Happy Mornings with Happy Planet’s Nut Smoothies

Happy Planet’s Nut Smoothies Make Mornings Sweet

I’ve just returned from California and had the most spectacular time with plenty of amazing food and wine, and now it’s time to getting back into my home routine.  When I travel breakfast can be anything from just a cup of coffee, a muffin on the go, or a full sit down meal with the works (yesterday I even had shrimp and grits), but now that I’m back home I have to get back to my routine as I am focusing on my increasing the nutritional value in my meals and need to drop some pounds before summer.

I’ve recently discovered the new Happy Planet Nut Smoothies, which are made with all-natural almonds and cashews. My friend Elsa has been making her own cashew milk, and I do want to give that a try, but I’m currently in a bit of a rush in the kitchen, and Happy Planet has given me an easy and quick solution.

There are four flavours;
Vanilla Chai – Creamy, nutty goodness infused with chai and smoothed off with vanilla
Salted Caramel – rich creamy caramel with a hint of sea salt
Chocolate – Dutch cocoa
Coffee – Made with cold-brewed coffee and gives a little caffeine kick

Happy Planet’s Nut Smoothies are all dairy and soy free and available in 325mL and 900mL. We’ve got the larger formats as they keep for a couple months. I don’t eat a lot of sweets, and these milks are on the sweet side, so I’ve found that I like them best whipped up with some ice cubes in my Vitamix, or added to my coffee. Michael has been drinking them straight up and adding to cereal, and most will find they enjoy the sweet flavour. I’ve even subbed in for milk in some of my baking and had an extra excellent version of my usual banana bread as a result.

On the nutritional side these these milks are full of good fat (monounsaturated), that’s shown to lower cholesterol in blood, have a ton of the antioxidant vitamin E and are full of potassium and low in sodium which helps to keep blood pressure in check.

They’re also made in BC and are all-natural with no preservatives.

Urban Planet Cocktail

I’ve also discovered a new cocktail and used 1/4 cup salted caramel and 1/4 cup chocolate and shaken with an ounce of vodka over ice. Perfect after dinner drink!

*sponsored by Happy Planet