Gift Personally With Glenlivet This Holiday Season

Personalized Labels of Glenlivet Scotch Available For That Real Whisky Aficionado

tgl founder s reserve custom label page 001

Every year we wonder what to get those friends or family that have everything, or if they don’t they would have bought it for themselves already? That’s usually how it is around our house for Dad, and he ends up with more socks, another cashmere sweater, or more itunes, but this year it’s going to be different, as we’re taking a gift giving to the next level with a personalized, complimentary label on a bottle of the Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve. My Mom and Dad aren’t big drinkers, but around the holidays, Dad likes a little bit of scotch after dinner and Glenlivet is one of his favourites.

tgl founder'sreserve bottle box 700ml

You can also personalize any of the 12-year old to 25-year-old varieties you can on to create a personalized sticker that fits on to most 750ml The Glenlivet products sold in Canada. You can even change the size, color and font for a totally customized and unique look! After we crafted a unique message the easy-to-apply label came in the mail in mere days, and they guarantee it will within 10 business days. Now all you have to do is figure out a sentence or two and order away!

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