Have Culinary Welcomes Chef Kayla Dhalwall May 10

Executive Chef Amber invites Chef Kayla Dhalwall of House Guest to create another night to remember at Have Cafe.

Working with our culinary students, the chef’s will create a wonderful menu highlighting local foods with internatinal flair’.

This exciting menu will be paired with wine from the Okanagan.

All proceeds from the night will be donated to our fund raising initiative Project 374 to assist in raising funds for renovations and upkeep for the school.

Call 778.882.7734 or reserve via email at len@havecafe.ca

Next dinner will be held on:

May 10th, 2012
6:30 pm reception | 7:00 Dinner


Its was in her grandmother’s kitchen, at the age of four, that Chef Kayla Dhaliwall discovered her passion for eating, and making food from the heart. This love affair only continued to flourish as Kayla discovered the amazing experiences and relationships beautiful food can facilitate.

After graduating from the culinary arts program at VCC, she has been on an spectacular culinary adventure. From vineyards to diners, ethnic fusion to five star hotels, Kayla soaked up as many flavors and experiences as she could. At House Guest Kayla draws inspiration from her eclectic background, and uses it to breathe new life into classic comfort food. She continues to deliver with the love and affection that she learned in her grandmother’s kitchen.

About Have

The concept of H.A.V.E. began when the former Cooks Studio went out of business. A group of concerned business people came together to create a sustainable program that would continue the mission and good work of Cooks Studio.

The HAVE Culinary Training Society is a culinary training school that provides foodservice job training and work opportunities to individuals in Vancouver who experience barriers to employment. H.A.V.E.‘s students are youth and adults facing mental and physical disabilities, poverty, addiction and homelessness. HAVE Culinary Training Society trained more students than ever before In 2011. Our enrolment numbers were record high and we expect to train even more students in need in the coming year. Over the past 5 years, we have successfully trained 500+ students with over 75% of those students gaining steady employment in the tourism and hospitality.