Gifts For The Man In Your Life

What My Husband Wants For Christmas And Yours Might Too

I always do food gift guides, but this year I’ve been asked a lot about gifts for the men as well, so I asked my husband what he wanted and then added a few suggestions too because his list was a little thin.  Here’s a few suggestions for gifts For The Man In Your Life.

Gifts for guys

First up was the PlayStation VR for his PlayStation. SIGH! I don’t want to encourage his introverted behavior, but gaming makes this boy happy so how could I deny him? We’ll see if this makes it under the tree! Best Buy $299


Socks! I’ve been wearing Michael’s socks because my sock drawer is broken and I can’t get in there and it’s angered him somewhat, so I think this will be a must.  I will splurge on some fancy ones, but for stocking stuffers, Mark’s has great quality and they’re not all just work socks.


Cordless Drill. Looks like Canadian Tire has the deals on these things. If you were paying attention to my words above you will note that my dresser is broken. I’ve ordered 2 new dressers and they’ve been here in the boxes for about a month now, so I am hoping this means that we might just get them together if this wish is granted.


Pajama PANTS. Not pajamas, just the pants. He doesn’t hang out shirtless but likes to wear a tshirt instead of the top. Mark’s again here has some good ones.


Anything from Regal Grooming – This place is just awesome and Michael enjoyed a haircut and hot shave here this fall and came out looking even more handsome. The Regal Package includes an express facial, precision haircut, shampoo and style, hot-towel shave or beard shaping, eyebrow shaping, and sports manicure for $149.


Beer Glasses – Dailyware™ Craft Brew Beer Tasting Glasses includes 6 glasses for almost every type of beer. Bed, Bath and Beyond. $26


Beats Solo 3 Headphones – These ones are super high quality.    Chapters/Indigo $265


Starbucks Gift Card – While I prefer going the independent way for coffee, Starbucks is handy for most and a gift card is a quick way to go in a pinch and can even be bought online.

tgl founder'sreserve bottle box 700ml

A great whisky! Who doesn’t love whisky? Glenlivet has personalized labels too and you can read more in my other post here.

So there’s a few ideas for the men in your life. What’s on your guys gift list?