Petite Patios

Although we are well into mid-summer, it’s not too late to redesign your outdoor living space, or at least give it a spruce up. In Vancouver, apartment living means our outdoor space is rather small, but we’ve managed to utilize it well and have a beer fridge, Weber BBQ, patio set and a good selection of herbs and flowers.

With the extreme heat and lack of air conditioning here in our west facing Arbutus Walk apartment, by the end of the day staying indoors is intolerable. So I set up an outdoor table where Michael can read, and I can catch up on my social media posts, in a much cooler spot. With the beer fridge within reach, and a BBQ for our summer meals, it’s ideal.

We do Diner En Blanc every year, so last year I had the smart idea to order a table and chairs, which arrived, well after the event, and proved to be far too large for our little balcony.  Presidents Choice to the rescue! I drove out to the garden center on Grandview highway and found an excellent, more fitting set, and grabbed an umbrella and a nice bright lantern, and cushions too.

Picked up some colourful flowers and herbs to pretty up the space and to add to our summer meals.

There’s a lot to choose from, and if we had more space, which we will one day, there’s plenty of other things I would add to the back yard. Like a smoker, room for more guests or some side tables.

Community Garden




The other awesome thing about Vancouver is our community gardens and we are lucky to have one at city hall. This year we’ve planted tomatoes, zucchini peppers, lavender, tiny basil and are also dealing with a very aggressive lemon balm maniac of a plant.  Again all from the garden section at Presidents Choice. Pictured above is our garden in June and now when it’s almost overrun.  To the far left there’s even an experimental goji berry plant.

There’s lots of great advice on their gardening site, and I’ve go more tips from last year’s patio spruce up here. NEVER forget to read the labels on the plants and pay attention to how much light they need and plan according to your space.

Good luck with your outdoor space and here’s some other cool ideas I came across.

*President’s Choice sent us a gift card that covered part of our flower purchase.