Interview with Danny St. Pierre Auguste Restaurant Sherbrooke

dannystpierre#ccc2014 @goldmedalplates Chefs from across Canada will meet in Kelowna from February 7-8, 2014 to compete in the Gold Medal Plates Canadian Culinary Championships. Each year I interview them some questions prior to the challenge. Here is the scoop from Chef Danny St. Pierre from Auguste Restaurant Sherbrooke.

What was your first food memory?

* potatoes and a ton of salted butter

What was in your elementary school lunch kit?

* a lot of processed food..

Where did you first learn to cook?

* In a steakhouse w an old school Swiss trained Israeli chef with a nack  w food costs and recycling

Did you attend culinary school – if so, where?

* ITHQ in Montreal in a superior cuisine degree in 1998

Where has been your favourite place to work to date and why?

* Toqué, where I met my friend and tag team partner for GMP Myriam Pelletier, we learned so much

What is your favourite style of cooking?

*Honest and strait forward

What is your favourite ethnic cuisine?


What is your favourite family recipe?

* scalloped potatoes

What ingredient(s) can’t you live without?


What are the most essential tools for cooking?

*my knives

What basic recipe/s do you advise for cooking novices to learn as a starting point?

* Work within your skill set, simple is hard to do, devil is in the details

What’s your favourite cocktail?

*old fashioned w bourbon

Do you have a guilty pleasure?

*doritos chips

What’s your definition of a perfect meal?

* balance between ambiance, swift diner pace, multi course variety and excellent execution 

How do you unwind after service?

*sleep 😉

Most overrated food trend?

* nothing is overrated when well executed

Favourite culinary destination?

*Portland Maine

Most memorable meal last year?

*a Texas soul food extravaganza at my good friend’s Nick Hodge (and co competitor) restaurant Icehouse the hi light chicken fried ham sandwich w home made frito pie

If you weren’t a chef what career would you have pursued?

* taxi driver w road rage and impolite driving

What would you eat at your last meal?

* a big, fatty Montreal smoked meat sandwich

What do you do in your off time?

* what off time…

What is the dish/dishes your restaurant is known for?

Calf’s liver w bacon potatoes, boudin noir w hazelnut risotto, inverted poutine, pudding Chomeur

What dish will you be cooking for Gold Medal Plates?

*warm beef salad with beets, croutons and quail egg

Why did you choose the particular wine/beer pairing for the dish?

* we started from the wines (Carone’s Venice a nice Cabernet severgny from Quebec) characteristics

Who have you brought with you to assist?

*Myriam Pelletier see above

For the black box competition are there any strategies that you will employ to succeed?

* Make it fast

Who do you see as the toughest competitor this year?

*eveybody is a threat!


  1. Stéphane Phelps says:

    Your simply the Best !! Good luck my friend

  2. Stéphane Phelps says:

    Simply The Best ! Good luck my friend

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