Staying Healthy During The Hectic Season With VitafusionTM Vitamins

VitafusionTM Vitamins – An Easy and Delicious Way to Get Your Vitamins In

This season I am determined to arm myself with a few extras to boost my health as I rush around getting ready for the holiday season and the year ahead. I’ve been eating out a lot more, and having a few extra drinks and not necessarily making it to the exercise classes like I usually do. While I am slacking off in these departments, I am at least taking my vitamins religiously. I actually have to stop myself from taking too of the VitafusionTM Vitamins, the adult gummy vitamins, as they are made from naturally sourced fruit flavours and are so very tasty that I actually crave them.



I’ve got three types of VitafusionTM Vitamins that I’ve deemed necessary for my health right now, the Women’s Multivitamin, a complete multivitamin formulated to support the specific health needs of women, containing essential vitamins and minerals, the Power CTM Adult Gummy Vitamins for some extra immunity support in cold and flu season, and the Vitamin D3 Adult Gummy Vitamins, since the sunlight is rather spare this time of year. Vitamin D3 also helps with the absorption of calcium, and as I age, bone health becomes even more important. The Vitamin D3 Adult Gummy Vitamins are my favourite, they taste like a not too sweet candy with their natural peach, blackberry and raspberry flavours. I have to stop myself from eating too many, especially as Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin and these type get stored in your body and can become toxic. Getting too many fat- or water-soluble nutrients, either from the food you eat or from supplements, can be dangerous, so read the labels people and don’t treat these like the candy they may taste like.


While these are the perfect combinations for me, and I’ve been feeling extra energetic these days, do read the labels and you may even want to chat to a pharmacist or doctor who knows your needs best. Generally, an adult women can take two of the multivitamins, one of the Vitamin D3 Adult Gummy vitamins and two of the Power CTM Adult Gummy vitamins a day. For more information on VitafusionTM products and easy tips to stay healthy, visit and follow GLV on our journey to better health.


This post was brought to you in partnership with VitafusionTM, but, as usual we don’t write about anything we don’t believe in and are seriously digging these Vitamins. #Vitafusion #sponsoredpost #Vitafusionbalace

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