National Iced Tea Day Cocktail With Teapigs

Celebrate National Iced Tea Day with Real Tea-infused Cocktails

Every day is National something or other day and June 10th just happens to be National Iced Tea Day.  I’ve kind of forgotten about iced tea as I don’t like those sugary versions, but I’m definitely going to make it at home and use it in some summer cocktails! Iced tea has a history dating to the 1870s when recipes first appeared, we’re told. The Buckeye Cookbook, published in 1876 and Housekeeping in Old Virginia, published in 1877 both contain iced tea recipes.  Iced tea started to appear in the United States in the 1860′s and became widespread in the 1870s where it was found offered on hotel menus and was on sale at railroad stations.  The popularity of refreshing iced tea drink grew rapidly after it was introduced at the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis.  Who knew?

In honour of ice tea we have a very refreshing and boozy version made with my favourite teapigs tea, Darjeeling Earl Grey. Thanks for the delivery teapigs, really enjoyed this one!

National Iced Tea Day

Iced teapigs Darjeeling Earl Grey North Course

To celebrate National Iced Tea Day, and for all of your summer party needs, enjoy the Iced teapigs Darjeeling Earl Grey North Course, developed by Canadian Whisky Ambassador, Colin MacDougall. Inspired by Canada’s 150th birthday and the upcoming summer golf season, it’s a delicious yet unique take on the classic Arnold Palmer. This recipe serves one.

Glass: Collins Ice: Cubed
Garnish: Lemon wheel & bitters

6oz. teapigs darjeeling earl grey (1 tea temple) (chilled) 1 oz. Simple syrup
1.5 oz.   Lemon juice
1 oz. Lot40 Canadian rye

Method: Start by brewing a cup of teapigs darjeeling earl grey tea. Steep it for approximately 3 minutes. Remove tea temple and chill tea before use. In a tall Collins glass, add 6oz. (¾ of a cup) of the chilled tea. Next, in a shaker, combine the rest of the ingredients, shake and pour over the chilled tea. To serve, garnish with a lemon wheel and few dashes of bitters.

Featured Tea: teapigs darjeeling earl grey
The exotic, floral tones of Darjeeling tea are balanced with the sunny citrus taste of bergamot.

How to make simple syrup: Pour equal parts water and sugar in a saucepan. 1 cup of sugar and 1 cup of water will make 1 ½ cups of simple syrup once dissolved. Stir the simple syrup and place the saucepan over medium heat. Heat ingredients until dissolved.

Introduced in Canada in 2014, teapigs was created in England over 10 years ago by two passionate tea lovers who met working at a really big tea company. After spending years learning about (and drinking) tea, they realized there was an incredible world of quality teas out there that simply weren’t getting the attention they deserve. And so teapigs was born.

National Iced Tea Day

The team at teapigs is committed to ensuring every sip is full of flavour. Which means a commitment to tea of the highest quality: whole leaf tea, whole leaf herbs and whole flavours. Each leaf, herb and flower has been handled gently and with love, to maintain every drop of precious flavour.

What makes teapigs even more unique is the tea temple – a roomy, biodegradable mesh bag that offers all the space whole leaves need to infuse properly. The best part? No need to agree on one teapigs flavour to brew, everyone can have their own cuppa! teapigs products are available at select grocery retailers across Canada and online at