainland day in and day out, and what solutions people may have found. 

Make sure you tell us why you’re not giving up by completing this sentence: “I’m not giving up because….”

sharev1 dontgiveup

By submitting your video you will also be entered in a weekly draw to win a $1,000 Visa* Gift Card.

Here are the thought starters:

Go through the topics and speak to the ones that matter most to you; snap some video at home or while you’re out and about facing these issues – it’s up to you!

Housing affordability:

  • What do you think about the real estate market here in Vancouver?
  • What bothers you the most about what people are saying about it?
  • What challenges do you face when it comes to home ownership or renting?
  • What impact does the housing market have on your lifestyle? Or how does it affect your personal finances or financial stability?

Environmental sustainability:

  • Is there anything we can do that will actually make a difference to the environment? What efforts do you make to lessen your impact on the environment?
  • Do you think it makes a difference?

Social inclusion:

  • How inclusive are we really around gender, sexual orientation, race, beliefs, etc.? Why do you feel that way?


  • What do you love about living here? If things are so bad, what keeps you here?
  • What is missing in your community to make it more affordable, environmentally friendly, or inclusive?
  • Have you found any creative ways to make living here more affordable for yourself? 

Is there hope? Make sure you tell us why you’re not giving up by completing this sentence:

  • “I’m not giving up because….”

How to submit.

Post it to your Twitter account and tagging the video with the hashtag #DontGiveUp and Vancity’s Twitter account @vancity. If sharing your video via Twitter, you must be a follower of Vancity on Twitter.

Or post it to your Instagram account and tagging the video with the hashtag #DontGiveUp and Vancity’s Instagram account @vancitycu

Or visit www.vancity.com/DontGiveUp and upload the video there with the hashtag #DontGiveUp

Thank you for taking the time to do this, we look forward to hearing what you have to say!

Terms and Conditions

*Vancity approached us after they heard of #VancouverIstay for assistance in promoting this program. #sponsored

What’s Good In April

What to do in April in and around Vancouver

We’ve been busy focusing on the positive in Vancouver with the #VancouverIstay project (you’ve checked it out right?) and looking ahead to April there’s even more reason to love what Vancouver has to offer.

Garagiste North – April 17, 2016

First and foremost, wine lovers need to set this Sunday aside, well at least a few hours of it, to explore the smaller producers of our province. Held at the Wise Hall in East Vancouver, this once a year experience will walk you through the up and comers, and those who just don’t want to go big. Chat with the winemakers and owners and sample some bites for Chicha Vancouver, a wonderful Peruvian spot! TICKETS!


World Malbec Day Tastings April 16, 2016

This year’s Malbec Word Day falls on Sunday, April 17th, but British Columbia will get a jump on the celebrations with free Argentinean wine tastings at 5 private stores on Saturday, April 16 2016.  In addition, select BCLDB stores throughout the province will offer free tastings of Argentinean wines in April.

In BC, the following private stores will host complimentary consumer tastings on Saturday, April 16.  Each store will pour at least 3 different wines, including Malbecs and Malbec blends, paired with samples of authentic Argentinean cuisine.

Everything Wine – North Vancouver, South Surrey & Langford locations – 2:00 to 6:00pm
Legacy Liquor Store – 1633 Manitoba Street, Vancouver – 2:00 to 6:00pm
Marquis Wine Cellars – 1034 Davie Street, Vancouver – PLUS a DJ will provide music at this lively event – 2:00 to 5:00pm
BC Liquor Stores across the province will host over 50 Malbec World Day tastings.

Osoyoos Oyster Festival

Osoyoos Oyster Festival – April 20-24

For the fifth year in a row I am heading up to Osoyoos for their annual oyster festival and it’s Michael’s third year! We’re huge fans of bivalves and when they are paired with oyster friendly wines, beers and libations, we love them even more. The oyster festival was created to give oyster farmers a bit of a break, while entertaining locals and visitors in the shoulder season. The weather is always sunny, and just a little bit crisp, and the room rates are reasonable. More info

royaldinette uglyduckling mousse creditleilakwokroyaldinette uglyduckling potatoskinicecream creditleilakwok

Latest Edition of Ongoing Dinner Series Unites Like-minded Chefs To Spotlight Food-Waste Awareness, Sustainability Issues Through Multi-Course Dinner – Fundraiser for Les Dames d’Escoffier and Two Rivers Meat scholarship for Tina Fineza

Royal Dinette adds another entry to its popular series of Ugly Duckling Dinners on Tuesday, April 26 when Head Chef Jack Chen welcomes guest chef Andrea Carlson of Burdock & Co. and Harvest Community Foods into the kitchen to prepare a collaborative sustainably-focused feast.

The fifth in an ongoing series that transforms the “ugly ducklings” of the kitchen — also known as commonly discarded scraps, off-cuts, stems and stalks — into gourmet menus with an ecological message, the latest Ugly Duckling Dinner unites a pair of like-minded chefs who share the same culinary principles of featuring fresh-daily ingredients sourced from local farms, pastures and seas.

Royal Dinette’s fifth Ugly Duckling Dinner takes place on Tuesday, April 26 at 6:30 p.m. Tickets are available via Eventbrite and include a multi-course menu with beverage pairings for $79 per person plus tax and gratuity. Five percent of sales will be donated to Les Dames d’Escoffier BC Chapter for their Service Excellence Scholarship Fund in honour of Tina Fineza.

As Royal Dinette prides itself on placing a premium on the availability and seasonality of all ingredients, the Ugly Duckling Dinner menu is subject to slight changes. Substitutions are politely declined.


Vancouver Foodster Meatball Challenge Until April 30

Restaurants from all over the city entered ball dishes into this challenge. Each restaurant will be featuring their meatball creation on their menu from April 6-30, 2016. More info.

In this meatball challenge the meatballs cover various cuisines including Spanish, Italian, Vietnamese, and Indian.


Chicha Launches New Cocktail Menu – April 14, 2016

Dale Styner of MoneyChalks has not only chalked Chicha’s entire wall with his art; Peruvian Nazca line themed, but also created their new cocktail list.
Party starts at 8.30pm

All Dale’s new cocktails will be $6 (2oz)
All pints on tap will be $5
Tightrope Dry Reisling $6
Anteres Carmenere $6
…and of course Jameson shots for $3


Abbotsford Tulip Festival…Until May 1, 2016

This spring marks the first year of the Abbotsford Tulip Festival–the only tulip festival in BC and tulip celebration in Canada located on a farm. Guests will experience 10 acres of beautiful, vibrant colour, featuring over 50 varieties and 2.5 million bulbs, and ample parking for over 1000 vehicles.

The festival offers a covered picnic area, children’s play area, photo cut-out boards, fun food trucks (on weekends) and sections for friends and family to wander through the fields. Guests can pick their own flowers in the U- Pick field, purchase fresh cut tulips and order bulbs for planting in the fall.

Dates:               March 25 – May 1, 2016 from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, seven days a week
Location:          36737 North Parallel Road, Abbotsford, BC
Admission:      Only $5.00 per person and complimentary parking

chocolate challenge

Gourmet Warehouse Chocolate Challenge – April 7, 2016

$ 75.00

At 6:30pm – an evening of food, wine, and chocolate, to help us feed the children. The Chocolate Challenge pits 8 of Vancouver’s best chocolatiers against each other in a competition to create the best original chocolate. As our guest, you will sample and vote on your favourite creation.

In addition to chocolate, your ticket includes tastings from Tartine Tarts, Tacomio, Sebastian & Co, Terra Breads, Sundance Seafood, Earnest Ice Cream, Dry Soda and Stumptown Coffee.

100% of ticket sales, silent and live auction proceeds will be to the Strathcona Backpack Program and Project Chef.

Taste and vote on your favourite creations by:

Bearfoot Bistro, Chez Christophe, Chocolate Arts,  French Made Baking,  Gem Chocolates, Purdy’s Chocolates, Temper Chocolate & Pastry, and Thomas Haas. Tickets

the hatch winery

The Hatch Wines at Chewies – April 13, 2016

5 Courses – 5 Wines $68 Per Person  – A fun, unpretentious wine event hosted by Jesse Harnden of The Hatch, one of BC’s best new wineries & Chewie’s Exectutive Chef, Michael Knowlson. If you haven’t tried these wines then you absolutely have to, and if you haven’t heard Jesse talk about what he loves, then you are missing out! andrew@chewies.ca (604) 620-7634 More info

grape juice

Grape Juice for Big Sisters – April 21, 2016

Aston Martin Vancouver & Bentley Vancouver
1770 Burrard Street 5:30 – 8:30 PM TICKETS
$100 Featuring canapés by Chill Winston

a tax receipt will be issued for a portion of the ticket


BjornBar Bakery Opening – April 7, 2016

Pastry Chef Tamera Clark has returned to North Vancouver from Montreal to open the BjornBar Bakery located in the Edgemont Village. BjornBar opens this Thursday, April 7th at 3053 Edgemont Boulevard. Details

Will you join the Vancouver I Stay team?

We Love Vancouver – Join the Vancouver I Stay Team

You may have seen my Facebook rants, along with many of my friends, as we are not pleased that our dear city is has been receiving hate mail of late (well at least one Dear John letter).  We’ve decided to do something about it and are starting with a bang March 31, 2016! Can we count on adding you to the Vancouver I Stay team?

Media coverage:

CBC News 
CKNW Lynda Steele
Vancity Buzz 
The Vancouver Sun
The Province
CBC Radio (kinda missed the point) 25:40

Vancouver I Stay Team Hits the Streets March 31, 2016 – Locals Bond Over Their Love For Vancouver 

Vancouver I Stay (website pending) is a movement to celebrate Vancouver’s supporters and why the love Vancouver. Vancouver I Stay team members are here to stay and are rolling up their sleeves and vowing to improve the city and create closer communities.

Whether it’s smiling at a stranger, saying hi in the elevator, loaning a cup of sugar, or some far more heavy lifting, they’re up for it!

On Thursday March 31, 2016 the very social founding members of Vancouver I Stay, Good Life Vancouver’s Cassandra Anderton (hey that’s me) Youtube sensation Josh Rimer and Mary In Vancity’s  Mary Sheridan will be filming snippets on why they love the city and why they are choosing to stay, and they want you to join them!

Beginning at 9:30 a.m. at the Roger Neilson statue at Rogers Arena, the team will travel the city filming stories on why they love Vancouver, and are hoping you’ll chime in and let them record the story of why you personally love Vancouver! Follow along with the hashtag #VancouverIStay to find out where they’ll be next.

Can’t make it out to meet with Vancouver I Stay? Upload your own videos or photos to social media and tag #VancouverIStay and let the world know why you’re sticking with Vancouver.

Follow the movement on social media under the hashtag #vancouveristay

And on the Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/VancouverIStay

Media Contact
Cassandra Anderton

Penticton Land of Libations – Eat, Stay and Sip in Wine and Beer Country

Where to Eat, Stay and Sip –  Savour the Good Life in Penticton!

We are often in the Okanagan, as my parents, sister and all her crew live in Kelowna and Michael would move to Osoyoos if he could, he loves it so much. So, we often find ourselves in the middle of the valley, traveling to and from destinations and stay a night in Penticton to enjoy some great food and their local craft beer!

Where to stay?

Barefoot Resort

Penticton Barefoot Resort

The coolest spot to stay in Penticton is the Barefoot Resort in a Yurt! What’s a yurt you ask? “Most yurts are portable, tent-like structures. They have circular lattice walls (reminiscent of baby gates tied together) and cone-shaped roof, supported by rafters that meet in a center ring.” According to Yurts: Living in the Round. The yurts at Barefoot are high-end, they’ve got skylights, hardwood floor and French doors opening onto private decks with personal barbecues.  The resort is right next to the beaches of Skaha Lake, but it’s also next to the highway and the air strip so can get a little noisy at times. There are different sizes and they range from about $250-$350 a night.

Penticton wine country rentals

Penticton Wine Country Rentals

We’ve also stayed in a cozy condo with Penticton Wine Country Rentals; they have four condos available, all located right in town, near the beach and with full kitchens and plenty of room. Our condo was perfect, right near the breweries, and with a lovely balcony and super comfy bed. We didn’t want to leave!


You won’t go hungry in Penticton. From casual eateries to fine dining and everything in between there’s lots of deliciousness here.

Penticton - The Bench Market

Let’s start with breakfast, and The Bench Market. Their breakfast wraps rule and you can grab some sandwiches for later or stock up on some locally-sourced groceries if you’ve got a kitchenette.

Penticton Taste Brodo

We also love Taste Brodo, for lunch, or an early dinner, they’ve got the best soups and make their own bone broth, which I’ve become a big fan of of late.

Penticton The Vanilla Pod

If you are wine tasting on the Naramata Bench, don’t miss The Vanilla Pod at Poplar Grove winery, and beer lovers should check out the pizzas and brews at Bad Tattoo Brewing.

penticton oysters

Penticton The Hooded Merganser

We love our oysters, so never miss a chance to sample a few at Salty’s Beach House and have had some great dinners at The Hooded Merganser right on the lake, which also does a great Sunday brunch and has a lunch menu that looks excellent too.

Penticton burger55

For Mexican we checked out the Vallarta Grill and found a super festive mood happening along with some pretty authentic cuisine, and Burger 55 is insanely good.


This is wine country, they say, but there’s also no shortage of craft beer and even spirits in Penticton. We ventured up in April 2014 for the Okanagan Feast of Ale and it’s grown vastly since.  Wine lovers will want to plan for the Naramata Tailgate Party in the beginning of September.

penticton the cannery blackberry porter

We make sure to stop in for a beer tasting at The Cannery and don’t miss their Blackberry Porter. You’ll also want to stop in at Tin Whistle and the above mentioned Bad Tattoo Brewing, as well as The Barley Mill Brewpub.

penticton the legend distillery the defender

There are now three distilleries in the area too, Legend Distilling (don’t miss their smoked rosemary gin), Maple Leaf Spirits and Old Order.

Wineries are so plentiful in the area that I don’t really even know where to start. A drive along the Naramata Bench is a must and we’re awfully fond of Howling Bluff, Bench 1775, Pentage, Lake Breeze, La Frenz and Elephant Island, but you can’t go far wrong in these parts.


A couple summers ago we took a lake cruise on the Casabella Princess and loved it, if you have some time, it’s a must.

cupcakes penticton farmer's market

In the summer the Saturday Penticton Farmer’s Market is worthy of at least an hour of your time. So much goodness here!

We’ll be back in Penticton again in April, and we look forward to some new discoveries.

CONTEST CLOSED Fraser Valley Food Show #Giveaway Brunch For 4!

The Fraser Valley Food Show April 1-3 – Brunch and More Up For Grabs

Congrats Colleen T.!

This weekend we’ll be attending the Fraser Valley Food Show at the Tradex Exhibition Centre, Abbotsford, BC Website

A celebration of the abundance of local foods produced in the Fraser Valley and beyond – sampled and sold by over 125 merchant all under one roof with celebrity cooking presentations, edible garden demonstrations, artisan outdoor living market, gluten-free cooking presentations, sausage competition, wine. beer, spirits tasting and food pairing seminars, cheese tasting seminars, local restaurant showcase and butchering technique demonstrations. Click here for a lists of the vendors.

passion for pork
Passion for Pork

Fraser Valley Food show

On behalf of Passion For Pork and the Fraser Valley Food Show we are giving away:

Chef Nicole Mackie Salty Fig

  1. Brunch for four on Saturday morning  with Chef Nicole Mackie who will be demonstrating the recipe on the main stage at 10:30 April 2 and you will be served the dishes following! Rumour has it there’s baked eggs, smoked salmon and fennel salad and a bruleed grapefruit on the menu.
  2. 4 beer branded glasses
  3. 4 Fraser Valley Food Show tickets
  4. 40 taste tokens
  5. Parking Pass
  6.  Saturday morning Peoples Choice Sausage Tasting – front of the line access!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Eat, Grow, Love Long Table Events at Rocky Mountain Flatbread

Rocky Mountain Flatbread Showcases Local Artisans 

One of my favourite places to lunch at is Rocky Mountain Flatbread as I am massively addicted to their shrimp sandwich; juicy Ocean Wise shrimp, sunflower sprouts, and tomatoes on their house made bread. I also love the frozen pizzas for a quick meal at home, and the pasta and pizza is excellent. Everything is made from scratch with local and well thought out ingredients, and they are super concerned about being green and looking after their diners as well as the environment.

This spring they’ve partnered up with local artisan food providers to bring you not only a nourishing and delightful meal, but also some very cool information about what’s going on food-wise in our community.

First up they presented “All about Mushrooms”, a chance to watch a cooking demo with their chef, Chef Oliver, learn all about the health benefits of eating mushrooms with Brendan Young, Holistic Registered Nutritionist, and taste their new seasonal menu items featuring mushrooms and we were lucky to attend! We left with some dried mushrooms and I’ve got plans for way more mushrooms in my meals now. I had no idea just how good they are for you.

rocky mountain flatbread

Wild Mushroom Bruschetta

rocky mountain flatbread3

Wild Mushroom Artisan Pizza
Garlic Oil Base l Spinach l Mixed Local Mushroom Ragout l Goat Cheese l Fresh Herbs

rocky mountain flatbread2

Rotini & Creamy Mushroom Ragout
Organic Rotini l Local Mushrooms – Portabello . Oyster . Crimini . Enoki . Mixed BC Wild Mushrooms l Shaved Parmesan l Parsley

There’s more dine and learn sessions ahead and they’re only $65 with all proceeds going to Earthbites, a dedicated team of urban growers, nutritionists & entrepreneurs passionate about engaging children directly with the food they eat, their communities & the environment. You’ll see us at a few, no doubt!

eat grow love wild greens

Wild Spring Greens: April 13th, 7 –8:30 Rocky Mountain Flatbread Kits 

Join  West  Coast  Wild  Foods  &  the  EarthBites  team   to  learn  about  the  wonders  of  wild  &  farmed   greens.    Leave  with  top  tips  &  organic  seeds  to  grow   your  own  greens.    This  will  be  followed  by  a  four   course  menu  featuring  the  best  of  wild  &  farmed  spring   greens  with  craft  beer  tastings  from  a  local  brewery. Tickets at SocialShopper.Com $65

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Victory Gardens For Bees: May 3rd, 7 –8:30 pm, Rocky Mountain Flatbread Main Street

Join  Lori  Weidenhammer,  author  of  Victory   Gardens  for  Bees.  n  Learn  about  the  wonders  of   bees,how  to  create  a  bee  friendly  garden  and  how   edible  flowers  add  beauty  &  flavour to  sweet  &  savory   recipes.This  will  be  followed  by  a  four  course  dinner   featuring  foods  from  BC  farms,  forests  &  oceans  &   shall  be  paired  with  honey  infused  cocktails  from  a   local  distillery. Tickets at SocialShopper.Com $65

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DIY Herbal Salves: June 8th, 7 –8:30 pm, Rocky Mountain Flatbread Main Street

Join  Aboriginal  Herbalist  Lori  Snyder  and  learn   how  plants  can  be  used  to  create  medicinal   salves,  which  heal  &  nourishes. You  will  be  creating  your  own  salves  using  beeswax   &  local  herbs!     This  shall  be  followed  by  a  seasonal  four  course   dinner  with  BC  VQA  wine  tasting.
Tickets at SocialShopper.Com $65


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