Mogo & Community Pizzeria to offer FREE #mogoritapizza at Italian Day on June 14

Who said there’s no such thing as free lunch/pizza? This Sunday Mogo on Commercial Drive has partnered up with the Community Pizzeria Food Truck to offer existing member and members who sign up that day free pizza slices of #mogoritapizza (a play on Margherita Pizza) during Italian Day ( on Sunday, June 14.

Community Pizzeria

We got up close and personal with the food truck and made our own pizza. Rest assured that it will be the pros and not I that will be making your pizza Sunday. Things I learned? Do not touch the metal part of the pizza stick (ouch), there can be too much cheese (=soupy pizza), basil can burn and taste acrid, be gentle with the dough or there will be leaky holes, practice makes perfect, and even ugly pizza tastes good.

Community Pizzeria

Community Pizzeria

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Community Pizzeria

Community Pizzeria

You do not need to be an existing MogoMember to get free pizza. Non-members can sign up for free to become MogoMembers with no obligation and get priority access to FREE #mogoritapizza. By signing up, MogoMembers also get front-of-the-line access to Canada’s only Prepaid Visa MogoCard with no monthly fees when it drops in October.

Who: Mogo ( and Community Pizzeria food truck
What: FREE #MogoRitapizza at Italian Day (
When: Sunday, June 14 from 12 pm until supplies last
Where: Outside the Mogo Store on The Drive (1850 Commercial Drive, between 2nd & 3rd Aves.)
Cost: FREE!

About Mogo

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Community Pizzeria is an authentic Neapolitan-style wood-fired pizza truck. Traditional Neapolitan-style pizza is thin crust pizza topped with only the best authentic Italian ingredients and baked at 900º F in a wood-fired oven for 60–90 seconds. This produces a crispy yet tender crust with the integrity of all flavors maintained due to the brief cooking time. We use traditional Italian ingredients that have been locally sourced to ensure freshness. Our crusts are made from scratch and hand tossed using traditional Italian recipes learned from some of the top pizzaiolos in the world.