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The Good Life Vancouver is brought to you by Cassandra Anderton. Cassandra Anderton is a freelance travel, food, wine, and lifestyle writer and broadcaster. She has appeared on Global Television and CityTV and has been published in BC Living, The Vancouver Courier, BC Wine Trails Magazine, The Yellow Pages Style Guides, Darpan Magazine, and is the publisher and editor of Goodlifevancouver.com. Anderton consults on Public and Media Relations, curates content and produces social media marketing for brands in the food, drink, health and travel industries. She’s currently an ambassador for BC and Alberta Pork,  and I-REMOVE Weight Loss supplements and works with several other brands to promote their unique stories.

Cassandra was born in New Zealand, grew up in the Okanagan and has made Vancouver her home for the past 30 years.  She is passionate about local food and wine, and loves to travel and report on what others are doing to promote their local culture.

Cassandra can be reached at cassandra (at) goodlifevancouver (dot) com

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  1. Jay says:

    Love the new look!

  2. Jay says:


    One of my friends, Scott Moriarty referred you to get in touch to see if you can help us on writing service for our new restaurant website as well as menu romancing.

    I am in need of help creating site content that are clear, concise, personable or conversational, scannable and free of “marketing-ese”

    If you can help us on the above service, I would like to know your pricing for your service. (ex. hourly rate..etc)

    Thank you for your attention and look forward to hearing from you soon.


  3. cassandra says:

    Jay – Did you get my email re a call? I am around tomorrow 604 617 2205 and then back on the 28th.

  4. Charlotte says:

    Hi Cassandra,

    My name is Charlotte and I am from Travel Alberta. I am just in the process of udating our media list and was wondering if you could supply me with your inforamtion? (phone, address, email). Thank you for your time.


  5. Frank Gregus says:

    Love the website and getting the updates via RSS. Hot off the press is a South African wine tour and safari next February and we are the hosts!!! Check out this website: http://www.safaristudio.ca/specials_time_limited_cmd



  6. Yehuda says:

    Hi Cassandra,
    We’re a new cafe that opened 9 months ago. We decided to open in an area of east van because we saw some promise but also saw that it could use some help in its growth. From your blog I can see that you’re definitely up to date with Vancouver needs and desires. We would love to explain a little bit more about our business and see perhaps you have some suggestions on how to bring people to our ‘hood. there are quite a few businesses not just our own that definitely fly under the radar because of the location.
    Yehuda (Room for Cream)

  7. Zebite says:

    Thanks for following on twitter Cassandra 😉

  8. connie says:

    hi Cassandra

    hope that you can list our event and drop by to say HI



    Baker’s Market in Vancouver

    If you have a “sweet tooth”, the Baker’s Market in Vancouver is the place for you.
    We are currently seeking enthusiastic, talented budding, professional or home bakers specializing in freshly baked gourmet cookies,

    hand made chocolates, brownies, cupcakes, cake pops, scones, organic muffins, gluten-free, vegan baked goods, preserves, tarts, granola, fondant cupcake toppers and much more!

    The Baker’s Market is a gathering of professional, amateur, student & Mommy bakers who get together to buy and sell their baked goods to the community. Inspired by farmers markets (no veggies please), just lots of sweet & savoury baked goodies.

    WHERE: Moberly Arts & Cultural Centre, 7646 Prince Albert Street, (2 blocks east of Fraser St. at East 60th), Vancouver, BC V5X 3Z4.

    The Baker’s Market takes place indoors with lots of free parking too.

    WHEN: Saturdays, March 30 – May 4, 2013 11 am – 3 pm.

    WHY: Support your local, talented & creative bakers, who love to bake for customers like you! So many bakers have their own specialties…they bake their goodies and give it away to their family, friends and co-workers, who eventually will get spoiled and tired of eating their treats…so why not share it with the community?

    If you would like to be a vendor at the Baker’s Market, please see http://www.bakersmarket.com to sign-up. Hurry, just a few tables left.



  9. cassandra says:

    Thanks for the reminder. Love this market. Added to my site and gave it a mention on NEWS1130 Foodie Fridays today too!

  10. Sue says:

    I think I saw you on TV this morning. You were showing a red carry on bag that you said was your favorite Lug bag. Could you please tell me where I can get one of these and the exact name or description of it as there are a lot of Lug bags on line.
    Thank you

  11. cassandra says:

    Thanks for tuning in! I have the Gallop Bag. http://www.luglife.com/Gallop-Hobo-Tote?sc=2&category=1724
    I love it but think that this one (on sale) might be better as it’s deeper if you have more stuff. Windjammer http://www.luglife.com/Windjammer-Everyday-Tote?sc=2&category=1724
    If you are cool ordering online it is better as they have more selection and the prices are better.

  12. Lorraine Grande says:

    Hello Cassandra,

    I really enjoyed the evening at the “Gourmet Warehouse.” It was alot of fun, with wonderful and heart-warming soups and more. I never imagined such a lovely event going on for a Wednesday evening. A friend of mine “Pat” who is a food rep, was also there distributing refreshing non-alcoholic beverages.

    Thank-you for the tickets, and cookbook which I am excited to try this winter. You have a really great site, both on Twitter (which I’m relatively new to) and on Facebook. Keep up the good work, and once again thank-you for including me in this superb evening of soup and charity.

  13. cassandra says:

    Thanks a ton for these kind words. I work so hard to spread the news of all good things and I am so pleased you enjoyed the event. Have fun with the cookbook and let me know how your soups turn out! I have a copy that I’ll be diving into soon too.
    Been meaning to join a soup sisters session at some point too!

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