Brookside Inn – Escape to Abbotsford

Boutique Hotel in Abbotsford Offers Welcoming Retreat

Over the holiday season we drove up to Kelowna to visit the Anderton clan and decided a stop in Abbotsford on the way back to Vancouver would be in order. We could catch up with some good friends and take a break from the rather stressful highway driving. We booked into a recommended local bed and breakfast, the Brookside Inn Boutique Hotel. The Inn is not far off the highway, but in a country setting, with particularly festive decor and the biggest Christmas tree we’d seen; at least this year.

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Situated in Pepin Brook Vineyard Estates, Brookside Inn is run by Chris and Sandi Buis, a charming couple who were readily available when needed and completely out of site when not. Will a views to the local mountains, this area is known for great hiking and bird-watching. Who knew?

Brookside Inn

The bedrooms have a movie theme (ours was Midnight in Paris) and they are then styled around that. The suites are spacious with a sitting area and television, a soaker tub and uber comfy beds where a good nights sleep comes easy.

The Buis’ were having an open house and invited us to join in, so we of course obliged and got to know a few of the neighbours.

Hana Sushi

Hana Sushi

Craving sushi, we went to Hana Sushi nearby for a couple rolls with our pals Summer and Patrick, who are also recently engaged. Lots to celebrate these days!

Brookside Inn

In the morning breakfast is served in the dining area, we had a deliciuous plate of fruit atop French Toast and a few good cups of coffee before we departed.

Brookside Inn

While your in the area we’d recommend:

Dining at Restaurant 62

flight of beer old abbey ales

A visit to Old Abbey Ales for some Belgian-Styled Brew.

 Circle Farm Tour Abbotsford – Don’t miss Taves Family Farm

Mount Lehman Wines

Tanglebank Gardens

Lepp Farm Market

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